Fancy Letter T

he plan of God fills the entire life of man; this is why man should be attached to the Word of God and the holy sacraments, and to nothing else. It is very difficult but possible for the one who truly desires to remain free for the service of God. Human plans multiple times cross over the Will of God, and certainly they hinder Its realization. A man devoted to the Will of God should not hatch plans, because he does not know what God demands of him. He should completely rely on the Will of God, and then he will have no difficulty in listening to the voice of God and accepting the Will of God for his life.

My life has been planned in the Divine mind before I was born. So it is with all of you. My life could not have been more perfect, because it has been planned by God. So how could I boast with pride towards His wisdom by planning anything?  Also, you repeatedly experience that your plans do not materialize themselves, and events that you could not foresee destroy all your achievements and do not allow you to enjoy the realization of your plans. This is because your plans were not the plans of God. He destined you to other goals, other places, other tasks. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. Pray for the fulfillment of the will of God in your life. Do not waste time on work that may be crossed out by the Will of God. Go straight to the goal that was appointed to you by God, and at the end of your days you will not have to regret your whole life, seeing how different your vocation was from what you have dedicated yourselves to.

Man has only one single life. From the perspective of Heaven, it is successful to the extent that the Will of God was fulfilled within it. Even if from the human perspective you would have achieved very much, in front of God you will recognize that you have wasted all the years of your life if you were not looking for the Will of God. Your life on Earth should only serve to prepare you for tasks that you will undertake in the future. Heaven is not a place for the dead but for the living. Only in Heaven we truly live and love in complete freedom and joy, giving glory to God and participating in His life.

Look at My life. Would it be extraordinary from the human point of view? I was a poor woman raising the only Son. Women in Israel prided themselves in numerous offspring, so I was very poor beside them. Joseph was working entire days to provide us with decent conditions, but we always lived modestly. Our house remained poor. We did not enlarge its bedroom. We were born poor and died poor. From the point of view of man, we have not achieved anything, and Jesus, the fruit of My life, has been recognized as a blasphemer and crucified as a disgrace of the entire nation. Absolutely nothing has brought Me fame. In view of relatives, close people, we were just poor people upon whom have befallen many misfortunes, and I, the poorest of poor widows, who lost Her only Son and remained abandoned by God for Her sins. Here is the picture that people saw. However, the picture that God painted was completely different. In the secrecy of My Heart, I experienced God’s miracles, blessed with an immortal treasure that nobody will ever be able to take away from Me. And in My darkest hours, I was still the richest creature on Earth and I would not even be able to think about a different fate than the one predetermined for Me by God.

I want to make you realize that not only I, as the Mother of God, by desiring something else for Myself than what God has planned, would bring widespread calamity to the whole world, but each one of you, by rejecting the Will of God for your life, brings misfortune to the whole world. After all, you do not know how great are the plans of God for you. How much you have to accomplish for Him and for the Salvation of people. Think about what would have happened if I had not followed the path appointed to Me by the eternal plan of God, and relocate this image into your life. How many human lives could be saved if you would listen to God’s inspirations? How many human lives will perish because of disobedience towards God’s Will and your perseverance in living only for yourselves and satisfying only your own cravings. No man lives only for himself and no man is responsible only for himself. To each man God has predestined souls about which He will ask him at the hour of death.

Do not waste your life to deal with your own affairs and your own plans. Give yourselves over completely into the hands of God, because only so you can prevent the great evil, which happens through you in the world. All misfortunes, wars, disasters, and murders are the consequences of not listening to the Word of God and not fulfilling His Will. Each man, by rejecting the Will of God, brings misfortunes upon the whole world. No one is excluded from the world and from the responsibility for the world. Thus, by leading a bad life, he plunges not only himself, but brings over the world wars, diseases, cataclysms and other curses of the Earth. Sin has cruel consequences that affect both the good and the bad. Think about the responsibility for all these misfortunes, which affect yourselves and others. If you do not want to be responsible for them, open yourselves up completely to the Will of God and accept it in your life, so that God may act through you and realize His redemptive Will towards the world.

God’s mercy must spill into the world through holy and devoted souls. Show trust in God and take upon yourselves the cross of My Son, so that through you He might be gracious, might have mercy over the world, and might do good, which is always His Will. Believe that the eternal plan of God is more perfect than your plans, and devote yourselves to the service of God in doing His Will over the world. I bless you all in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from : Reguła Mariańska Rycerzy Chrystusa Króla, Żertw Ofiarnych I wszystkich dzieci Maryi. Grzechynia 2014, p. 63-69

Image credit: ”Love Her as She Loves Us” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.