Lord Jesus:  (…) My child, I do not speak to her about cataclysms. What the devil told her and what she invented herself is her concern and you do not need to know that. However, he should know one thing: he better listen to My Voice, because many will speak about cataclysms, there are many prophets of cataclysms, but who proclaims My Mercy? Who proclaims how good I am? How I am waiting for you? Perverse wolves! You are just waiting for that, to prophesy. And I say to you, whoever wants to prophesy does not receive these gifts from Me, because I give to the humble and the little ones and it is their cross to come out with My Word. I do not visit speakers or great orators, but quiet and humble souls.

How much will I still suffer you? I wait for someone to ask how many tears I am shedding over the world every day. And they say nothing. They only ask about earthquakes, about floods, about dates. People, have you not enough sensation?! Behold, I am coming! The Son of Man is descending on earth again, and you only think about how many reserves to hoard and where to hide. Who will save your souls, when I will come for you well-fed and well-hidden? Where will you hide your unclean souls?

Is not enough that I have suffered for you, that you are so perverse? You are looking out more for misfortunes than for Me, the Living God, who will come on earth. Look out for Me, ask about Me, prophesy about Me, unclean vipers! …is it not enough that you have betrayed Me, captured Me, killed Me, and dishonored Me? Unclean tribe! How much the Son of Man will suffer?

(…) do not be surprised that Your God is so outraged. Do you think child that I do not suffer? Do you think I am not surrounded by enemies? Every day, they take Me in their hands and say prayers, and after they curse and spit on My commandments. With whom I have to commune? In My Name they lose My sheep. How debased is My Name in the midst of this nation…


Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 164-168