7) Heart of Jesus, House of God





Lord Jesus:  I am the peace, which you desire. Join your heart with Me. Forget about the world and look only in Me. I want to tell you about the truth, which is contained in the call: “Heart of Jesus, House of God and Gate of Heaven.” In My Heart is located the temple of all worship erected in the honor of My Father. But this Heart is also the house of God. In it and through it peace is pouring out. A heart free from sin is the house of God, because God dwells in it constantly. Thanks to the sanctifying grace, He transforms it and perfects it according to His Will and to His liking. The Most Holy Trinity is looking for faithful hearts, visits hearts, searching for a house in which It could live, a house from which It would not need to go away. When man breaks up with sin and decides to live in a state of sanctifying grace, God settles in his heart and transforms it as a place in which He will by now remain forever.

In the same way, man, living in a house that does not belong to him but is a place of his temporary stay, does not repaint its walls, does not furnish it anew, removing old appliances, because he will be only in it for a moment. However, when he will acquire a house in which he will live forever, then he sets it up completely anew. He performs a general renovation, removing all that is old and making everything new, clean and beautiful. Also, God is waiting so that He could take up residence permanently in the heart of man. And then he accepts the heart of man as a gift, as a house in which He desires and in which He always desired to live, as a dream house, which in His design  He already set up much earlier, before He received it.

By submitting your life in the hands of God, you give God the key to your own hearts, so that they may be His property. Only then He begins His work in the human heart, making everything new. Believe Me, in the same way as you desire to have ownership of your homes, in the same way God desires to live in the human hearts, possessing them as His own. All your relationships and desires are a projection of eternal truths into the material world, where they are limited by time and space, but replicate some universal truths beyond time and space, which join the Creator and His dearly beloved, most alike Him, creation.

So when man receives the keys to his house, he will arrange it, renew, furnish, and engage in it his whole heart, strength and all the means that he has. He rejoices for the time when he will be able to rest in it and admire his work. And if his house is taken away from him, how great is his grief; if having arranged it, he will not be able to live in it. Remember now the hearts that I have chosen and prepared for My dwelling, which I have showered with gifts from the moment of birth, which being faithful to Me, gave Me the invitation to live in them forever. Realize now My pain when these souls, in which I have engaged so much of My efforts and graces, are leaving Me, refusing Me a space in their hearts, throwing Me out of My house, in which I was so happy.

The human houses undergo destruction, are subject to elements, which destroy them – overthrow, flood, demolish. However, people can still rebuild them, renew, and they become even more beautiful, fortified with a stronger foundation and roof. I do the same with the soul, which falls into sin, but comes back to Me and invites again, and promises that she will she will not throw Me out again and I will be able to stay in her heart. It happens, however, that the house, which man built with so much toil, burns to the ground. It is impossible to rebuild it, it burns completely, also taking away the hope and desire to rebuild it. The same happens with souls, which fall into utter ruin, wasting all the graces. I can build anew, from zero, on the scorched earth of their hearts great houses, but these souls do not want it. They reject My help and My desires.

I can do everything. I only need an encouragement, an invitation. When I do not receive it, I begin Myself the cleaning up of the ground for a new house and I try to build a new foundation. However, My efforts are futile if man always maliciously sets on fire what I have erected when he slept. That happens with souls, which do not want to accept the grace and destroy all the graces that I give them. In the human world, there are also people whom it is difficult to help. They inhabit train stations, sleep under the bare sky, and no longer fight for their own homes, they do not believe that they are worth having and that it is possible. These people learn how to live without homes. This is why the greatest danger is always the loss of hope, which comes along with sin and takes away the soul from Me forever. I can always start everything all over again and there is no house that I do not wish to rebuild, but there are souls who have lost hope and do not even want to try. For these souls you have to pray the most. These are hardened sinners, who do not want to accept help.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 24-28