1. The first step of prayer – the awareness of the presence of God


desire to speak to My nation and to the hearts that await My voice. Write down My words and let them be a comfort for you in difficult moments. I would like to show you the gain from your work, about which you forget. Your sufferings and toils are pleasing to God, but not only that. What pleases God the most is your dedicated love, when you give Him your hearts with true love and trust. If you knew what great value such prayer has, you would not be wasting time for prayer with the lips. The words themselves, when they are not supported by the prayer of the heart, can not bring joy to God, because He Himself is infinitely truthful and when He speaks to you, He only says what expresses His Will. He does not speak unwittingly. It does not fulfill the obligation towards the children. He speaks out of love and concern for your souls. Try to reciprocate and imitate your Father.

The prayer of the heart, for which I ask you, is a prayer that engages the whole heart of man and above all the heart. Let it be shorter, but let it be mindful. Think about it yourselves what joy do you feel from meeting someone who speaks to you but does not look at you, who while speaking to you does not respect you and even forgets about your presence to such an extent that it happens to him to pause and fall asleep during the conversation. In the meeting with God, the most important is the belief that He is truly present and He comes when called for the encounter. Asked for a conversation, He converses. When you pray, be aware that this is a particular time when you find yourselves in front of God, although in a spiritual way and not perceptible to human senses. However, this meeting is real. Your behavior at that time can convey your love and humble state towards your Creator and Father, or be a mere disregard for His presence.

When you pray, remember before all that your request for the meeting has been accepted and you are truly meeting with God Himself, who comes to the meeting full of love and graces. Let this meeting be fruitful through a true spiritual contact between the Father and His child. Do not take with yourselves many unnecessary things – that means thoughts, which distract you. It is difficult to talk to someone who keeps loosing track and his words are chaotic and senseless. Believe Me that God in his infinite intelligence can not be treated as someone, who requires a thousand words to be spoken before Him and prayers to be read without understanding before His eyes. After all, in Heaven, there is constant adoration of His Person. When you come to pray, bring with you the awareness that you are going to meet someone you love.

The most important thing in prayer is faith. It is not a question of saying each prayer thinking about every word it contains, but to remember while praying the One to whom the prayer is addressed, and that this Person is really present, is watching and listening. Remembering about this presence is more important than saying the words of the prayer. The mere awareness of the presence of God is already a prayer. Let it always be for you the first step while praying. Without it, you will not go further. Without it, do not start praying, because prayer without faith is idolatry and tribute paid to oneself. Thus, I am asking you to believe that God does not mean for you to pray for as long as possible, but to have a live and true spiritual contact with Him, through which faith, hope and love develop. Do not forget about Jesus present in every Tabernacle. Visit Him often enough so that His sacrifice would not be in vain. Visit Him so that He would not be taken away from you. If no one will be visiting Him, His sacrifice becomes pointless. Do you want Me to teach you to pray?


2. The basis of prayer – humility and attitude of thanksgiving


Fancy letter Before you make the sign of the cross and say even one word of prayer, look up into the infinite cosmos and become aware of how small you are in view of the enormity of creation and how full of insignificance and ignorance in view of the wisdom of the Eternal Father. Try to look at yourself as a flimsy grain of sand from the point of view of the Almighty and Infinite Majesty of God. Consider your wisdom in view of Wisdom and your skills in view of the Supreme Power. Did you create even one tree? Can you make even one tiny source to spring? Or maybe you could add one star to heaven? Even the grass, upon which you walk as if on something to which you are entitled and you understand in an obvious way as something subordinate to you, is stronger than you and does not sway as often as you. The whole creation should make you realize your ignorance, inability and insignificance in regard to the design of the Creator, and fill you with a great silent humility. Always approach prayer on your knees. Not only through the stance of your body, but also through the humble state of your spirit. Let your spirit remain on the knees for the whole duration of prayer, because it is he who rises up to the Creator and dares to approach Him. If your soul could see God, you would not be able to stammer one word that you would acknowledge as worthy of His Majesty. Becoming aware of the enormity of your own misery is the basis of good prayer, which praises God and can please Him.

