Assumption of the Blessed Mother into Heaven


oday, I wish to share with you My joy, which I experienced by ascending into Heaven. I am the first human who ascended into Heaven together with the body, because I united My body completely with the Body of My Son. I crucified it together with Him. I am the Mother of the Word; together with Him I resurrected from the dead for the glory of Heaven and together with Him I was taken with the body to eternal glory.

Having a body in Heaven is not the same as having a body on Earth. The body in Heaven is given to man for glory and on earth for suffering. My body in Heaven does not differ from the one in which I was clothed on Earth. On the outside I look the same, although I radiate with unearthly beauty, no longer being a dweller of Earth. The difference, however, lies in something else, not in appearance. The body that I now possess is free and completely subjected to the Divine Will, and it does not have any desires of its own. Such freedom awaits all My children.

I am for you the model of a human who fulfilled the Will of God. All who will fulfill the Will of God on Earth will follow in My footsteps. They will be exalted. You are My children and I desire for you to be similar to Me in this glory. This is what God desires from you. He wants His offspring to be beautiful and free, He wants to share with you His power and authority, but do do so, you must first completely unite your will with the absolute Will, beyond which life does not exist. Everything outside the Will of God is death. Follow only the Will of God. Your destiny is as lofty as Mine. You are to be kings in Heaven – as the offspring of the Highest King. This is what “the reign” means. In the Kingdom of God crowns await all of you, but authority here is not associated with pride and exploitation, because only one Will reigns over everything and all reign in it and through it, because it reigns over everything, in everything and for ever and ever. Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 113-115