Reflections about death and dying

1. Heart of Jesus, hope of those who die in Thee


Lord Jesus:  My words today will take you to the deathbed. The loss of hope is the greatest enemy of the dying. For them remains fear, because they know how fragile is life and how infinite is eternity, which awaits them and which they can no longer change, being on the verge of death. The time of merits has passed. The world lives them helpless in the face of the inexorable reality of the end of the earthly life. No human hand can stop death. Man passes into the hand of God and for the first time in his life realizes this fully. The present world seems to be a departing illusion. The heart is squeezed with the pain of separation and fear of the unknown. The experience of death is always hard, but depending on the purity of the soul and the degree of her connection with Me, the soul passes it with great fear or with great confidence.

Time on Earth is a time of collecting merits, collecting treasures, sometimes trials, in which the soul defines herself as My friend or My enemy. However, there is a huge amount of souls, which never wanted to get to know Me, in order to be defined. Now, in the face of death, they see this truth, that My tender presence and love accompanied them throughout their entire lives, neglected and rejected. My tender face will however take the expression of severe justice, because it is always the Truth and reflects the Truth to the soul. The Truth is inexorable. It is not subject to influences. There is no escape from it, because it is omnipresent and all-encompassing. The Truth is and the Truth penetrates everything through. The soul on the verge of death sees her misery and the situation from which there is no escape. She must go where she does not want to go, and leave what she does not want to leave. Therefore, all earthly ties hamper the departure from this world and turn away the sight of the soul from God, and direct it towards the worthlessness of the world, infusing the soul with sorrow and despair.

The moment preceding death is a time of grace in which the soul can still obtain the mercy of God for herself at the time of judgement. If she manages to turn to God with confidence, she will not be damned. However, she must do so before she dies. Later, time ends and the attitude of the soul becomes fixed and magnifies her feeling of despair or confidence. The thoughts or words with which man dies freeze on his lips.  With such he shows up before My throne. If he begs: “Mercy!”, My mercy must appear at the judgement. If, however, his thoughts and words are directed towards the worthlessness of the world, possessions, temporal concerns or openly rebel until the last moment against the decrees of the Providence, rejecting Me, the soul can not obtain the Mercy of God because she has shown disdain towards it, not calling it, not believing in it, or not seeking it because of the pride that blinds it. Man, in the face of death, is afraid of Me. Thus, I want to tell you about how you should direct your thoughts in the face of impending death, so that you do not succumb to fear. Show these words of Mine to the dying, so they know My Will and My desire to save them from their sins. The hope for the dying is My Heart. All sinners have access to it. I have shown it to the world on the cross pierced with a spear, so that every sinner could see it and believe that it is precisely for him that I allowed Myself to be nailed to the cross and to open My Heart with a spear. I did it so that every sinful soul, regardless of the amount of sins that cover her, could enter into it and escape from the angry face of justice of My Father. Let no soul be afraid to enter into My Heart. I will not close it. It will always remain open on the cross. I will abide on the cross until I will shelter in My Heart the last soul, which will want to accept My Sacrifice for her and take refuge in it. I do not count the sins of the one who approaches Me, but I extend hands to attract the soul, which wants to hide in My Merciful Heart. My Blood exceeds with its merit all your faults. My Blood justifies all crimes. My Blood is the future life of your souls. He who possesses it and worships it in his interior can not die forever.

Beg My Heart to defend you against just punishment. Call upon My Heart, so its Mercy may show itself upon you. Ask My Heart to hide you in its most innocent interior and wash your faults by its martyr’s sacrifice. Believe that My Heart suffered precisely for you, out of love for you, to save you. My Will did not change. I still desire your salvation and if you wholeheartedly turn to Me, asking for forgiveness, My Heart will not be able to refuse you.  Ask Me. Enter into the depth of My Heart, which is entirely overfilled with love for you, and ask. My Heart is only love. It will listen to you, because it wants to save you. Above all, I desire to forgive. Above all, I desire to save. My justice is for those who will reject My mercy. For My Heart there is only mercy. As long as you are in it, you do not have to fear. Invoke wholeheartedly My grace. I want to forgive and I will forgive, but let your begging be true, let it shake up My Heart and encompass it with the joy of the return of the prodigal son, although in this last hour. And in this last hour I desire your souls and then I fight for them until the end.

