1. The power of the blessing


Lord Jesus:  When the priest gives the blessing at the end of the holy Mass, I myself am present in him and I bless you. The priest gives Me his body, and I make use of him to bless you. So, My children, if you would believe in My actual presence in the priest and in the value of God’s blessing, would you be standing? Would you not fall on your knees My children? If you had the awareness of the grace that the blessing is, would you not kneel at the words of the priest?

(…) the blessing of the priest is a blessing full of grace. Through it, I surround you with My care and the care of the Blessed Mother. Satan cannot harm you as much as he harms souls which do not receive this blessing, because by blessing you, I protect you as My children. The evil spirit becomes helpless and flees before the blessing, because then I take away his power over you. Know that the power of this blessing varies depending on your faith and the devotion with which you accept this grace. Not everyone gets evenly. It depends on you, children. When I bless you, I impart to you all My graces, and it depends only on you how much of this grace will descend on you.

(…) by taking away the power of the devil, I deliver you from many spiritual and physical afflictions, but the strength of this deliverance depends on you (…) because the blessing of the Son of Man has an infinite power, as the grace and merit of the holy Mass. Remember this daughter and tell My children to kneel on their knees, because only these bent knees and heads bowed in great humility can win you over My Heart.


2. Holy Communion


Lord Jesus:  When you receive Me, think about Me, and not about the prayer or about the priest in front of whom you are kneeling. Think only about Me, because you receive Me. I enter into your heart and your soul. You carry Me as My Mother was carrying Me within Herself, so be aware of this great grace. It is I Myself, the Most Holy God, that descend from Heaven into you and live in you, so behave worthily and remember about it all the time. You do not realize how great a grace this is.  



Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 111-124