1. ”Who once was Mary” – apparitions of the Queen of All Nations in Amsterdam


Lord Jesus:  (…) those are real graces given in this godless country. I always reach out to a drowning man. Such is My Heart. … I know that Satan is a master in finding out such things, and you, instead of looking at the fruits and the message, you look for truth in single words. This term has been wrongly interpreted. The point is not that the Mother of God is no longer called so, or should not be, but about the fact that She once was an ordinary girl, was one of you, and had a human life, a human body and human problems.  And now She is the Queen of Heaven, of earth and of all nations. She has been exalted in grace and is your unsurpassed model. By giving Me Her will so perfectly, She came close in Her being to My Divinity in such a way, that now, even if She was once like you, now She is the most faithful reflection of My Divinity and She is due glory and honor as the Mother and Parent of God Himself. Such are the explanations that you will give to disbelievers.


6. I want a Marian center to arise here.

Blessing of the Mother of God for pilgrims to Wykrot.

Mother of God:   My daughter, I come to you to tell you, do not be afraid. Do not be afraid, children. Allow Me to be persecuted, and let My Heavenly Father watch this persecution. Do not be afraid. From every oppression, from every difficulty, flows upon you a blessing. You need My blessing, children. I want the cult of this place to be great. I want a Marian center to arise here, a place of My cult and worship. I am present on your entire land, but I especially want to be glorified here, so that this place may be saturated with grace and blessings.

My children, be blessed all who resort to Me during this nightly prayer: may your hearts be purified and sanctified by grace, may your souls rest in God and do not seek any other good above this Highest Good, may your minds no longer go astray along the paths of the world, so you may be filled with grace and saved. I, Mary, your Mother, bless you and provide to you My particular care and assistance. I will be your companion and I will straighten your paths, so you would not yield to temptation, but together with Me enter into the house of the Father. Be my special advocates for all the graces that I will grant you here. (…)

Do not be afraid to ask. Time is short, and you, children, need My help more and more. You can never count on yourselves while striving for Salvation. Always put all hope in God and in His goodness. I am ready to provide all grace to anyone who asks Me in the simplicity of his heart. Remember only in your requests for important things. Leave requests for luxuries to pagans, who do not believe in eternal life and the sanctification of the soul through suffering. Nurture your crosses, so you will not be deprived of them and will not lose through this the opportunity to purify your souls during your earthly life. God has His paths for all His children, so always ask for your wishes to be concordant with the Will of God, and your Heavenly Father will not deny you anything.


7. Wykrot – Obstacles and misunderstandings as proof of the authenticity of God’s work


Mother of God:  You must be tried so, and my work subjected to attacks. Don’t you know, My daughter, that such is the path to Salvation? (…) the goal of all trials is always to clearly show that the work, against which is waging war the entire world of darkness, truly comes from God. By not experiencing oppression, the work does not need Divine intervention; while being subjected to trials, it is sanctified and revealed, it unveils the design of the Creator, who then takes it into His hands and protects it, not allowing for its destruction.

So also this work, even though subjected to many attacks, can not be destroyed and abandoned, because the One for whom it came forth can not be stopped by human hand.  And thus, the evil intentions of your enemies can not lead to the downfall of this work, but only strengthen the action of God’s providence, and at the same time give proof of your innocence and bear witness to the truth, for which this work serves.


8. Wykrot – The Mother of God announces Her victory


Mother of God:  You can not have consideration for human affairs while serving God, because Satan is very cunning and he easily uses people to achieve his goals. You have to remain obedient to God and to His Will. If you knew what your prayer and sacrifice serve for, you would understand why Satan hates you so much. (…) your trust will be rewarded, as well as the trust of all the pilgrims who head towards Me with such confidence. My children, your Heavenly Mother will never let you down. All My promises and blessings, which you have received through Me, will be fulfilled for you. Preserve your trust, and the Church, thanks to the sacrifice of the least of her followers, will regain her former beauty.

My victory will be great, and Satan shattered. Therefore, do not be surprised that now he will do everything to prevent it. But you are walking gathered close to My Heart, so you are protected from their pernicious, poisoned thoughts and kept in the truth. Be aware that every time when you set forth on this road, you slap Satan in the face, so he will not spare his attacks. My children, he will always be taking revenge on you for this night in torments, which is for him the humiliation that he suffers through your humility (…) I am grateful to you for your attitude. Keep this attitude of Christ on the cross to the end, and you will win with My help. My daughter, the place of children is always beside the Mother. My children can be recognized from the fact that they are always beside Me. I bless you all. Persevere in prayers and in sacrifice. I will always accompany you with My grace and blessing. May God be with you in all your endeavors, so you may become true witnesses of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Translated from : Kompendium II z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2012, p 121-134