1) When the priest goes to the altar – Christ goes to the Olive Garden to pray.

2) When the priest begins the Holy Mass – Christ prays in the Olive Garden.

3) When the Priest says the Confiteor – Christ sweats blood and falls down on His face in the Garden.

4) When the priest kisses the Altar – Judas, the traitor, betrays Christ with a kiss and delivers Him to the Jews.

5) When the priest goes to the end of the Altar – Christ is brought to Annas.

6) When the priest reads the Introit – the antiphon for the entrance – Christ is slapped in the house of Annas.

7) When the priest says ”Lord have mercy upon us…” – Christ is brought to Caiphas and Peter denies Him. 

8) When the priest says: ”The Lord be with you…” – Christ looks at Peter and Peter converts.

9) When the priest reads the Collect, the prayer before the reading of the Gospel – Christ is brought to Pilate, the Roman prefect.

10) When the priest goes to the middle of the Altar – Christ is taken from Pilate to Herod.

11) When the priest reads the Gospel – Christ is taken back from Herod to Pilate.  The Judgement of Christ.

12) When the priest uncovers the chalice – Christ is stripped of his garment.

13) When the chalice sits uncovered on the Altar – Christ is scourged at the pillar.

14) When the priest covers the chalice – Christ is crowned with a crown of thorns.

15) When the priest washes his fingers – Pilate washes his hands to show that he is not responsible for the execution of Christ.

16) When the priest says: ”Pray that my sacrifice…” – Pilate shows Christ to the people and says ”Behold the man”.

17) When the priest says the prayer ”Holy, holy” before transubstantiation – Christ is condemned to death.

18) When the priest prays for the living – Christ carries the cross outside of the city

19) When the priest holds his hands above the chalice – Veronica steps out towards Christ and wipes His face.

20) When the priest blesses the bread and wine with the sign of the cross – Christ is nailed to the cross.

21) When the priest elevates the Host – Christ is raised on the cross.

22) When the priest elevates the Chalice – Blood flows out of the wounds of Christ.

23) When the priest prays for the dead – Christ on the cross prays quietly for mankind.

24) When the priest says: ”Our Father…” – The seven words of Christ on the cross.

25) When the priest breaks the Host in two parts – Christ dies on the cross.

26) When the priest receives the Holy Communion – The burial of Christ.

27) When the priest washes his fingershands after the Holy Communion – The body of Christ is anointed with precious oils.

28) When the priest goes to the end of the Altar after the Holy Communion – Christ rises from the dead.

29) When the priest says: ”The Lord be with you” – Christ appears to his disciples.

30) When the priest reads the last prayer, Postcommunio – Christ stays with his disciples for forty days.

31) When the priest says the last: ”The Lord be with you” – Christ ascends into heaven.

32) When the priest gives the blessing – Christ sends down the Holy Spirit on the disciples.


Translated from : Tajemnica Mszy świętej według św. Ojca Pio na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 75-77

Video credit: A Meditation on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Updated Version) by Michael Sestak, shared via youtube. –