20) Heart of Jesus, patient and most merciful





Lord Jesus:  I come to teach you a certain truth. I wish to share My mercy with mankind. Daughter, the one who shows mercy is worthy of the greatest mercy from Me and will receive it. The one who forgets wrongs, imitates Me. If I sought to obtain payment for every insult, I would be cruel in My anger. I strive for reconciliation because of My Heart, in which reigns love. Love always strives for reconciliation, wants to win over souls, wants to forgive. Above all, I want to forgive. Only after, when all other measures fail, I instruct through punishment and anger. But I do not desire to punish. I would like only to reward. Mankind forces Me towards what I do not desire. If you knew My Mercy, you would not be afraid to ask for forgiveness. For forgiveness for all.

My Heart is patient. It can wait. It can wait for years, until its love is recognized. The humility of My Heart is so great that I can wait for the soul through her entire life and I do not give up in asking for her love, until the time when she will permanently reject Me. The human heart has such a great value for Me, that I gladly forgive just to win it over for Me. Generosity in showing mercy is My nature, My life among you. I am Love that lives, continually being reborn and multiplying through love and forgiveness.

I am able to be patient because I love, because I have such great hope that I can wait for years and in one moment forget all the animosity. By repenting, a soul submerged in death becomes in one moment so beautiful, that this view rewards Me all her faults. I only want to lead her by the hand and never recall her past faults. I strive to beget souls for Heaven. This is My goal for which I show souls such great patience and such great mercy, because above all I desire your souls in Heaven. It is I that strive towards this. This is my goal. You just do not hinder Me in its realization with your stubbornness and rebellion, and I will reach it for sure.

I desire that the hearts of those, who go in My name, were the same as My Heart. I desire that you were patient and of great mercy. I want you to have love and mercy for everyone. Do not judge those who are in the darkness, but bring them to Me, so I may enlighten them. My Heart does not seek revenge, but always seeks souls, their welfare, and their love. Remember, if you need forgiveness, come to Me, and you will certainly receive it. I have not appointed you a limit of falls or a number for your trespasses. My Heart is infinitely merciful and infinitely patient. Remember about this when coming to Me. You also be patient towards yourselves, and draw love for yourselves from My Heart.

I want to gift you without end and forgive without end. I love to forgive. By forgiving, I show My mercy; and by showing My mercy, I show My Divinity more than if I was throwing upon you thunderbolts and fireballs of justice. My punishments are a last resort to which you force Me, by despising My Mercy. However, I administer them with pain and pain fills Me at the thought of their inevitability in front of your stubbornness. But I still have hope that you will wish for My mercy and you will ask Me for it, and you will receive it before it will be too late. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 74-76