In this last hour, when everything already seemed finished to Me, when My body already issued the final breath, I still delivered to sinners My Heart, so it may also be killed and tormented to the last drop of Blood. This is for you. For those who will be late under My cross, who will come running too late; it is precisely for those who did not get on time to obtain mercy and forgiveness form My lips. Now, when I hang dead on the cross, and My lips will not issue words of forgiveness, and My eyes will not show mercy, and My face will no longer take in a crying sinner, I open My Heart to you. It does not know death and despite the death of My body, it still desires to save every soul. For you I open it with a spear, so it may tell you the words: “I forgive. I forgive and love.” I also take in to the gates of paradise those who will come too late. For you, there is still My Heart, which does not want to die but wants to save souls till the end. Here is My Heart, wide open. I give to you, sinners, the last drop to save the last of the last. For you it remains always open. Do not waste My Sacrifice by rejecting My forgiveness. My heart speaks to you in this hour: “Yes, I forgive you. I desire you. I love you. Enter into the gate of My Mercy and accept the Blood, which I spilled for you, and hide in it from the penetrating gaze of justice. Cover your every sin with My Blood and be saved by the power of this Blood, whose help you are calling in this last hour”. My Heart has power over the justice of the Father. My Heart has the power to save those, who will have recourse to it. Pray. Do not lose hope. My heart is for you. Amen.


2. You have to live in the world, but only for a moment


God the Father:  My child, listen, the time on Earth is a short time. I have not left you here for centuries. You are in the world in order to give people hope. Your true life does not begin here and does not end here. Your home is outside of the boundaries of the world and there I am calling you. You have to live here as well, but only for a moment, at the beginning, to pay off the debt of mankind. I know that people have made themselves a hell in this place, but, My daughter, it is easy to get away from it by holding My hand. Do not be afraid. This time on Earth will pass and you will find yourself at the side of your Father, and no one will ever be able to scare you. We will be happy forever. Thus, do not distress yourself too much because of this life, for it does not last more than a moment. It is a trial, a time of purification.

Do not treat this world as if it was true and the only one, and then you will have enough strength to go out against all the adversities of fate. This world will pass away with all the evil that it grew in its bosom. The entire cruelty of the world will be gathered and closed forever in Hell, along with those who gave birth to it. You, daughter, are called to eternal life in the future glory. The time that you have left on Earth is a chance to make a paradise in your heart for the consolation of God Himself, the Creator of all things. My child, you know that I did not create such a world. Do you know how much I have to suffer, looking at what is left of My work? I no longer live in the world. I am not even a part of this world. I have been ousted by My creation. Daughter, I only live in the souls who love Me, in them I experience relief.


4. The degrees of happiness


God the Father:  So write down what I am letting you know. The places that I have allotted to people once belonged to angels, who by rebelling against My Will, have lost them irrevocably. My Son, by accepting upon Him My Will, even though it was the summit of love, for Him signified cruel suffering, opened the gate of Heaven for the sanctified mankind, which thanks to His sacrifice could not only be restored to grace, but also gain places of honor next to its Creator and the angles in Heaven. Man was exalted to be called the Son of God. Since then, as My children, you can climb the ladder of love to the very summit of Heaven, where Love sits on its throne. The steps of that ladder are: humility, obedience, mortification, piety, generosity, justice, fidelity, patience, purity, and all virtues that My Son has acquired for you, by suffering His abasement and defilement. Now, these steps are waiting for the faithful followers of Christ.

To climb this ladder, man must fall in love with My Will and by ascending on each [step] prove to Me his attachment to it and his faithfulness, despite all unpleasantness, despite worries and suffering, and despite the fact that My Will may turn out to be quite the opposite of all his desires, all his actions and his entire nature. My Son, by embracing this path, the path of the cross, acknowledged the superiority of My Will upon the human will, abased His human nature and mortified it until killing it completely. Likewise, you also must imitate Him and lose your life completely, by annihilating your will and glorying Mine through humility and obedience.

