1. We need to be born again


St. John the Evangelist:  Sometimes God has certain plans and does not let us know everything right away. You were chosen as a child of God, destined for God from the very beginning, though destined for a hard trial of love. The Lord said that we have to be born again and therefore you have been called to show to the world what being born again should look like. Man cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb, but he can be born again from the Holy Spirit in His Divine Womb. Then God, like a mother, nurtures this newborn infant with great care, leading it to grow in faith and watching out so that it would not be wounded in its fragility and weakness and would not lose the grace. God desires such a birth from the Spirit for all Christians. I do not talk here about pagans, because they need a completely different path.

(…) you have to go to those who once again became pagans. The whole world has been christianized, but to a great extent has rejected this Revelation. However, it received the grace and now needs to revive and to give birth again to this grace in itself. All the great works of christianization of the world have already been accomplished. However, God has been rejected and forgotten. The world needs a renewal in the Holy Spirit; it needs to become completely new, because the old world is too corrupt to be repaired. God does not reject pagans, but they must believe in Jesus and only then they can begin to follow your path. However, without the faith in Jesus this is impossible.

The same goes for the Church. The Church must be bathed anew in the Holy Spirit, renewed through holiness, through the sacrifice of holy sacrifices of the holy covenant. (…) The Church is the Divine bride who belongs to God because of its origin. The Church in its establishment is holy, but as a result of the action of Satan, it has been deeply wounded and needs the healing power of God. The Church is unable to remedy on its own to its injury. The Bridegroom must come and raise His bride… without this care of God, the Church will be unable to sanctify itself, because too few saints are left within it.


2. My Church fights with Me, My sons are fighting with Me


God the Father:  I God Almighty, who have established My Church on earth to worship Me and give Me glory, to teach My people to seek salvation in the Passion and the Resurrection of My Son, I call upon it to be faithful to My inspirations. I have established My Church out of love, just as out of love I have created the entire mankind. Just as mankind has shown Me its disobedience and pride by searching for its own better way, so did the Holy Church, or rather its leaders, to whom I have given custody over its holy law. The law of the Church is now directed against Me. I did not want to tell you this, children, in order to spare you sufferings and so you would not endure everything at once and be able to persevere, but I can no longer be silent and I do not want to.

My holy Church is fighting with Me, My sons are fighting with Me. I have anointed you with the Holy Spirit so that you may lead entire nations to Me, and you jeer at My words, you mock My desires together with pagans, with murders and idolaters. I am persecuted in My own home. You waste My benefactions, you squander My treasures, and the weapon that I have left you as an arm against the evil spirit, you have aimed against Me. You want to be gods in My Church, and you belittle My word. You only need Me in order to have authority over people. O prodigal sons, what a great pain you are inflicting upon Me!

… My Church, which I have established, is deeply wounded. A new life must arise in the Church, a new spirit must arise, who upon its tradition and law that I have established, upon the foundation that I have created by sacrificing Myself, will give Me a new, pure sacrifice. Write that I am waiting to return to you. However, My Church has to call Me. My Church has to desire Me, to need Me and to love Me. I want a new spirit of the Church, so it may speak to Me tenderly, speak to Me sweetly. You are numb through your disbelief. Let die what is dying, and let a new life be born. Write My child, that the Church which will be reborn in your hearts and in your nations will be a holy Church, a sacrificial Church, worshiping God. My works must be tried by Me and purified in the fire of suffering. The resurrection of what is holy, the revival of what is Divine and the rebuilding of what is right is being accomplished. My Church does not see its wound, because it is visible only from My point of view. From the point of view of man, it cannot be seen. Whoever has My eyes is the one who sees; whoever has My ears is the one who hears.


