1. I am a true Mother


Mother of God:  Listen, all thoughts which are directed against Me, are sown with great zeal by Satan, who wholeheartedly hates Me. Thus, when you are worried if you are loved by Me, know daughter, that it is a temptation and a torment, offered to you by the one who did not want My love and who scorned it. You want this love and this love you get. Do not trust your feelings, which can also be misleading. Remember My Heart, which is united with the Heart of My Son, and the expression of My love for you is under the cross. If I did not love you, I would not have been able to endure such suffering. The strength to suffer is always the fruit of love. All this is, and remains grace, and grace is God’s answer to the desire of the soul, and My desire was to suffer with my Son for the salvation of all souls. Ah, if souls got to know how much I love them, no one would be damned. However, the entire power of this love will only be revealed to the soul in Heaven.

It has to be so. You would like to reveal this truth to the whole world, but My child, it has been revealed. Nations and souls got to know the Mother of their God, but they rejected Her. My love for people, My children, is surely not a secret. However, this truth shown by signs and transmitted by the holy Church should be accepted, so it may appear completely and become the reality of the soul. Man must believe and express his willingness to accept this love. A trial takes place on Earth in which man chooses freely his path. He either takes the hand of His Mother who loves him, or he pulls away and runs toward perdition. I can not prevent it, because the free will, which God has given to each one of My children, makes Me powerless against the will of the child. I have to accept it, even if My motherly Heart was bursting with pain.

The truth about My love, about its extent, is deeply hidden and only those who are worthy of it, can fully feel it. However, this happens only outside of this world and is a reward for choosing the good, for believing and being faithful to God. All the souls on Earth, all My children, have My love. They possess it in fullness. However, to truly feel and embrace this love, one needs a purity of heart like the one that angels posses. Even if I wanted to, I could not show My love to people in the same way it is shown to the soul in Heaven. No one would be able to receive it. And yet, despite the lack of feeling, My love accompanies you at every step.

My child, do you know a mother who would come with such perseverance to her children, who have closed before her the door of their homes? Is there such a mother on Earth, who is not angry about the destruction her memories, the burning of her images, the throwing away of her gifts, and the removal of any remembrance about her? Which mother endures all this with humility and knocks everyday on the door of those children, who no longer want to see her? Why are they doing this? For what reason have I been rejected? Why have I been thrown out onto the street? I, the Mother. I suffer a great rejection, daughter. Many nations do not consider me any more as a Mother; I do not say as a Queen, but as a Mother.

I am a Mother, I am truly a Mother to all of you. I truly feel as a mother and I think as a mother. I act as a mother, not because I was called a Mother, but because My Son, while dying on the cross, gave Me the entire humankind, so it may be My dearest child. He gave it to Me, so I may have it on Earth instead of Him, who was going to leave the Earth. Jesus never ceased to be My Son, but by pronouncing these painful words, He ordered Me to pour the love, with which l have loved Him for all the years of My earthly life, on all the children of the new Adam. My Son, by dying on the cross, returned humankind to the Father, but also gave it a new Mother. And I am a Mother for ever and ever.

My love for people has always been great, but in the moment in which I gave away My child, it became a Divine love, love united with the love of the Father in the parental dimension. The pain of childbirth, from which my womb was free, ripped My Heart under the cross. There, I conceived and gave birth to My spiritual offspring, all My children, all humankind. The pain of My Heart is the pain of all maternal wombs, which gave birth to mankind. The pain of My Heart is the immeasurable ocean of crying, inconsolable grief and wailing. The pain of My Heart was the birthing of the world, the new world which is the entire catholic Church, the new Jerusalem, the world of God, the holy world, the Kingdom of God praised in the Psalms, the exalted Heaven on Earth, the whole God; given already during the earthly life for every soul, both holy and sinful. This is the mankind that I gave birth to: a holy mankind, a mankind for God.

Daughter, he who does not believe in My love, does not believe in My motherhood, the motherhood of the Heart, which became the womb for all the children of the world. My most aching womb bore all the pain, which was due to Eve for her transgression. My Heart – the new womb, in which I begot new holy sons and new holy daughters for their Divine Father. The pain of My Heart is a great mystery and only a few look into it, but today I want to reveal to you its magnitude. When the world will know how much I love it, how much I suffered for it, maybe it will believe in My love.