Every man owes his existence to the love of God. Every man lives only thanks to His immeasurable patience and goodness. Do not let human pride fool you into believing that anything is in the hands of man. The fate of the world rests in the merciful hands of God. However, through faithful service, man can win over the grace of the Creator, and in prayer he is never alone. He has in front of him the One who goes before him, and with His own blood conciliates God’s clemency to His children, Jesus Christ, revealed in the body of the Son of God, who through His death and Resurrection opened God’s ears to the plea of His people. Jesus is the Mediator of mankind through His innocent Blood. It is His Blood that intercedes for you. It is His Blood that calls for mercy for the world. It is His Blood that causes the Father to listen attentively to your words. It is the Blood of Jesus that makes them worthy to be listened to by God Himself. What merit can man have in regards to the Sacrifice of Christ? Be aware that your value in the eyes of God is elevated by the Sacrifice of the Son of God, who from the Will of the Father sacrificed Himself as the sacrificial Lamb, becoming the Brother of mankind.

So when you come to prayer, be aware that it is not for your power and wisdom that God opens His ears and directs His all-powerful sight towards Earth. Man has nothing except for his sin and misery. Everything, that he takes pride in, is the grace of God, both in the material and the spiritual realms. Man came into existence from slime and did not bring anything to the work of his creation. He owes everything to God. Even his own sins became too heavy for him, and God Himself had to descend from Heaven to take them upon Himself to enable man to continue further on his path. Therefore, the realization of this eternal truth is the first most important step for man towards true prayer, a prayer of the heart and not the lips, a prayer of humility and not of pride, which harms man more that it helps. I will teach you to pray. I am your Mother and every day I will be kneeling together with you in order to teach you a prayer that may please God. Amen.


3. From basic prayer to contemplative prayer


Fancy letter My dear child, prayer is a glimpse into the Heart of the One who created you, redeemed you and desires your Salvation. I would like man to preserve an eternal memory about the fact, that he is a creature that does not posses anything and owes everything to his Creator. And thanks to this, man will be able to abide in an attitude of gratefulness before God for everything that God has accomplished. Prayer should flow from the depths of the heart as a thanksgiving and as a desire to get to know God, who is so good. Man exists in the midst of a mystery into which he can not delve deeper and which he can not clarify without the help of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the basis of prayer are humility and an attitude of thanksgiving, through which the Holy Spirit is invited, so that in man and through him, He may glorify God in a way worthy of God. Over the next days, make an effort to shape in yourself these two attitudes that I have mentioned, humility and gratefulness, and then the Holy Spirit Himself will open your heart and speak from its interior, adoring God.

I want to turn your attention away from you, and focus it on God, because prayer is not a search for oneself and an interpretation of oneself, but a search for God and an attempt to penetrate into His mystery. While speaking, you focus your attention on words. By using many words, you drown out the whisper of the Holy Spirit. God, who created you, knows your heart, your thoughts and your limitations. There is no need to say them. You have to be aware of them, but when you already recognize them, you reach a level from which you can contemplate God. Searching for oneself in prayer is the most common mistake made by believers and the most difficult stage of transition from basic prayer to contemplative prayer. In the first one, man takes the lead with the help of his will and reason. In the second one, the Holy Spirit leads the will and the reason of man. Basic prayer is good and important, but I desire that you go higher together with Me and recognize that you can give God more.

The first prayer is the seeking of help for oneself and the expression of desires through oneself and from the point of view of one’s own reflections. In the prayer to which I wish to open you, the desires are expressed by the Holy Spirit on behalf of the entire Church. This is a great mystery, but also a great freedom for those who are able to trust. It is not difficult. It’s all about focusing during prayer on the Divine mysteries, the mystery of the creation and the Redemption of man. Every person has an ease of speaking about his needs and his inclinations to solve the mysteries of his own inner self. I want to make you aware that such a prayer, although it opens the heart to God, sooner or later encounters an obstacle and must face emptiness, because man will find fulfillment only in God and will achieve happiness only by looking into His mysteries.