3. In My house you should be nothing, so that I might be everything


Lord Jesus:  I am not a shepherd who leads the sheep by playing on the pipes. I am the Shepherd who brings seriousness and humility to the house of the Father, who takes off the sandals before offering Him a sacrifice. I am the Shepherd who wants justice, and who can be found in silence. Take away all those noisy screams out of My sight. I do not want to see them in My Church. I am a quiet and a humble God. I wish for adoration. I wish only and exclusively for you to give Me praise. I am disgusted by the singing and the dancing which does not worship Me. I am disgusted by those, who take away My glory in My Church, showing off theirs [glory] in front of My sheep. You come into My house to take away My praise? You come to make gods out of yourselves? I do not want heartless singing. If your speech is not the speech of your soul, take it away from My Altars, because I will not endure it. Yes, your singing is disgusting to Me, because it brings glory to yourselves, and not to Me.

You are self-centered, and you think that by singing about Me, you become saint, and everyone looking at you is shouting: “Glory!” But to whom? Is it for Me that you are calling? I can not hear you. You do not hear Me. I am saddened. Hypocrisy and false ideology are strolling in front of My eyes. My Blood is spilled on My Altars, among your joyous shouts: “Glory!”  Glory to whom?  I cry, suffer, die, and you cry out with joy: “Lord!”? I want co-suffering. I want union in pain.

Let them be afraid, those who come to Me with their pride. I know your hearts. I recognize your thoughts. Do not take away My glory in My home. In My home you should be nothing, so that I might be everything. Such are the proportions among us. So that I may fully come into being among you, you must become nothing, fall down before Me, and give Me everything. And you use My home to boast of My talents. This is not for Me. I do not need it. I, I and once again I want to be the object of praise and admiration in My own home… think of Me, pray to Me, become saints. Leave far behind everything that can take away My due glory. When you come to Me, be paupers, be naked, so that I might clothe you and bestow gifts upon you. Do not come to show off and brag. Everything that you have can be taken away from you, if you do not stop exalting yourselves in front of Me. It is I who speak, your God and Lord… I am showing you the torments of My Soul, which does not stand hypocrisy. I am a God full of anger for those, who still, despite so many graces, do not bend their knees before Me and do not renounce the winning of approval of the world. The world, before which you bend, before which you pose and put on your charms, will be your executioner. The one who wants praise from the world will get it, but later he will have to pay for it. I am a just God and I issue fair judgements. If someone does not listen to Me, I will perform an act of My Mercy and will make you My subjects, taking away from you that, what you want to exalt yourselves with.  I do not want you in My home. Repent, and then I will have pity upon you. Now, however, I will show you My justice.


4. Veneration of holy statues


Lord Jesus:  Statues representing saints are statues that draw the help and the blessing of the patron saints, and thus My blessing, because the saints who have given Me glory with their life are now united with Me in heavenly paradise. The evocation of their names also draws Me at the same time. By having recourse to them, you support yourselves upon Me. Because every patron saint obtained his holiness through the union of his life with Me, therefore by praising his virtues and his life, you praise a holy life, consecrated entirely to My service.


5. Pride as a source of errors in the Church


Lord Jesus:  Man commits (…) errors by serving man more than God. Always pay more attention to please Me and you will avoid mistakes of which you are not aware. I will not be explaining to all men My every mystery. It is sufficient that you follow the centuries old laws of the Church and everything will be in its place and the liturgy will possess its former power. By meeting the needs and the desires of man, the sacrifice of the holy Mass, the sacraments of the Church are reduced, are laicized, lose in their power and value, because they are taken away from God and adapted to man; thus they are reduced from the perception of God to the perception of man, and so they head from Omnipresence to nothingness, from Beauty to ugliness, from Perfection to infirmity. Man is weak and sinful and God is Perfect and Holy; and so by adapting the Church and its laws to man, you automatically move the Church closer to sinfulness and weakness, and take away its holiness and beauty. This must not be done.

This is the effect of the all-encompassing pride that has set in in My Church. Instead of respecting the law of the Church and the liturgy of the celebration of the Holy Mass and the sacraments revealed by His Creator, man started to “improve” by himself this realm after God, as if God could have created something imperfect that does not quite please Him. I have been satisfied with the liturgy that has been practiced for centuries; it is the pride of man that pushed him towards changes. Pride is the domain of Satan. Where there is pride, there is Satan. Where is Satan, there is no love and respect for God.

