Baptism of Lord Jesus in the Jordan


t-42he first luminous mystery represents the truth about the first sacrament, the sacrament from which everything begins and without which the remaining sacraments do not exist, and this is the holy baptism. The power of the holy baptism results from the work that took upon Himself My Son, the Savior of the world. Jesus, by entering into the waters of Jordan, showed to mankind what was to happen in the realm of the spirit. By the power of His Sacrifice, He cleansed the souls entering into the spring in which He submerged Himself. And thus, those who give Jesus their sins are deprived of them precisely in Jesus Christ, who came into the world to take away from people their sins and to annihilate them by the power of His innocently shed Blood. The holy baptism is therefore the fruit of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Although in the mysteries it takes place earlier, for man it is already the after-effect of the Passion of the Son of God. In this mystery, Christ consciously burdens Himself with the responsibility for the entire mankind and begins His proper penance, which will last non-stop until the very death of the Savior.

In this mystery also appears the truth about the Holy Trinity, which is oneness. God the Father opens Heaven in response to the Sacrifice of His Divine Son, and the Holy Spirit is sent down to the world to strengthen, lead and fill those who proceed in the truth. In the same way, the Holy Trinity unites with man, whose nature Jesus assumed as God, and thus exalted it, healed it, and enabled it to commune with the Most Holy Trinity. God accepts the Sacrifice of His Son and accepts man, who in Jesus becomes a new creature, a child of God in imitation of the new Adam. In this way man is presented to God. It still remains to bring him through the locked doors to Heaven, and this has to be accomplished through the great Sacrifice that Christ will consciously make on the Golgotha.

The holy baptism is therefore the first sacrament of the new Church, in which man immersed in Christ is reborn by the power of His merit and Sacrifice. Every baptism is an opening of Heaven for man and a descent of the Holy Spirit for the path that he has to follow to the place of his destination. At the time of baptism, man receives all the necessary graces to arrive to the heavenly Homeland, and if he would not sin, he would be immediately saved. However, because of sin, God in His mercy has established the subsequent sacraments, so that every sinner could attain the union with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 37-39