2. You have to live in the world, but only for a moment


God the Father:  My child, listen, the time on Earth is a short time. I have not left you here for centuries. You are in the world in order to give people hope. Your true life does not begin here and does not end here. Your home is outside of the boundaries of the world and there I am calling you. You have to live here as well, but only for a moment, at the beginning, to pay off the debt of mankind. I know that people have made themselves a hell in this place, but, My daughter, it is easy to get away from it by holding My hand. Do not be afraid. This time on Earth will pass and you will find yourself at the side of your Father, and no one will ever be able to scare you. We will be happy forever. Thus, do not distress yourself too much because of this life, for it does not last more than a moment. It is a trial, a time of purification.

Do not treat this world as if it was true and the only one, and then you will have enough strength to go out against all the adversities of fate. This world will pass away with all the evil that it grew in its bosom. The entire cruelty of the world will be gathered and closed forever in Hell, along with those who gave birth to it. You, daughter, are called to eternal life in the future glory. The time that you have left on Earth is a chance to make a paradise in your heart for the consolation of God Himself, the Creator of all things. My child, you know that I did not create such a world. Do you know how much I have to suffer, looking at what is left of My work? I no longer live in the world. I am not even a part of this world. I have been ousted by My creation. Daughter, I only live in the souls who love Me, in them I experience relief.

Translated from : Kompendium VI z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 53-63