The proof that many of you come to this moment, is a feeling of a lack of willingness to pray, because man does not realize himself by searching for himself, but by searching for God. The lack of satisfaction and consolation during prayer testifies to the fact that the Holy Spirit desires from now on to express Himself the desires of man and to pray within him. Instead of worrying and feeling discouraged, man should thank God that He wants to raise his prayer and bring him deeper into His mysteries. Prayer has to worship God and bring Him consolation. When man stops searching for himself in prayer, he also stops seeking consolation in it, and then he achieves freedom, which is the living space and operating area of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


4) Intention and goal of prayer


Fancy Letter My child, I have taught you an attitude of humility, how to search for it and how to humble yourself before God, in order not to be talkative. Now, I would like you to remember the subsequent instruction. It is not enough to pray with words, if you do not pray with the heart. And it is not enough to say “God” to glorify God. In order to glorify Holy Names by calling upon them, they must be spoken consciously and with the intention of glorying them. This is why today I desire to speak about the intention of prayer. Before you begin to pray, become aware of the purpose of prayer. Why are you praying? Is this a duty performed out of the fear of Hell? Is this an obligation performed before people? Is this a voluntary act of love sent towards God out of love for Him? Many people pray in order to receive concrete graces or to attain their own perfection. Yet, everything that man desires will be given to him, if he will be praying for God, out of consideration for Him alone and His goodness.

A pure intention of prayer is very important, because if such is the prayer, it will continue regardless of circumstances. God is unchanging and lasts regardless of any circumstances. The same should be with prayer. If it is ascending for the adoration of the Holy Trinity, nothing will ever stop it and nothing will ever defeat it; neither dryness nor circumstances, nor man, nor any evil spirit, nor earthquakes, nor wars, nor fear, nor death. The prayer of the heart is the prayer of the Spirit and in Him it is eternal and everlasting. It is precisely in Him and through Him that it becomes perfect.

If the intention of prayer is pure, the prayer will be fruitful and will bring great benefit to the soul and great consolation to God. The intention of prayer should flow out of the awareness of the great, endless good, which God bestows upon man from the beginning of his existence until his final destiny.

Everything that man gets to know with the help of the senses should turn pure wonder into prayer. Wonder at the work of creation can not end with hanging a painting depicting nature, because in this way man adores created things. The wonderment should always direct the mind of man to God in a prayer of thanksgiving. Everything that pleases the senses of man was created for him despite his ungratefulness and betrayal. However, the whole creation does not yet perfectly reflect the love of God for people.

The perfect image of this love inexpressible through creation is the Son of God, not created, but born in the flesh for the great propitiation and the Salvation of man distanced from God through sin. The perfect innocence of God becomes the payment for the sin of mankind. In this voluntary act of love is contained the entire love of God for man. Jesus, by giving His earthly life for all those who take it away from Him through their sins, expresses love in the most perfect and full way, being the real image of the Father’s love. Thus, remember that Jesus on the cross should be the first image at which you look at, so that you would not succumb to the illusion that nature is the face of God. The face of God is His crucified Son, Jesus Christ, and nature is a gift of love.


5) Prayer free of the cares of this world


Fancy letter My dear child, today I want to rise with you to the next level of prayer. I desire to strip it of what is superfluous, so it may be full of peace. When you kneel to pray, free your mind and your heart from the cares of this world, so they would not attract your attention during prayer. Give away everything that torments you as a sacrifice to God, and relay on Him in everything, showing in this way trust that is so pleasing to God. Do not be concerned with the earth while uniting with Heaven. Entrust every worry and trust that you are being answered.

