Lord Jesus:  Nothing without Me is holy and they will not succeed in building anything, because there is no love without God. What is left is the empty desire to posses someone’s favors and to possess another human being. However, this is not love and it has nothing to do with Me.

(…) your marriages that are not blessed by Me are like pagan relationships. They do not receive graces, just like marriages concluded in My Name, but without Me. Why do you come to make vows to Me, if you do not have God in your hearts? What do you need Me for? I will not bless you if you do not believe in Me and you approach the Sacraments in a sacrilegious manner. These deceptions of yours pain Me. Is it God that you want to deceive? Children? You want to build your happiness on My pain? Your “vows” offend Me. What do you base your vows on if you do not know Me? Who am I for you?

The sacrament of priesthood is as much depraved as the sacrament of Marriage. This means that My Law is not respected in these Sacraments. What are the Sacraments without God? The essence of the Sacraments is My presence in them.  And they do not need Me in them anymore. They do not need Me in My Churches, convents…


1. To the priests and about priests


Lord Jesus:  Do not hold the priests accountable, because I will hold you accountable. Do not judge. If any priest did you wrong, go to another. I still have some faithful sons, they will help you. And for those who did not help you, pray children instead of saying all manner of evil, because otherwise you support satan’s work, and these priests only become worse. Only with prayer and mercy you can destroy this; break those threads of disbelief and debauchery, which Satan extended around My servants.


Lord Jesus:  My son, do not subside in the fight. Your deeds and your burning heart are pleasing to Me. I, God, support you and protect you. This little handmaiden of Mine will also serve you with My voice. I will speak to you through this child, and you listen to My voice, with which I support you in your service. You are My chosen to preach about My Kingdom. Do not collapse on the road. Many adversities are still awaiting you, but I, My son, am with you all the time.

You have received My gifts in abundance to proclaim My Glory. Now go and teach, because for this reason I have sent you, My faithful priest. I have few servants so faithful and open to My call. I opened your mind so you may see through the plan of evil and prepare the way for Me. And now go and teach. It is I, Jesus Christ, saying this, your beloved God, who will never abandon you. Amen


3. The power of the blessing


Lord Jesus:  When the priest gives the blessing at the end of the Holy Mass, I Myself am present in him and I bless you. The priest gives Me his body, and I make use of him to bless you. So, My children, if you believed in My actual presence in the priest and in the value of God’s blessing, would you be standing? Would you not fall on your knees My children? If you were aware of the grace that the blessing is, would you not kneel at the words of the priest?

(…) the blessing of the priest is a blessing full of grace. Through it, I surround you with My care and the care of the Blessed Mother. Satan cannot harm you as much as he harms souls which do not receive this blessing, because by blessing you, I protect you as My children. The evil spirit becomes helpless and flees before the blessing, because then I take away his power over you. Know that the power of this blessing varies depending on your faith and the devotion with which you accept this grace. Not everyone gets evenly. It depends on you, children. When I bless you, I impart to you all My graces, and it depends only on you how much of this grace will descend on you.

(…) by taking away the power of the devil, I deliver you from many spiritual and physical afflictions, but the strength of this deliverance depends on you (…) because the blessing of the Son of Man has an infinite power, as the grace and merit of the holy Mass. Remember this daughter and tell My children to kneel on their knees, because only these bent knees and heads bowed in great humility can win you over My Heart.


5. Holy Communion


Lord Jesus:  When you receive Me, think about Me, and not about the prayer or about the priest in front of whom you are kneeling. Think only about Me, because you are receiving Me. I enter into your heart and your soul. You are carrying Me in the same way My Mother was carrying Me in Her, so be aware of this great grace. It is I Myself, the Most Holy God, that descend from Heaven into you and live in you, so behave worthily and remember about it all the time. You do not realize how great a grace this is.  

Your soul is illuminated by My Light, is full of heavenly brightness, and My angels surround you and adore Me in you. Do you know how great a grace I have given to you? And I do not speak now only to you. You love Me, although you do not realize everything yet. I am saying this to all those who receive Me. Kneel on your knees, because it is I, Omnipotent God, who descend from Heaven into a small host and enter into man through it, in order to guide him. I know how weak you are. I lead you by the hand. I took residence in you to strengthen you, so you would not go astray again, but who will appreciate such graces?

Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded that it does not matter to God if you are standing or kneeling, if you receive Me on the tongue or the hand. Children, I am the Light of the world.  If you could see the true state of affairs, with what Glory I am descending from Heaven into the Most Holy Host, you would fall face down before Me, and you do not even want to kneel.  Beloved children, what should I do when I am so harassed and pushed away from My Altar? Will you soon order Me to die in the cloisters ? What is My Church, if not a House of My Glory, then what? For what purpose do you come to Me, if you do not want to worship Me? I am the most worthy of Glory, the Son of God who suffered for you. At the present, I humbly accept what you are doing with Me, but not for long.

I do not want to take away from you My Sacrament, because you would perish without Me. However, My Father cannot endure anymore this lack of reverence for Me in My Own House, in My Church. And what should I say about the unworthy hands giving Me out?! Oh, how much pain this causes Me! What torments I am suffering when you thoughtlessly follow the new trend, the satanic trend insulting Me. Why do you serve him? Come to your senses. He is laughing into My face at your stupidity. My child, what good is it that he is defeated when you choose his lies? I died for you and you still cling to him, not to Me. How hideous are his paws, with which he is luring you. My beloved children, what should I do with you? I feel so sorry for you, that you are still not listening.



Mother of God:  Since the enemy of the holy Church has already penetrated inside the Church, you can not obey him and abide by his will. You have to consider, My children, what makes My Son happy and what hurts Him. Act prudently and without anger, but My Son has already called out in many places in the world, how unworthily He is received. The renewal of the Church must happen through such souls, through the smallest souls, which love the Lord above all things. (…)

My child, Christ has many times repeated to you, how much He is humiliated by your lack of faith and awareness. It is you that make up the Church of God. You are its members and the state of the Church depends upon you, My children. Upon you lays the full responsibility of the internal transformation of the Church and the return to its roots, but not in the sense in which the Scribes tell you. Not to the times of the apostles, but to recent times, preceding the time in which Satan was released on Earth to begin his work of destruction of the Church of God. All the liturgical attitudes preceding this time were very pious and humble towards God.

The goal of modernism in the Church of God is to confuse the Lord’s sheep; so that they lose their faith in the truth of the holy Sacraments. I know that they will accuse you of disobedience to the priests, but, My children, wasn’t Christ also reprimanded for performing miracles on the Sabbath? He also through His works of mercy defied the law. But isn’t Love unto itself a law?

Therefore, My children, kneel on your knees. Only your knees can renew the Church, only your sacrifices can renew the hearts of this people. Do not be afraid. In all your undertakings, if you are guided by love towards God and towards people, you will not go astray. Remember that by showing respect to God, you serve Him best. New laws in the Church are only laws established by man. You have to remain faithful to God in your conscience. My servant, and your Pope, clearly shows you the direction. Children kneel on your knees, because the degree of profanation of God in today’s churches is so great, that it has never been so in all times.

Make amends to the Lord, for great are His sufferings inflicted upon Him by His closest souls. Do not be afraid. My Son also has been hailed as a rebel and a troublemaker, and did He not act out of love and with love only? In the same way, you My children, do not be afraid to bear witness to the true presence of the Lord in the Sacrament of Holy Communion and kneel on your knees, as the Holy Spirit commands you in your souls.


7. Grace


Lord Jesus:  (…) I distribute graces through My Spirit. I give inspirations to man. So if you fulfill My Will, you listen to My Voice and My desires. If you want to fulfill My Will, then My desires are your desires. And grace means that I, God, am preparing man for a given task, that even if he was lazy and fearful (…), he only awaits happily to fulfill such a tasks for Me. He wants to serve Me in a given way, because he has received a grace for it.

If I had not enabled you child, you would not have been able to undertake without hesitation the works for which I have chosen you. My Spirit guides you, shows you the gaps that you have to fill. You think child that these are your thoughts, but this is My Will and it is My grace that you comprehend My desires as your own. However, do not be fooled that it is you who thinks what to do, and I, Almighty God, only nod you: “how wisely you invented this”. Do you understand this ambush, child ?

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 111-124