1. Death


Lord Jesus:  Your trust enslaves My Heart. Trust must be combined with deeds, but it is trust precisely that causes you to serve Me out of love and not out of fear. I wish that you would love Me, that you would feel happy and safe near Me, and not be frightened when you see Me.

(…) I desire to be loved. Fear My anger against My infidels (…) they do not know My voice, do not want to hear it at all. (…) these souls are not capable of feeling remorse and love. If they felt remorse… It is a great grace to feel remorse. Man thinks that out of fear everything will change within him at the moment of death and he will feel sincere remorse, but it is not so. The one who is in the clutches of the devil, he also, and even especially at the moment of death, is in those clutches.

Satan does not back down for a second at the moment of death, because it is the time when he tears away the soul from Me for eternal torments. He will put his best efforts to oppress the soul so much, so that she may not be able to see any light at the moment of death. If man during life, in a moment of terror, in unexpected circumstances, did not call out My Name, he also will not call it out at the moment of death, when his terror reaches its zenith and will be so great that out of fear he will forget everything that he has learned during life. A small child, when afraid, calls his father. He does not think much but calls his father or mother, does he not? In the same way, a child of God, when frightened by something, right away calls My Name or the Name of My Blessed Mother, and we always come to his rescue. But if you did not call for Me or My Mother during life, you will also not call now.

The soul committed to the devil remains under his influence to the end, and what is he if not hatred and fear? A soul subjected to him is only able to feel this, because Satan rules so far in this soul that he will not allow an awakening in her in this last hour. The soul full of fear and hatred blasphemes God, imposes Him conditions, curses Him, and reproaches Him everything, defends and justifies herself, but is not capable of sincere remorse. She is not able to look at her life in the truth, because she is blinded by pride and precisely because of that pride she blasphemes God. Because she does not want to reconcile with the fact that this God, laughed at and derided through her whole life, has full authority upon her and actually takes away her miserable life. Such a soul is submerged in despair and is not prone to emotions, but to attack, to attack upon God Himself. This is a great torment. Unfortunately an eternal torment.

(…) These are rare cases when someone dying perceives My light. Generally it happens as a result of fervent prayers of the family of the dying. The living or the dead, but this grace rarely concerns families that are spoiled by sin. Then, there are no saints who could intercede for such a soul. These are cases concerning good families, who have holy ancestors and for these ancestors I sometimes have mercy upon such a soul. However, then terrible suffering awaits her.


2. The soul after death and modern funerals


Lord Jesus:  These are social conventions that man must show his best at the funeral, but it is beside the point. The point is to pray a lot on the day of the funeral, because then the fate of the soul hangs in the balance and she is taken away from this world. But your contemporary funerals are not helpful for the soul in this transition. I do not mean all the funerals, but the ones organized for the rich. The meaning of the funeral, which was to obtain graces for the salvation of the soul, has been lost. Family and friends accompanied the deceased to the other world, supporting him with mighty prayer. The crowd, treading behind the coffin and reflecting how fast someone was taken from the world, will not help him in this passage at all.



Lord Jesus:  After death, the soul is in suspension. She has time to see how she has lived and to pronounce herself upon where she should go. During that time, all prayers are heard and I am waiting for the contrition of that soul. This lasts about three days as you said, so usually until the time of the funeral, when the soul departs from the world. However, after that time, the judgment about the soul might not have yet been made. I, in My Mercy, am still waiting for these prayers that could help the soul. Even though the prayers brought to Me right after the death of the given soul count the most, I still accept prayers for her for a month, and these prayers can in fact influence where the given soul will find herself. (…) You have time for a month, but know that My time is not like your time, and at the time of judgment I already know how much prayer will come for the given soul. I do not have to wait for a month to pass judgment on the soul. This time is given for you. My child, remember however that prayers brought to Me right after the death of the soul are for Me the most important and their power is the greatest, because then I burn with My righteous anger against the soul and prayer for her can mitigate that anger. Then you can truly implore Me, because then My suffering is the greatest, when I see the entire ingratitude of the soul and the enormity of the graces wasted by her and I need propitiation for her sins. Therefore by praying at that time, you soothe My pain, wash My wounds and My righteous anger for that soul lessens. (…) Only after a month the situation of the soul becomes irrevocable and you can not plead for her if she has been damned. And if she went to Purgatory, prayer for her will be slowly extracting her from these torments. If the soul prayed a lot for the dead then [fast], because then she has many intercessors in Heaven and they will help her a lot.


3. The suicidal soul


Lord Jesus:  Yes, I will tell you about it. If the soul herself takes away her life, then prayer is necessary for her salvation. That soul is in great despair, because she sees how her life would have been if she did not commit this act. She must also unceasingly look at the pain and despair of the loved ones and can not turn back time, even though generally she would want to very much. Then, it is important not to despair and not to blame oneself, but to make reparation for one’s transgressions and neglects, which perhaps led this soul to this terrible act. (…) these souls are just as desperate as all those who are at risk of damnation.

Pray so that My Mercy may prevail My anger. (…) What can do the one, who squandered his life, after death? Even if you would adorn the coffin with a thousand rosaries, they will not help at all if he did not say this prayer during his lifetime. Only during life the rosary can open Heaven. Put into the hands after death, it does not have this power.


4. Help for souls in Purgatory


Guardian Angel:  Indulgences have an enormous power. This is a wonderful work of God what you are doing for souls with indulgences. Abide in this practice and spread it, because people do not know and do not want to seek indulgences. And if they knew the gratitude of souls, they would do much more. Heaven agrees with those who pray for the souls [suffering in purgatory]. The Lord loves them very much and their suffering hurts Him, but they must suffer what they must, unless you help them.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 177-183