Creatures, beloved and chosen for the highest glory, My Will has been scorned; My Will, which is only goodness and excellence, which is the beginning of all things, was rejected by Satan and his followers. A countless number of My heavenly creatures has been deprived of My grace and My benefaction and swept into the infernal abyss. I transformed their beauty into ugliness, so they may forever remain in the darkness, which they chose. The rejection of My Will was the greatest dimension of pride of the creation. The greatest dimension of humility is therefore the acceptance of this Will, no matter what it is, especially when it is incomprehensible and difficult to accept.

My Son went through this path, exalting My Will and showing the incomprehensible love for man contained in it. Thereby, man defeated Satan and took his place in Heaven. My Divine Son, as a man, opened the gates of Heaven to you, so that you may be exalted thanks to His abasement. By imitating Him and reinforcing yourselves with the fruits of his glorious Passion, you can sit together with Him on thrones of glory, on places left by fallen spirits. A countless number of these traitors occupied a countless amount of places, which I destined to man after their fall. However, since the fallen angels were not equal to each other, but differed among themselves in the degree of beauty and perfection, the people ascending on their places will also differ in terms of merits and the degree of refinement of their nature. Depending on how much they will manage to get close to Me during lifetime, accordingly they will sit close to Me in Heaven. The more one of the evil spirits disappointed Me and the more graces it lost, the more graces must gain the one, to whom the given place will be assigned. The more I was wounded, the more love I desire from the soul, who will compensate Me for the loss of that spirit.

Beloved children, for this reason the places in Heaven are numbered. Each one of them corresponds to a human soul, which will reach this place by fulfilling My Will in a perfect way. However, when the soul to whom I allotted this place lingers with the fulfillment of My Will, I allot a different soul for this place, which by faithfully fulfilling my commandments deserved the grace of being elevated and destined to a higher place in Heaven in the place of the soul that did not make use of the given place. And so every place has its own destiny and each man is assigned to a place appropriate for his desire of My closeness. Heaven will not close its gates until the last of the sons of men takes his place, so that every place vacated by a fallen spirit will shine with a pure soul rewarding Me My clemency. The degree of your love will determine the degree of your glory.

I am filling the places about which I am telling you with chosen souls since nearly two thousand years, since the gates of Heaven have been opened for man. I am waiting for you. I want you to know that not many places are left anymore. Thus, surpass one another in holiness, so you may be able to sit at the side of your Father in eternal bliss and live the life of angels, the Divine life, for which I have called you. Amen.


5. The reality of hell

He gives an affluent and pleasant life on earth and eternal torments. I give a life strewn with sufferings and eternal happiness. Choose.

God in the Holy Trinity:  My child, the Son of Man had to suffer and die on the cross, because such was the Will of the Father. Always follow the Will of the Father; even if it would seem the most cruel to you, it is the summit of Mercy. The Father always thinks about His children and for them makes every effort to gather them all around Him and save them from eternal death. Only the one who knows the darkness of hell could give up to death His Son. The horror of this place is so inconceivable that man is not able to endure this terrible reality and stay alive. Those to whom I have shown hell were protected by Me by a special grace, lest they die.

… My daughter, whatever happens in this world is never as horrible as the torment of hell for several reasons. On earth man feels hope, believes, can believe that this reality in which he dwells will undergo change. In hell there is no hope. There is an awareness of infinity and despair. Man can not escape with thought from suffering; there is not a second of relief from suffering. Never again.

The suffering, which he endures, is not similar to earthly suffering. Earthly suffering is only a substitute for the torments of hell. They would all come down to earth to suffer the most cruelly, only not to remain in hell. My daughter, the perceptions that I have given to certain souls on the topic of hell are mostly true and should warn you, should prepare you. People downplay this terrible reality and do not make anything out of it, and the road to hell is wide open and entire crowds go there. My child, how few of you desire Me in eternity. Even those who strive for Heaven desire happiness and treasures, and not Me.

