1. Blind faith as reparation


Lord Jesus:  My daughter, in all your struggles, I want you to remember that your sacrifice is a sacrifice of love, that your sacrifice is perpetrated on the basis of faith, trustfulness and love. This is why I demand that these virtues be heroic in you; otherwise you will not pass this trial that I allow upon you because of a complete departure from faith, a lack of trustfulness and a disappearance of love in the world. Believe in My every word as if the world did not exist outside of My word. I know that I set a difficult task in front of you, but My daughter, I desire to sanctify you and you know well that I will do so, but the number of trials that I will allow upon you will depend on your faith. The more you will trust Me, the more generously and magnanimously I will gift you. The more trust I will find in your heart, the more mercy I will have upon the doubters and the unbelievers. Do you understand Me child ? Make reparation and do not ask Me about anything. I appreciate your every humble attitude. I am the Lord and I will decide about your fate and about your every day. Do you believe in this ?


2. The faith of Moses, God counts on trust


God the Father:  My Daughter, do not be afraid. I do not proceed with you as I did with Moses. This can not be compared so directly. My Daughter, to this people, who did not know God, I had to give such great signs. However, they did not possess Me in a way in which you can possess Me. They could watch the signs of My presence, but they could not watch Me. You see Me present under the form of bread, you can possess Me in yourselves, in your souls and bodies. Moses did not possess Me so closely; he could not possess Me in himself.

Therefore, in you children I Myself am faith and power. I do not count on your strength or on your possibilities, no. I count on your trust and on yielding a place for Me in your hearts, on self-renunciation and devotion to Me. Then, I can freely act in your souls. Then, you are able of the greatest heroic deeds requiring faith that you do not have, courage of which you are not capable of, and Love that I am.


3. The grace of God flows there, where it finds true faith


Mother of God:  Do not try to get to know God from theologians since He reveals Himself to you. Look at Him and get to know Him by loving. And I did not listen to the speech of the scribes, but I believed that everything that God reveals to Me is the truth. And so you, trust that everything that you obtain is true and good, because it comes from God, who is good and who is the only Truth.

My child, you should reflect upon everything that God reveals to you, but not to verify the truth of His words, but to worship Him and to get to know Him through these words. Learn to trust, accept this wealth. Look at Me and follow My example. No one has been so generously gifted as I and no one has been so exalted, and this became possible only thanks to faith, a blind faith in the fact that God can everything and His grace flows abundantly there, where it finds true faith. Remember these words and do not be afraid. (…) Trust and believe, and everything else will work out according to the plan of God. You only trust and you will never disappoint.




1. Saint John about trust


Saint John the Evangelist:  I trusted Him. I believed in Him. He was for me the living image of God. How could I doubt Him ? Everything He did was holy. I loved Him so much that I could not doubt, because after I would no longer be able to look Him in the eyes. Only once I have shown this weakness. It was this terrible time during the night in Gethsemane. Only thanks to Divine Providence I got up from that fall. Alone, I would never have been able to go to Him. I knew how great a disappointment I have caused Him, how enormously He has been wounded by us through our doubt. He knew my every thought. It remained only to bow down before the infinite goodness of God and cry over our own disbelief… And then run to Him and be beside Him, even to death.




1. I desire that people stop being afraid of Me and begin to love Me


God the Father:  Child, in these times when so many are afraid of God, trembling at the thought of the end of times, and an even greater part of mankind completely does not believe in My existence or outright fights a battle with Me by rejecting My law and My rule over the world, you daughter come to Me as My child and in the turmoil of human laments I hear your voice as a pure, sincere confession and it is a solace to Me.

This is what I desire, for people to stop being afraid of Me, and begin to love Me. Fear alone is not enough, because I do not need frightened servants. I want servants who are dedicated and in love with Me. What use for Me are those who fear Me? They are afraid because I can put them to death, but dwelling with Me brings them no bliss. So what bliss can I have in dwelling with them? I do not want My Heaven to be a place for the frightened. No. I desire love. If you feel joy and longing while thinking about Me, then yes, I have a place for you besides Me.  I have a place for children, but I do not have a place for frightened servants, not respecting and not longing for the love of their Lord. Desire Me. Fear and law alone are not enough to dwell with Me.

Translated from : Kompendium III z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2014, p 93-113