Pray with the heart and with faith


he rosary is not a prayer that will save the whole world, but it can mitigate the punishments that are foretold to mankind. I am not asking you to say it for trivial reasons. Through it, I can obtain graces for the whole world. The entire grace is hidden in the mysteries contained in the rosary. I desire to open it and pour it out on nations and souls. You pray the rosary without the belief that it performs miracles and introduces concrete changes in the history of the world. You have been shown many times how great is the power of the grace contained in it. You must believe more in My promises.

Pray for the grace of praying well the rosary. Your rosaries should please God. I am always with you in prayer in order to help you out. Let this time of prayer be for you a time of holy reflection on the sense of human existence and the time of fight for souls. Do not neglect these precious minutes of your prayer and pray with all your heart. Let this time that you devote to God be truly devoted to God and to no one else. Forget about the errands to run, about the day’s troubles, because this day will pass with together with its worries. We fight for eternity and you must dedicate full importance to this fight. Otherwise, you bring Me rosaries in name only, empty inside, without love and faith. Where is the humility that should be contained in them? I know that this is difficult, but remember that I am continually gazing at you during prayer and I pray together with you.

Remember that it is the matter of your eternity and the eternity of many people who need your prayer. The Holy Spirit supports the weakness of souls who pray, so that their hearts would give a pure sacrifice to God. Do not omit Him in prayer. Let this time devoted to God be truly a time that is holy and exclusively dedicated to the glory of God. Fight with distractions in prayer. Do not belittle God by saying the prayers with your lips. It is not about fulfilling a duty, but about saving as many souls as possible, and so about love and not the sole recitation of the prayer. You yourselves do not want to listen to speeches, yet alone professions done mechanically and according to a pattern written by someone. You want words to flow from the heart. I also ask for your words to flow from the heart. Then prayer is a delight for Heaven. Think about what your prayer looks like and if it is a delight for Heaven. How much love is in it? How much faith in its effectiveness and necessity for the world? How much faith in My presence during the prayer? I would like to teach you to pray better, because we will not manage to save the world with words alone or any concrete prayer, but only with love. Remember My words. Only love. Amen.

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 41-43

Image credit: “La porte du ciel” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.