The retreat, for which you have been called, is My personal desire to live with you these days in great closeness and truth. My personal concern for your life and your heart. During this time, I will teach you and reveal to you the truth about you. You can also ask and you will receive an answer. I am not calling you to admonish you. I am not calling you to praise you. Together, we are to fulfill the Will of the Father. I am calling you to show you that your heart is of great value to Me, and your love means more to Me than you can comprehend.

Excerpt from the message of Lord Jesus from February 6th, 2018




Fancy letter D

dear brother priest, today God personally desires to call You to a close friendship with Him. He invites You to a retreat, which He wants to personally live with You in great closeness and truth. He wants to teach you and reveal the truth about You.

Many priests have no idea about their position, how fast they are heading for eternal damnation. There is no greater and more terrible tragedy on Earth than the damnation of the soul of a priest. We and the faithful have been deceived by claiming that there is no Hell and that God’s Mercy could not condemn a soul to eternal damnation. Those who spread these heresies and errors would like to abolish God’s justice, forgetting that mercy and justice are inseparable in God, because they are one and the same power in Him.

The most painful is that a large portion of priests, instead of humbly serving the infallible teaching of the Church, conceitedly consider themselves as masters and cooperate with enemies of the Truth. They are responsible for spreading many erroneous teachings with great damage to souls. Thus, together with Satan, they became the spreaders of evil, destroying souls.

Even worse, many souls of priests went into the slavery of sin, falling lower and lower. Becoming a stone falling increasingly faster down under the weight of its faults and passions. No natural law can change this fall down into a flight upwards. Only Jesus Christ God, who called the priest to such lofty service and friendship that is the priesthood, can do this. Only Jesus is this supernatural law, the power of God, which can stop a sinner in his falling down and change the direction of his flight towards Him. God desires fervently to do this with all sinners, especially with priests drawn by the devil through the covetousness of the mind. Then, it would be enough if the sinner or the priest looked towards the Crucified One and called to His Merciful Heart after the example of Saint Peter: Lord, save Me because I am drowning. God would always hurry to the rescue, extending His hand to them.

Through the gift of the following retreat, dear brother priest, God does not call You to punish You. He does not call You to praise You. God desires that You fulfill His Will together. He calls You to show You that Your heart is of great value to Him and that Your love means more to Him than you can comprehend.

Take a chance. Stretch out Your hand. Open Your heart. Apart from Jesus, Your Master, no one will help You.

The Rev. Piotr Maria Natanek, Ph.D. Hab.


  1. The Priestly Heart
  2. Calling of souls – Burnt offering for the priestly heart
  3. Plan for the retreat
  4. Beginning of the retreat
  5. First sin: PRIDE
  6. Second sin: LUST FOR POWER
  7. Third sin: IMPURITY
  8. Fourth sin: LUST FOR THE WORLD
  9. Fifth sin: LAZINESS
  10. Summation of the retreat
  11. Way of the Cross for priests

Translated from: Rekolekcje Kapłanskie, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2018, p. 5-6