My dearest daughter, people are so foolish… they believe that Heaven is a boring place, the purgatory something of a waiting room, and hell a different world, in which there is no God. They do not understand, however, that the place in which there is no God is the most terrible, unimaginable, horrifying place, which is the opposite of everything that man desires. I loved Lucifer, loved all My fallen angels before they lost their beauty and their grace. The punishment that they pay for their disobedience is eternal and infinite.  For man I have done much more than for them. My love for man surpassed every love. Thus, man shows Me even greater ingratitude; but the children of the Catholic Church who abandon Me for foreign gods hurt Me the most. I suffer, I suffer unceasingly their treachery. I have to look as they worship Satan concealed in a thousand objects. It is always him that they worship. They do not know that, they do not care about who their master is, but bow to the one who, as they believe, will give them more, will give them money, success, power, comfort, pleasure… Indeed he will give them all that, for the price of eternal life. He gives them an affluent and pleasant life on earth and eternal torment. I give a life strewn with sufferings and eternal happiness. Choose.

… [Man] lost his faith because he did not care about it. He lost his faith because he wanted to lose it. The one who does not want Me, will lose Me. The one who does not want to bend down to look at how I have suffered for you, does not want to reflect upon My Passion, why I have suffered so, why I gave Myself to a cruel death, this one does not understand My love and will not believe in it. He who will see My love will fall in love with it.

My child, the ears of the world are closed. Hell is real. It exists deeply hidden before the world, but with it and beside it. It is large and vast. Every soul is tormented in a different way. The eternal fire consumes all souls, but there also exists a torment for each soul, which is a torment consuming the soul for the sin with which she offended God the most. Do not think that these torments are light or downright pleasant. Man is no longer capable of feeling any, even sinful, pleasures. His soul is in unceasing despair. He feels solely hatred, pain and despair. He wants the suffering of all the people, hates those who were saved and those who might be saved. He also hates the damned because he hates everything. He hates his Mother, because She no longer is his mother; and he hates Me, because I am the Only and Almighty God. I can do everything. The soul which does not love Me, hates Me. How great is the love of the soul when she gets to know Me, so great is the hatred of the soul which loses Me. Man is unable to endure his suffering being in hell, and lives in the sense of feeling the suffering and the inability of nonexistence.

 (…) the sufferings of hell are not only spiritual sufferings. Man in hell feels pain through the body, with which he sinned against God. Although matter exists there in a different dimension, it exists insofar as it could be a source of suffering. People believe that only the soul of the damned is found in hell. Yes, the body as such putrefies on earth, but there also exists a body not made of earthly material, capable of suffering. It is the awareness of possessing a body that feels pain; it is the awareness of being oneself, identifying oneself as a created man.

In hell, blood is not being shed because blood is only here. In the blood is life, and in hell there is no life anymore. Man can not die because he is already dead. There is no blood in him anymore. In hell there is also no water. It is the greatest craving of the damned souls. They will never quench their thirst in their cruel torments; they suffer with every patch of their soul, their body and with every sense.


Passage from this Life to Eternity by Hieronymus Bosch 1 - Convent of San Diego, Quito.
Passage from this Life to Eternity by Hieronymus Bosch – Convent of San Diego, Quito.


6. Death


Lord Jesus:  Your trust enslaves My Heart. Trust must be combined with deeds, but it is trust precisely that causes you to serve Me out of love and not out of fear. I wish that you would love Me, that you would feel happy and safe near Me, and not be frightened when you see Me.

(…) I desire to be loved. Fear My anger against My infidels (…) they do not know My voice, do not want to hear it at all. (…) these souls are not capable of feeling remorse and love. If they felt remorse… It is a great grace to feel remorse. Man thinks that out of fear everything will change within him at the moment of death and he will feel sincere remorse, but it is not so. The one who is in the clutches of the devil, he also, and even especially at the moment of death, is in those clutches.

Satan does not back down for a second at the moment of death, because it is the time when he tears away the soul from Me for eternal torments. He will put his best efforts to oppress the soul so much, so that she may not be able to see any light at the moment of death. If man during life, in a moment of terror, in unexpected circumstances, did not call out My Name, he also will not call it out at the moment of death, when his terror reaches its zenith and will be so great that out of fear he will forget everything that he has learned during life. A small child, when afraid, calls his father. He does not think much but calls his father or mother, does he not? In the same way, a child of God, when frightened by something, right away calls My Name or the Name of My Blessed Mother, and we always come to his rescue. But if you did not call for Me or My Mother during life, you will also not call now.

