Resurrection of Lord Jesus


Fancy letter You know My Heart, My withered Heart, My aching Heart, crushed by the pain of the birth of the new Church. Yes, I was there when it was born, it was born in My Son, but can My womb be separated from My Son? No, it belongs forever to Him and it is forever sanctified by His presence. I commiserate with My Son with My entire Body and My entire soul. Also, My mind and My Heart are united with the Divine mind and the Heart of My only Son. Thus, all that is happening in Him is reflected in Me as in a mirror.  All My members belong to Him: and hands, and legs, and womb, and heart. All that He has made Me is His property and His glory. Thus, I endured together with My aching Son the pains of childbirth in which came to the world the new man, reborn in the curse of the original sin through the establishment of the holy Church, accepting the curse of birthing in pain for the entire people burdened with sin.

I would like for man to unite his heart with Mine, especially when he feels profound pain. Let him unite his pain with Mine, and then I will be able, while co-suffering with My child, also to share with him the joy of the Resurrection. My Heart was incurably ill, defeated by the burden of sadness, and there was only one Physician who could bring it back to life. When light opened My eyes, the sweet balm of love inundated My body; when joy without end appeared to My soul, then also My Heart was revived. My Son is alive. His gaze is so beautiful, more so than while He was alive. Although it is the same sight, it shines now with the unspeakable joy of the Resurrection. The victory and the triumph of love have taken over the entire Earth. I resurrected together with My Son. His one gaze rejoiced My Heart so that it arose with the strength of its first beat, with the love of the One for whom it was created. The smile of Jesus contained all the joy and answered to all My sorrow, fulfilled it and annihilated it. My Physician has come, all reminders of death fled from My Heart, and the sword whose blade was wounding My Heart transformed itself into love, which penetrated most deeply into every remaining wound in My Heart.

The unspoken, indescribable delights of Heaven descended into My Heart together with the joy of seeing the Resurrection. I can not find the pain, now I am imbued with the presence of My lost happiness. My mind experiences heavenly delights, gets to know the wonders and the mysteries of the joy of the Heart of Jesus. Just as His pain was My pain, now His unspeakable happiness is My happiness. God has been glorified in a perfect way by man in the person of His Son in an unsurpassed and eternal way, with the power annihilating the original sin and all its after-effects for those, who will immerse in Him, the Most Holy Sacrifice made on the Divine Altar, the disgrace of their sin. Sin is finished, it no longer has power, My Son defeated it once and for all. Also, there is no death, there is no death for those who will join in the Body of My Son and, through His death, will resurrect together with Him. Also, no longer is terrifying Satan, who crushed by the power of love, and must acknowledge his defeat. He has been vanquished and from this moment everyone, who lives in My Son, has power over him through His victory. People are no longer poor, helpless creatures because they have received the strength and the power to vanquish their misery, sin, death, and Satan; they have received the power in their Crucified and Resurrected God, My Son – Jesus Christ. Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 97-99