A call for the brave who have faith


Lord Jesus:  Child of My grace, I open your heart and I instruct you. Yes, I want to speak because you want to listen and expect to be instructed. I am not placing too high demands upon you and My Will is not impossible to fulfill. If you say so, you are deep in the clutches of the world, because the Divine life in man enables him to undertake the greatest hardships and live in the angelic state on Earth. Your faith is poor. Faith in My omnipotence and in My mercy. Whoever doubts that I will assist those who will stand up to fight in My Name and for My cause, doubts in Me. Therefore, I will speak to you about the angelic life and I will demand what is impossible for the world, but possible for the sons of God.

I want to add courage to My followers. Do not let the world shout you down, because what is impossible for the world is easy for Me, and when you will truly believe in Me, it will become easy for you. First, show Me the courage to fight by My side, for I will not surround Myself with people of shaky and little faith when I will set off to fight. I will take with Myself only those on whom I can rely, and these are all who have faith in My victory, and love ready to sacrifice their own whims and weaknesses for the great cause of the King.

That is why I call on those who do not fear to fight with the world of evil and believe that, with My help and blessing, a life in accordance with My Will and commandments is possible. Those who doubt and do not find in themselves the faith to stand at My right hand, I will not manage to convince. If My Will is an exaggeration for you, your hearts are still too small to comprehend Love, and your ties with the world are very strong. Whoever wants to follow Me must give up his old life and the habits that derogate Me. Violent people carry off the Kingdom of God (Mt 11, 12), which means that it is won by battle. I will lead this fight Myself. Amen.

Translated from: Orędzia o czystosci, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2019, p. 11-12