The soul committed to the devil remains under his influence to the end, and what is he if not hatred and fear? A soul subjected to him is only able to feel this, because Satan rules so far in this soul that he will not allow an awakening in her in this last hour. The soul full of fear and hatred blasphemes God, imposes Him conditions, curses Him, and reproaches Him everything, defends and justifies herself, but is not capable of sincere remorse. She is not able to look at her life in the truth, because she is blinded by pride and precisely because of that pride she blasphemes God. Because she does not want to reconcile with the fact that this God, laughed at and derided through her whole life, has full authority upon her and actually takes away her miserable life. Such a soul is submerged in despair and is not prone to emotions, but to attack, to attack upon God Himself. This is a great torment. Unfortunately an eternal torment.

(…) These are rare cases when someone dying perceives My light. Generally it happens as a result of fervent prayers of the family of the dying. The living or the dead, but this grace rarely concerns families that are spoiled by sin. Then, there are no saints who could intercede for such a soul. These are cases concerning good families, who have holy ancestors and for these ancestors I sometimes have mercy upon such a soul. However, then terrible suffering awaits her.


7. The soul after death and modern funerals


Lord Jesus:  These are social conventions that man must show his best at the funeral, but it is beside the point. The point is to pray a lot on the day of the funeral, because then the fate of the soul hangs in the balance and she is taken away from this world. But your contemporary funerals are not helpful for the soul in this transition. I do not mean all the funerals, but the ones organized for the rich. The meaning of the funeral, which was to obtain graces for the salvation of the soul, has been lost. Family and friends accompanied the deceased to the other world, supporting him with mighty prayer. The crowd, treading behind the coffin and reflecting how fast someone was taken from the world, will not help him in this passage at all.



Lord Jesus:  After death, the soul is in suspension. She has time to see how she has lived and to pronounce herself upon where she should go. During that time, all prayers are heard and I am waiting for the contrition of that soul. This lasts about three days as you said, so usually until the time of the funeral, when the soul departs from the world. However, after that time, the judgment about the soul might not have yet been made. I, in My Mercy, am still waiting for these prayers that could help the soul. Even though the prayers brought to Me right after the death of the given soul count the most, I still accept prayers for her for a month, and these prayers can in fact influence where the given soul will find herself. (…) You have time for a month, but know that My time is not like your time, and at the time of judgment I already know how much prayer will come for the given soul. I do not have to wait for a month to pass judgment on the soul. This time is given for you. My child, remember however that prayers brought to Me right after the death of the soul are for Me the most important and their power is the greatest, because then I burn with My righteous anger against the soul and prayer for her can mitigate that anger. Then you can truly implore Me, because then My suffering is the greatest, when I see the entire ingratitude of the soul and the enormity of the graces wasted by her and I need propitiation for her sins. Therefore by praying at that time, you soothe My pain, wash My wounds and My righteous anger for that soul lessens. (…) Only after a month the situation of the soul becomes irrevocable and you can not plead for her if she has been damned. And if she went to Purgatory, prayer for her will be slowly extracting her from these torments. If the soul prayed a lot for the dead then [fast], because then she has many intercessors in Heaven and they will help her a lot.


8. The suicidal soul


Lord Jesus:  Yes, I will tell you about it. If the soul herself takes away her life, then prayer is necessary for her salvation. That soul is in great despair, because she sees how her life would have been if she did not commit this act. She must also unceasingly look at the pain and despair of the loved ones and can not turn back time, even though generally she would want to very much. Then, it is important not to despair and not to blame oneself, but to make reparation for one’s transgressions and neglects, which perhaps led this soul to this terrible act. (…) these souls are just as desperate as all those who are at risk of damnation.

Pray so that My Mercy may prevail My anger. (…) What can do the one, who squandered his life, after death? Even if you would adorn the coffin with a thousand rosaries, they will not help at all if he did not say this prayer during his lifetime. Only during life the rosary can open Heaven. Put into the hands after death, it does not have this power.


