i-20am your mother. I will never abandon you. Do not be afraid, because I will always be with you, regardless of what will happen. Bless each day, because each day is for you a new time to make a sacrifice pleasing to God. Make this sacrifice every day through small renunciations during daily activities, all sighs and prayers, and through every confiding of your fears or anxieties in God. Never try to do anything on your own, but always ask for advice the One whom you love.

I would like to teach you to live in complete union with God. Of course, this will not happen in one day, but I desire that, by following My counsel, you strive for this union in your everyday life. The life that I led was an adoration of God, an adoration of all three Divine Persons in Me. Jesus, while leaving My womb, never left My Heart. He remained in it in a perfect union with His Father and the Holy Spirit. I want your life to be a faithful imitation of Mine. I will teach you how to offer every moment to God, so that His glory may be on earth.

We will begin with sleep, because sleep is rest for a pure soul. Even at rest, the Holy Spirit resides in the soul and fills it with His gifts. Even during dreams, the soul is watered by the grace of God, and the presence of God gives it the strength and the desire to grow in holiness. A man with a pure heart, going to rest, thus places his soul in the hands of the good God, so He may strengthen it for the road ahead and bestow upon it all the necessary graces for this road. The soul of man, if it is pure and devoid of worldly desires and yearnings, gives glory to God while resting, because even during sleep it is subjected to the will of man, and thus it rises to God during the time of rest and draws from Him an unconscious joy which, nevertheless, magnifies in the soul the desire to strive towards God.

Sleep is a blissful state, a state in which a child fully entrusts itself to His Father, because then the soul is not subjected to reason but only and solely to the will and it boldly goes ahead to the One who loves it. However, for this to happen, the soul must be pure. Thus, it is important to remember about the examination of conscience and the evening prayer. All imperfections in deeds, words and thoughts, as well as any failure to do good, should be brought to the attention of the conscience of man. When we regularly do a daily examination of conscience, sins still appear but they decrease in number and severity, because of a growing awareness of sin, weakness, and the desire to improve.

Sorrow for sins must appear. When it appears, repentance must take place in the soul, and later a resolve to improve.  You can not improve everything at once and at the same time, so every day you can make the resolution to improve a particular weakness and ask, which is necessary, for help the Holy Spirit, the Guardian Angel, and your saint patron. I also readily help with the good intentions of My children. Ask for and expect help, nevertheless strive on your own from all your might. Do not give up when you do not see the results of your efforts. It does not mean anything if only you do not give up.  The good God will finally gift you with grace, seeing your fruitless efforts.

After the examination of conscience, apologize for all the offences of your souls and ask for forgiveness. At the same time, be grateful for the fact that God is merciful and forgives you everything. Say the evening prayer, remembering that sleep should also be offered to God, in order to fully belong to Him. While falling asleep, cast away from yourselves the cares for temporal things, and be aware that you might not await the mourning and many of you will die precisely during the night. Thus, worrying about the next day is a waste of time. Entrust yourselves into My care and give yourselves into the hands of Your Father. Lay your souls in His loving hands, so that you would be ready to leave your souls in His hands forever. Thus, if you do wake up in the morning, you will be happy that you are alive, and can still repent for sins and pray for mercy for those who need it the most. Because you get a chance to give your souls into the hands of God even more sanctified. However, those who will not receive another day will open their eyes in a new reality, yet without fear seeing themselves entirely in the hands of God, in whose hands the felt asleep.

Remember, every second of your life belongs entirely to God and you depend completely upon Him. If you live, it is because God desires it; when you die it is because your time on Earth has ended and you will take with you only what you managed to accumulate during your days. Your gifts for God can no longer increase. The words, with which you fall asleep, will be the same with which you will wake up in your future life. Thus, by placing your souls in the hands of God, call upon the name of Jesus; remember Me so I may always be close to you. Do not forget about your Guardian Angels and patron saints in Heaven, but say with love the name of My Son. Let His glory resound on Earth and echo over the entire Heaven. – Goodnight, My children. When you will wish to answer and call upon My name, then I will speak the name of “Jesus”. I am always besides My Son and I am beside you. Never be afraid while entrusting yourselves into My care.

Give glory to God even during sleep, because the name that you call upon while falling asleep will rise as an echo to Heaven. You can order your souls to repeat it during the entire night. The soul of man in an ecstasy of love does not sleep. Your bodies sleep. The souls are there, where you will place them while falling asleep. Take advantage of this grace, giving every moment of your life to God. I bless you all in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from : Reguła Mariańska Rycerzy Chrystusa Króla, Żertw Ofiarnych I wszystkich dzieci Maryi. Grzechynia 2014, p. 13-18

Image credit: ”The Sweet Rest of the child of Mary” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.