Our Lady of Good Success - Quito 1


God not only created Mary for his Son, but also created Her for the whole mankind, because She alone was worthy to become the Mother for an orphaned mankind. She alone by Her constantly growing love and longing accelerated the history of the world, so the expected Messiah descended into her womb which was thirsty for salvation. Who is Mary, you do not understand. She is the biggest mystery of God and the greatest mercy which was granted to man. Everything was accomplished through Her, and this is an infinite mercy of God towards man, who already betrayed God in paradise, just after his creation. The same man God exalted and seated on a throne in Heaven to rule and reign over Earth and Heaven. This perfect new man is Jesus and the perfect woman is Mary.


  1. Mother of God and our Mother
  2. Mother of the Church
  3. Support of the faithful
  4. Immaculate Heart of Mary
  5. Recollections from Nazareth by Saint Joseph
  6. Imitation of Mary
  7. Queen of Poland
  8. Our Lady of Wykrot

Translated from : Kontemplacja Maryi na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2014