28) Heart of Jesus, source of all consolation





Lord Jesus:  Today I will comfort you. You do not trust Me enough, but I will take you today to a place, where you will see all the love of My Heart that I have for you. Open your eyes to see. Open your ears to hear what your God is saying to you. My Heart is your dwelling, the Homeland towards which you are heading. The home in which you will place your head. The arm upon which you will support yourself. My Heart is your paradise, where you will free yourself forever from worries. You are heading towards My Heart. This is why, while going to Me, you should consider the love of My Heart and expect it towards you. You are going to Me for love and you will receive it. Then what should you have with you, when you will come to Me? What can you offer Me for such a great gift? Also love. Only love. Thus, concentrate yourself on the love for Me. Try to understand My intentions, but do not worry yourself when you do not understand them. My thoughts are the thoughts of God. Your thoughts – the thoughts of man. You will not catch up with Me, but I will be appearing to you. Remember, however, that your thoughts are the thoughts of man, and Mine are not. What is obvious to you does not have to be true. Remember that I am the Truth. Count only on Me. Put your trust in Me and do not get in My way. I will guide. You always step behind Me.

Understand now, that I will make no step without you. I came into the world for you and I do not want to go back without you. Thus, I will slow down so you can keep up. I will not leave you behind. I will adapt to you, but you always try to keep the pace with Me.  Look, we go to the Father together. Trust Me. I want to get there along with you. I want to live with you. I want to show you thousands of My mysteries. I want to make you happy with the eternal reward. I want to open Heaven before you and rejoice in your happiness. This is My goal, for which I came down on Earth and allowed Myself to be nailed to the cross. Our life together will only begin. I want you to look deep into My Heart. Look into it, when it is all bare, when I am nailed to the cross, and My Heart is opened for suffering with a spear.

Remove it and see what will happen. Tilt the cup of your heart and gather into it all My love, which will pour in My humanity as Blood and water, the absolute rest of love that I have not yet shed for you. Do you believe Me now? Is there in Me even an ounce of life, of love, which I have not given to you? Drink up My love to the last drop of Blood, it all belongs to you. Drink up My life to the last drop of Blood, I give it to you completely. Drink up My immortality, My glory, My power, My hope to the last drop of life-giving Blood, because it is for you that I have allowed it to flow out. Now look into My Heart. What do you see? The Heart of a man beaten without mercy for love, for this Heart that was able only to love. Look at My Heart and have mercy upon it. It is totally defenseless against the world, because it defends itself only with love. It opens itself to every blow, so that by opening itself, it may bring forth from itself love for everyone who will look at it, regardless of whether he will want to kiss it or whether he will want hit it. It does not matter. It is enough that you look at it, and it already belongs to you. My Heart gives itself to anyone who wants to look at it, because it loves voraciously and voraciously wants to prove its love to every soul.

Thus look once again. You bring Me joy just by looking into it. Here is your paradise lost. I got it back for you and here it is, open, nailed by a spear to the tree upon which it has been lost. Take it, it is all yours, without borders, without any prohibitions. This time, I am giving it to you with no possibility of losing it. It is all yours, yours forever. Behold, I, who became the gate of paradise, open to you its doors. Come. Take what I have won for you. Look now at My Heart, the spear removed, the wound open; the entire Blood and water flew into your heart and gave you Life. Now I live in you. I am in you. My sacrifice remained on the cross, but My Life is in you. Now I live in you and through you, because you accepted My Blood – My love and My Life. I am Life in you and I am Love in you.

Look into My Heart, have a look into its center. Through the open wound within it, you can see through Me. I did not lie to you. I truly suffered. I truly loved. I really died. Understand and accept this truth, that everything I did own as a man, I gave to you in My second Person: in the human blood, but in the Divine soul; in the human body, but in the Divine mind. I can not give you more, because I gave absolutely everything. Now, just believe that My love is true. Believe and accept. In moments of doubt, go under the cross. Open the cup of your heart and drink. Let My Sacrifice reinvigorate your heart.

Please, do not doubt, but enter through the open wound into My Heart. Look at it more closely. Is there left within it even an ounce of Blood, of love, which I have not given to you? Did I preserve at least a drop for Myself? Did I hide from you a drop for another soul? No, I gave it all to you. Did I hide it from you, because I do not love you as I have told you? Look. If you find even one drop of Blood that I did not give to you, one breath that I did not forego for you, I am a liar. But if you will not find a breath within Me, and My Heart will be dried out thoroughly, it means that I was telling you the truth. I have always been telling you the truth, and My love is true and deserves faith.

Then take up residence in My Heart, remain in it forever. With your breath and with your blood, we are one. Live in Me, and you will attain paradise on Earth. Hide in My Heart, and nothing ever will be able to make you unhappy. I am yours. Whole and forever. Only and solely because of My love. You show Me love and gratitude by coming under the cross and accepting My Sacrifice. Look into My Heart. See, and remember those words. And then let Me engulf you out of love and make you a breath of love. I want you to become My breath. We will do a lot more together. You know My name, get to know yours. We will unite through sacrifice and love. Do not expect more, expect more truly. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 102-107