9. Help for souls in Purgatory


Guardian Angel:  Indulgences have an enormous power. This is a wonderful work of God what you are doing for souls with indulgences. Remain in this practice and spread it, because people do not know and do not want to seek indulgences. And if they knew the gratitude of souls, they would do much more. Heaven agrees with those who pray for the souls [suffering in purgatory]. The Lord loves them very much and their suffering hurts Him, but they must suffer what they must, unless you help them.


16. The Blood of God is salvation

– a soul upon which this blood is visible can not be damned

Lord Jesus:  In Heaven, Blood exists as a heavenly and eternal relic, as a grace, as an infinite merit, as a ransom for souls, as love, as a proof of love for souls and as their rescue. In Heaven, every drop of My Blood is constantly adored by souls that were saved thanks to this Blood. My angels worship it by singing. This Blood that I have shed directly on the earth dirty from sin, I still pour upon souls dirty from sin. My Blood is eternal; it never ceases to save you, never dries up in grace and never ceases to spill for you.

Adore My Blood on earth, because on earth its powerful merit, on earth its great holiness has been nefariously defiled. Make amends to Me for this through the devotion to My Most Holy Blood, because in this blood is your salvation and rescue for the world and all mankind. There is no greater treasure on earth than My Blood. Call upon this Blood, invoke this Blood in front of your Father, reminisce about this Blood in your sorrow, desire this Blood for your souls. One drop of this Most Holy Blood is worth more for a soul than all the self-denial, mortifications, fasting and prayers.

My Blood is Salvation. Take and eat, take and drink, and you will reach eternal happiness. A soul upon which this blood is visible can not be damned. This soul belongs to Me because she possesses a part of Me, she already possesses infinity. In such a soul I delight. My Blood has the power to prevail over every power. Have recourse to this Blood in prayers, reminisce about it every day. Let My Blood sprinkle over you, so that you may be saved.


17. The best Mother and the best manager


Mother of God:  I want to be a Mother for you, I want to give to you, I want to give unceasingly. I want to collect the fruits of My efforts, but above all, I want to give. Every mother knows that while caring for a child, she thinks only of him. She does not expect anything in return for her love. Only when the child grows up, she wishes to receive love and gratitude in return. That’s why today, I think only about giving, and when you rise in grace, I will wait for your love and gratitude. You will show love and gratitude for Me by caring for My good name, for the respect to which I am entitled, and for My place in your homes, in your families and in your countries. Right now, however, I care only about being able to give. I want to give you as much as possible, and I can give where my grace is accepted. The more gladly you will accept My gifts, the more abundantly they will flow from Heaven. What you need here is the attitude of a child, who looks in awe at each gift that he will receive, without disdain for anything, because he knows too little to recognize if he receives a valuable object in the eyes of the world, or not. I also give you gifts the value of which you can not properly discern. Therefore, you should accept them all with equal joy.

Everyone who entrusted himself to My care is under My particular protection, and I myself care for his needs, growth and safety. So there is no question about any coincidence. I am the cause of everything that happens. I expect that by asking for My care and entrusting your fate to Me, you will believe that you are henceforth in My hands, and in this way you shall accept everything that will happen in your life. It is very important that you start to perceive all events differently. Perhaps you lose your footing, perhaps you feel confused and surprised by the turn of events, but I do not. I never loose My footing, and so you stay safe, being in My hands. Thus, do not waist time for worries and sorrows, for unjustified fear. I am a Mother. Who is afraid in the hands of a Mother? Don’t you know that I have received the authority and wisdom? I can protect you. By being afraid, you deny your faith in Me and in the graces, which I have received from my Son.

Evangelize with love and peace. Leave the worries for your Mother, and grow in faith and trust. Henceforth, perceive your life as a manifestation of My will. Hand over with love everything that you need, not fighting for your own, but entrusting yourselves with humility into My care. I, who never wasted a grace entrusted to Me, could I waste the gifts that I will receive from you? And if you are afraid to give them to Me, can you deny Me when I will reach for them myself? I will make the best use of them for the glory of God. Thus, do not refuse Me anything that I ask of you, because if I ask, it means that I need it. Allow Me to enter in your homes and take everything that I need, as a mother, who at any hour and at any time of the day, has the right to reach for the toy of her child. In the same way, I want to enter in your homes and take without asking everything that I will need. Can you deny your Mother? So surrender to Me willingly everything for what I will stretch out My hand, no matter whether these will be material or spiritual things, whether I will take away your property, your health, your good name or the love of your close ones. How can you know what use I will make of your possessions? However, have confidence that I always multiply a hundredfold the property entrusted to me. You will not do better yourselves.