Earthly concerns are a natural part of life. They should accompany life and there is nothing extraordinary about it. Only giving them the rank of foremost matters makes them the enemies of man, because then they take away from him the great joy of life. Temporal cares are needed so that man could show in his heart trust to his Creator. For his development, man needs essential conditions of life; it is the same with the soul. He must encounter obstacles in order to develop, and in the fire of trials and experiences, mature for the acceptance of the fullness of God’s love in Heaven. Therefore, the concerns and adversities of fate are not the enemy of man, but the ally of his soul in the pursuit of perfection. Every experience serves for growth. Like stairs that climb upwards are not guilty of the fact that man is getting tired, and since they lead to the longed-for summit, they are good, although they challenge the physical capabilities of man. It is the same with experiences that are often difficult and seem to be beyond strength. Yet, they are a blessing because they enable man, and more precisely his soul, to reach the very summit of spiritual development and achieve Salvation in the eternal joy of God. Just as the stairs do not rise steeply to spite man, but so that he may reach the very pinnacle of the desired goal in the shortest way; in the same way God in His goodness does not send and allow any experiences on man to annoy him, but so that he may use these experiences to reach Heaven, the pinnacle of his life, as soon as possible.

Thus, treat the adversities of fate and concerns of everyday life like a staircase. Climb up on them. Do not stop over them and do not pray to them, because they are only steps upon which you have to pass. Do not look too much at your path or the individual steps, but look upwards, ahead of you, so as not to lose sight of the desired goal. So that trials sent by fate would not to be a vain toil for you, you must offer all of them in sacrifice and entrust them to God’s Providence. The fruit of these experiences should be an increase in trust and love in the soul.

Remember about this during prayer, and do not dedicate the precious time that you offer to God to ponder your worries. Entrust them and pass over them, believing that the Almighty God can also take care of your affairs, and it will nor cause Him difficulties. The Will of God is love itself. Do not be afraid to trust and rise above what is earthly and temporal. In prayer, reach higher. In prayer, enter with the eyes of the spirit to the very summit of your desires and unite with God already here, giving Him your earthly life. Amen.


6) Through Jesus and with Jesus


rayer united with the prayer of My Son brings greater merit to the soul of man. When you can not pray and suffer on this account, unite your prayer with His prayer and raise it to the Father on these wings. However, Jesus is not only a companion to difficult prayer, but to every prayer. Unite your words with His words, with which He glorified God on Earth. Lift your prayers through Him and with Him. The Gospel shows the truth about obtaining graces in prayer directed to God in the name of His Son, speaking about its effectiveness and infallibility. However, praise and remorse, and in particular the prayer of atonement, are also agreeable to God. And it pleases Him the most when it is united with the Person of His Son and His eternal prayer, with which he glorified His Father on Earth.

Your task on Earth is to conform yourself as much as possible to the Son of God, in order to become His faithful copy before the face of God. By uniting all your deeds and words, prayers and desires with the deeds, words, prayers and desires of Jesus, you sanctify them and give them supernatural value. By giving this supernatural value to individual aspects of your life, you sanctify your entire life. And through these continuous acts of will, in which you unite your life with the sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ, you make your life similar to His life and become through this a second sacrifice in the image of His Sacrifice. In this way, you place your sacrifice upon the Sacrifice of My Son on the Altar of God, and your sacrifice is presented to God as such, which results from the Sacrifice of my Son and which is contained in His Sacrifice.

When your sacrifice is united with the Sacrifice of Jesus, your life is also united with His life. This connection, in its supernatural light, becomes eternal and lasts forever after the gate of death is crossed by man. The common earthly life turns into the common Divine life. This is why it is so important that you join each of your prayers to the work of prayer of My Son. Then, your prayers become like ribbons adorning fresh flowers deposited on the altar of God. Fresh flowers are a symbol of the unfading  Sacrifice of My Son, but for the sake of your prayers, this sacrifice effuses its fragrance anew and grants its power to the children of God. If you were to make sacrifices alone, without uniting them with the Sacrifice of My Son, they would be beautiful ribbons but devoid of the bouquet of flowers. Even if your ribbons were the most beautiful, from the most subtle fabrics and colors, without a bouquet they would remain a poor and incomplete sacrifice. But when you will unite them with fresh flowers, they will become beautiful with the beauty of the flowers, even if they themselves were rather modest and devoid of luster. Always present your prayers and merits to yourself in this way, in order to protect yourself from pride and to remember about the Sacrifice of my Son, which sanctifies your prayer and your life. Amen.