You see, My child, I describe to you the enormity of this suffering and its invisible, mystical dimension, the dimension of the birth of a new humanity. Thus, the loss of even one child is a tragedy for Me not comparable with any suffering on Earth. Every child, every one of My children, and therefore every human, was offered to Me by the Father, conceived in the Father and deposited on My womb, which is the delightful haven of My Heart. As every mother, I rejoice in My infant, and I desire to nourish it. However, My infants do not want My food; they spit it out with disgust, although it is only sweetness. They turn their faces away from My face. Even though they are unable to walk alone, they tear away from My tender embrace and fall down to the ground. I wish to pick them up, but they do not want My help. They lie completely helpless, hungry and dying, and they do not want Me to pick them up, to feed them, and to warm them on My breast. I hear their cry, but I can not hug them against their will. My Heart is dying again over each of My dying children, who are dying at My feet and I am forced to look at their agony. Until finally comes for them the one, who will take them away from Me forever. Oh, if he desired them out of love, I would have given them to him and I would be consoled that they desire his breast. But I know that he wants to murder them. He will never give them to eat, never again they will be cuddled, never again they will be comforted, and no one will ever wipe away their tears, smooth their hair, and caress their hearts. It is the end.

You see now how great a liar is the one who lies about My love for you. My love for you is so great, that a large number of books could be written about it. Each one of My children is a new book of love, a new happiness for the Mother, a new joy. In each of My children, I see the resemblance to their Father, how beautiful is every new child that He gives to Me.

Daughter, My Heart is an immensity of love, but also a precipice of suffering. Countless are its mysteries, countless are the daggers stuck in its womb, but also infinite is its love, which perpetually burns for all My children. Dearest child, Satan is trying to kill this love by aiming at this Heart, by taking away subsequent children. However, he can not do this, even if My Heart was one great wound, because its source is in the Heart of infinite Love, the indestructible source with which My Heart is united, the inconceivable Fire of love which is the Heart of My Son.

My daughter, remember about My Heart. Your atoning prayers comfort Me very much. I need this atonement. Continue these prayers and encourage others to undertake them. I love you, My little child, and I bless all My children on Earth.



3. Reflection about the motherhood of Mary


Mother of God:  God, by becoming one with Me, created a new human race, and although it is burdened with the original sin, it is healed with the love our two Hearts, martyr Hearts, atoning Hearts. Man is not who he used to be; he is a new creature having a Father and a Mother. Although God is the Father and the Mother of all creation, He made me the Mother of all people, so that you might be raised by a feminine hand, with greater affection, with greater tenderness; so that through Me you may know how to better love the Father; so that by seeing how I love Him, you may imitate My love.

I am a gift of God’s love so that all people may experience the love of a Mother and a Father. I do not give to you anything from myself, because I myself do not own anything. Everything that I give to you, I sucked it out from the breast of My only Mother, The One Who Is, the Only One, Who is, was and will be. Besides Him there is nothing, and everything that is, is only within Him and through Him. My entire maternal care and love does not come from Me, but it is a reflection of the love of God, who through Me wants to show, to reveal and to give Himself to you as a Mother. Do not think of Me as an independent creature, given to you as a Mother. I am created from God, because He is all that is, established in me His will and His love, and woke Me with a kiss, and revived in Me all men so they may be His will and His love, a perfect reflection of this will and love. I do not have anything from myself, but everything from the grace of God. By adoring Me, you adore God, because I myself do not exist, I exists only in God and for God. I was created for this, and it is My breath, without which My soul could not exist.

So Come to Me, My children, knowing that God loves you in Me, through Me he shows you gentleness and patience, through Me He increases His glory. I do not increase His light, but I shine with His light, not My own. I return the whole glory to God the Father who created me, to Jesus Christ who exalted Me, and to the Holy Spirit who fulfilled me. Amen, My children. Praise the one God and all His works.


Translated from : Kompendium VI z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 141-149