So entrust to Me all your treasures, entrust to Me your possessions, which you got from My Son. I will multiply them for you. I will make a blessed use of them. Do not be afraid, but depend completely on My management, so you will not be ashamed on the day when you will have to pay back the talents entrusted to you. Then, you will just point to Me and say: ”We knew that we would not be able to multiply the treasures entrusted to us in a way to please You, Lord, because we are lazy and weak. So we gave them all to the manager, to whom we know that You entrusted yourself your entire wealth, so he may multiply them for us in a way to make You happy”. You will be rewarded for your trust, and your possessions will grow in such a way that they will fill the entire world with wealth. They will be enough not only for you, but also for those who did not have anything. They will also be saved by receiving from your excess. I will multiply your sacrifices so that the excess, which will result after their multiplication, will spill over the entire earth. I bless you My children and I go happy, because I know that now, when my plans are unveiled to you, you will open your doors to Me and I will be invited to all your secret chambers, so I may take and give when I want. Amen.


18. The lips of the resurrected will themselves give testimony


Lord Jesus:  Listen carefully to My voice. I will speak, calling your soul to greater valor. Do not fear enemies; fear Me alone. I am in you all strength and power. You have no reason to give way, because I am the Truth. You will stand firm and you will not retreat a single word that My lips have said. You will not give way in the truth or in custom. You will not subject My Will to consideration. You will do everything in the truth and in the light, openly and honestly. Do not be afraid of them. They will ridicule and die. I last, only I last forever. Remain a faithful servant of My Word. I will resurrect  the dead along with the word that was on their lips, and they will shout it at the Judgment of God, and no one will stop the blasphemous lips of perdition. Their own lips will speak for their destruction and in view of My Majesty they will incriminate themselves. You will shout the truth, and your lips will praise My power and you will not go silent, and you will not stop this Word, because it does not come from you. Do not be afraid, because when the Judgment Day will come, I will resurrect you, so you may speak and you will say, not saying yourself, but will speak the One whose voice you listened to: “Glory, glory to the One God whom I serve. Let the enemies of the Lord perish from before His face, because I called and they did not listen; I cried and they did not want to fulfill the Will of the Most High God. Now I am the accuser, because I served the Truth and the Truth won.”


19. Your death is certain


Lord Jesus:  My child, I come to you as Lord and King of your soul and of the whole world. I subordinated your soul to Me, and now I desire that the whole world accept My teaching, I want to subordinate it to Me. If not through love, then through justice it will have to listen to My voice. Therefore I will begin to speak, first softly, so as not to frighten those who will run after My whisper, then loudly to those who did not listen to the whisper, and finally I will thunder and shout at the top of My voice to wake up each dormant soul and summon her to throw herself in the arms of My mercy.

Seek Salvation, because the time on Earth will pass. Seek eternal life, because the one that you think that you possess is a moment. Death accompanies you at every step, and you all do not acknowledge her, do not give her the right to exist, push her away from your minds. Your behavior resembles the behavior of small children, who out of fear close their eyes to avoid danger, but it does not cease to exist, only ceases to be visible. Death is already decided upon for each of you. I know the day and the hour of your death. You will all die, but what your death will be like, this depends on you. My angels watch over My every decree. Many of you, if you repent, can prolong your life. If not, for the sake of My mercy, I will shorten your existence on this earth, so that you may not incur even greater punishments upon yourself and upon all mankind.

Each sin is an evil that gains power through each, even the smallest, iniquity. Evil spreads like pus through wounds, infects everything and poisons everything. By sinning, you bring misfortune upon everyone, not only upon your soul, upon your body, upon your children, your spouses, your families, relatives and friends. When you sin, you bring misfortune upon your villages, cities, countries and upon the whole world. Each one of you is responsible for the whole world, because I did not create you as separate entities in separate worlds, you do not live each on his island that is not connected in any way with others. I created you as brothers and I gave you one earth. The act of every man also takes revenge on this brother and on this earth, therefore this brother and this earth will come against the wrongdoer who brought them misfortune, and so hatred lasts because of the lack of forgiveness.

