1. Getting to know God


Lord Jesus:  Your God ponders the fate of your brothers who do not know anything about Me, and who do not want to know. They believe that they possess ”love”, though they know nothing about it, because they do not know Me. I am Love. I am Salvation. There is no happiness outside of Me. They should not delude themselves that Satan will make them happy. He hates them, and I love them.

People know Me1, I have revealed Myself to them. I am good, so they underestimate Me. But when I will come as the Righteous Judge, they will be dying of fear; they will want to serve Me when they will see My power. I gave to people a Beloved God, as you call Me child, but people prefer an idol of hatred and filth. I have saved you, and you ingrates have Me for nothing. How can I be a Gracious God when they mock Me. My cherished ones mock of Me as once the executioners mocked Me. The Heart of God is overflowing with bitterness.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Jezusa Chrystusa. Grzechynia 2016, p. 153-203