So My daughter, not all the errors in the Church have been implemented on purpose.  A part of them is the result of ordinary human pride. The one who enters the Church without the purpose of listening to My commandments and realizing My calling, who does not enter the Church as nothing that only wants to hear what His Lord desires, who does not enter it as a servant, this one cannot bring it profit because there cannot be two lords in one tabernacle. And so My position as Lord in My Church is challenged (…).

Of course I can stop the errors by revealing Myself to everyone individually and showing the mistakes. However, man has received the gift of free will and evil also has its own laws, and so the sin and its consequences are present and spread through the whole world. The consequences of one man’s pride are sometimes the sins of many generations. I cannot stand behind every sin and extinguish its consequences, because I would not be just. The world is ruled by its laws. It must repent for its sins. It must pay for the blocked graces. If I were to remove the consequences of every sin, the world would not be free; it would not be true, because people would sin without bearing the consequences of their sin. The Church must pay Me for this pride and it is paying.


7. Outside the Church there is no salvation


Lord Jesus:  (…) I would like to tell you about the nature of the Church. In one of My statements at the beginning of this message, I did not express Myself clearly to you. The priest asked Me to clarify this, so I want to explain this to him now. I said that I am One, whether it is the God of Catholics, Jews or Muslims. By saying this, I did not want to state that all religions worship the same one God, but that every man has been saved and created by the same Hand, the only Hand, and everyone desires to worship God in his soul, everyone misses Him. Yet, many of My children have gone astray and let themselves be deceived; this is why they do not give Me glory. They worship their deities, persist in religions in which their parents persisted, and are not seeking the truth.

And the truth is such that I am the Only God in three Persons. The Church that I have founded on earth is the Catholic Church and its head on earth is the pope. Only such a church is My true home, in which I am living. All the other religions are not Mine, and I cannot reveal Myself in them. Thus, the statement that salvation is only in the Catholic Church is by all means true. No other Church possesses Jesus as its head and in no other Church there is full sacramental unity with the Person of God. (…) The Orthodox Church is the closest to the truth, but must be subjected to My head on earth in order to be fully united with Me. (…)

I will explain to you what are the causes of this. I have set up this Church Myself precisely for this reason, so it may be for you the path to the truth. Only this path leads to the fullness of truth and understanding. Therefore the departure, even not too distant, from this designated path is a departure from truth, and thus also from salvation. I have shed all My love and Blood for this Church; it is the treasury of My graces. I have left you in it all the tools necessary for the salvation of souls. Every soul who truly participates in the sacraments of salvation obtains graces thanks to which she will attain salvation.

However, a man not knowing Christ is not excluded and precipitated to hell for that reason. Nevertheless, whoever does not get to know Christ in this world will have to learn to love Him in the next one, because no one who does not recognize Christ as his Lord and King can cross the gates of Heaven, where He rules. (…) Let no one think that he will find himself in Heaven after death, if he did not make use of the holy sacraments. (…) Baptism takes away the original sin. Baptism only. Nothing else. (…) The other sacraments help you on this path and possess the power of My presence contained in them. And thus whoever makes use of the holy sacraments already gets close to Heaven while being on earth.

No man is able to pay for his sins; only I could have paid for them and I did it, I did it for all. Whoever does not want to acknowledge this truth must learn it after death and depending on the life he lead, he will be given the grace of getting to know Me and falling in love with Me after death, or not. However, man must recognize his Savior, because salvation has been accomplished through the Person of the Savior, through Jesus Christ, and only the one who believes in Him and who recognizes Him as His Savior can be taken to Heaven. Only in Jesus Christ salvation is accomplished and only He is the path to Heaven. Therefore, the one who does not know his Lord and Redeemer cannot enter Heaven.

Children, I have suffered for each of you, but not everyone makes use of this grace, because only through faith you can truly participate in this Sacrifice, and thus be saved. You must believe that I have poured My Blood precisely for you. The path, which all Catholics find, is the simplest and shortest path to salvation. All other people find themselves in complete darkness and, depending on their religion, have access to a greater or lesser amount of light. This means that they are open to My grace in different ways (…) every man is called to serve Me in eternity and everyone receives enough light in order to be saved.

Translated from : Kompendium III z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2014, p 33-49