The earth lasts in perpetual conflict. Everything quarrels among itself and everyone leads wars against everyone: the summer with the winter and the rain with the wind, the daughter with the father and the father with the son, the daughter in law with the mother in law and children in between them. And do you know what hurts Me the most? Your souls fight internal wars. You put to death yourselves any impulses towards the good within you. You hate weaknesses in yourself, you hate your disabilities, you hate everything within you that testifies about the future life, crossing out the universal and timeless value of the earthly life, as a value in itself, which is holy in detachment from the holiness of its Giver.

You want to worship life, health, beauty and the joy of the moment, not remembering that these are all trinkets that obscure the truth to you. Each gift, which you have from Me, you directed against Me. Life became a string of days in which you insult My holy Name, striving towards eternal death; health became an attempt to take away My power upon you and to insult My Will by deifying it; beauty became an idol whom you pay to become the gods of this earth; joy became a way to push Me out of your homes, so that nothing, no Passion of God, no suffering, no mortification, would disturb your joy.

And again death. Through your life, health and beauty of things and bodies intertwines death, as a period after each sentence. You can not avoid it. You know that no matter how long the sentence would be, in the end there is always a period. Death mocks your idols. By making such great efforts to keep your earthly life, you are wasting time, because you know that you will lose it anyways, soon the end will come to you anyways. You are wasting time because you do not strive to keep the eternal life, the only life that always exists. By spending entire hours looking after your health, you try to avoid obtaining My graces, the only graces that you need; not health but precisely illness, pain and suffering. These are the treasures of this earth.

O foolish men, how little you comprehend of this world! All your experiments and research have brought you before the throne of evil. You listen endlessly to his chatter, avoiding the voice of the Truth. His babble seems pleasant to you, and My Word penetrates you like a sword, is rough and painful, because it peels off your illusions. I want to take away your illusions, because they are like a fog, in which you perish, falling into an abyss.

I am very much pained by these souls, which stubbornly are not looking for the Truth, for fear that this carries with it pain. Yes, I command you to give up many of your pleasures, but you will convince yourselves, that by getting to know the Truth, having touched Me, you will see that what seemed pleasant to you is not so at all. It is an illusion. Every pleasure, in which there is sin, carries with it despair, hopelessness and sadness. Your souls are full of it to the brim, although it seems to you that you are satisfied with life. No, you are not because you lack love in it. You desire love from children, wives and husbands. You torment parents reproaching them their imperfect love, you torment one another accusing yourselves of a lack of love, and yet this is absurd because man can not satisfy your desire for a perfect love. Man can not give it, because he does not possess it. Only I love in a perfect way, and you love only as perfectly as much I am in you, to the extent of your bond with Me.

In your blindness, however, you do not see this until the moment when it is already too late, but then it is already too late. Death is a sentence that has been passed upon each one of you: death on this earth, on its green grass, under the blue sky. Each one of you will yield up your spirit. Even the Son of God died, so for sure this will meet every one of you. Death is your destiny from the moment of birth. You await it as a gateway to a life in which you no longer need to die. This time, death is not assigned to birth. He who will be born again after death never has to die again. He does not need to care about health, because his body is already perfect, not subject to death or corruption. He does not need to seek joy, because it fills him. He does not need to ask for love, because he is within Love.

Oh, regain sight! Oh, believe and accept the gifts that I have prepared for you! Do not strive to keep what does not belong to you. Give up everything that you can not possess forever. You can only possess Me forever, and the goodness and love that you show on this earth; it belongs to you. All the rest is dust and ashes. You will not take anything else with you. Try to use the time that you have left to get to know Me and to do good. Regret evil, but do not condemn yourselves, do not waist time in vain sorrow, but make amends to Me for this complete lack of love. Get to know Me in order to desire Me.  Then your conversion will be sincere. Let My blessing rest upon you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from : Modlitewnik za konających i zmarłych, Grzechynia 2014, p. 137-209