7) Holy Spirit – Teacher of prayer


am besides you to support you in prayer. I am besides you to lead you home, where I am expecting you. I pray together with you and every day I kneel next to you, to pray with My children. I kneel to give glory to God, before whom no pose is worthy enough. I bow with My face towards the ground to please Heaven. I am humility before God. I answer with love for love. With gratitude for the magnanimity of His works.

My daughter, learning to pray lasts an entire life. I gave you directions that will make it easier for you to perfect your prayer and see its weak points. However, the teacher of prayer is the Holy Spirit, and it is on Him that you should lean with all your weight in every prayer.

Discover the depth of prayer by contemplating the Holy Spirit. That is, by giving in to His inspirations. Man, and precisely his soul, can be a well without bottom, which will be filled by the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to descend on your inadequacy and ineptitude to pray. Begin the prayer by calling for the help of the Holy Spirit and giving Him this prayer. Especially when you do not feel any desire to pray, when you are in a hurry, when your thoughts are scattered, then you need help the most and right then offer your prayer to the Holy Spirit. Ineptitude and inadequacy are not a barrier for you and you will not be judged based on them. God looks at efforts and endeavors; if you have sought His help in everything. It is not your reluctance that will stand before judgement, but your struggle. Did you resist temptation by calling for help from Heaven? Do not be concerned about your feelings and desires, but only try in every smallest difficulty to turn to God with a request for help, in order to receive help before you will get discouraged and surrender to temptation. Ward off the evil spirit by giving yourself to the Holy Spirit. Entrust yourself to His protection and surrender to His authority over you. You will always find help and strength in prayer to the Holy Spirit. I bless you and I bless all My children, who are going to the house of the Father by holding My hand. Amen.


8) Addendum. Prayers without love as the crippled calfs of Israel


Fancy letter Lord Jesus: “I desire love”1. The sacrifice of your life should also be love. Look at the cross. My Sacrifice is love. I do not want your gaze to stop at the sight of the cruelty of the cross, but on My wounded face, from which you can read the truth of My Heart. I hang on the cross for you. I bear all that out of love, to gain your love and keep it forever.

Look for love in each of your sacrifices and each of your prayers. If you bring Me prayers devoid of love and sacrifices that are selfish, then in My eyes you bring Me crippled calfs with reluctance and sorrow. Prayer should be a way to express love and give love. Sacrifices should be the fruit of love. Do not seek pleasure in serving Me with prayer and renunciation. Look for love in this service.

Are there days in which you are able to say many prayers but not think about Me once? Do you think that prayer said only with lips brings Me what I truly desire ? If it were so, I would be a heartless and proud God. Beyond words and prostrations is the love that I desire above all else. All this loses sense without love. It is like this bloody sacrifice brought to Me by people who seek their own glory and are conceited. I am disgusted the most by hypocrisy and pride. Prayer without love leads to such sacrifice. Lips whispering prayer formulas and hands committing iniquity, stealing from the poorest, are My great wound.

Seek Me above all else. Seek above all else getting to know Me and loving Me. May the means of expression not replace true love and worship. Remember, however, that I am not talking about your feelings of love, but about the will to love. I do not desire emotions, but a conscious will to love. Therefore, do not be afraid if your heart seems empty and you do not feel the fervor of love in it. Your love is expressed through staying with Me despite a lack of desire for prayer and mortification. Your prayers seem barren to you now, but I see love in them. It is not the words of the prayer that delight Me, but the honesty and the love of the soul. Therefore, do not be afraid because I am not concerned about the external beauty of prayers and acts of mortification, but about their essence, and thus love. Desire to love and search for My Will. I will do the rest. Search for Me every day, in every soul, in every action, in every image of My creation. See My love everywhere. It is for you that I have created the whole world. For you I offer it time. Search only for Me, and grace will flow by itself as a response to your love. I bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

1 Lord Jesus relates to the thought: “For I desire love, not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings” (Hosea 6:6).

Translated from : Nauka modlitwy sercem – modlitwa kontemplacyjna, Grzechynia 2017, p. 47-87

Image credit: “I am the source of your salvation” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.