1. Time of the justice of God


Lord Jesus:  (…) you shall be My altars. I will offer sacrifices to the Father in you, and you children will be My witnesses. I want from you, souls who love Me, boundless devotion. You are My Church and on you I will rebuild My Holy Church.

(…) Offer yourselves to Me one by one, because I have little time! The gates of Hell will not prevail against My Church, but I need My witnesses. I need My ten righteous ones, children. Stand up you who are devoted to My Heart. I am calling you from all over the earth. Unite children and call out for My Mercy upon the world, because terrible things are coming upon you and there will be weeping and trepidation. I will not withhold it anymore.

My justice has been fulfilled, but many may still be saved from eternal damnation. Do not fall into despair, but look with trust in My Heart and in the Heart of My Immaculate Mother. I will save you and shield you with My Arm. I have graces for all of you, My beloved sinners. Am I disgusted with you? No! Behold, I, God full of love, am calling to you. Return to Me children who have gone astray, and I will forgive you your sins and you will know My Infinite Mercy. Or renounce Me forever, because I will not be calling without end.

(…) You know My gentle Heart. You do not know My Justice and you will not get to know it, for whoever loves Me will not perish forever. I will protect you, so do not be afraid for yourself, but rather for those children who have been lost from My Home. They are in danger. May My Justice not reach them. Pray for them constantly (…). Help Me to attract My stray children. I am waiting for them indefinitely… but even this must finally end.

(…) surrender to Me and and you will save yourselves and the world. My Heart is not made of stone, I am going to have mercy on you, but I want to see praise, devotion and remorse. There is no other way. Or you will all perish.

Let them listen to My voice as I am calling after them. The one who will listen will be saved. The one who will not believe, who will mock My works, let him better put on penitential cloths and beg Me for forgiveness, for great is My wrath for neglecting My last call, for rejecting My Hand extended to you, and taken away from the cross to rescue you children.



Lord Jesus:  Miserable grief, child. So will say those whom I will catch off guard by coming in My Glory, surrounded by angels, to judge the nations. They will say: if I knew that you would come… So I tell you, I will come. It is not too late yet. Orientate yourselves children because time is of the essence.

Today I am already blessing these strayed away souls, who do not know whether I am talking to them or to others. I am talking to you children, to you who read these words. I will not be waiting any longer, because I have been waiting enough. Come to Me quickly and hide yourselves in My Merciful Heart. Trust in the Lord that He is Good, because when I will arrive, I will arrive in anger at this disobedient world and I will be the Just Judge, who rewards for good, and punishes for evil. And I see a great deal of evil in this world, oh a great deal.

Let them cry now, because later their cry will be in vain. Now I will hear out everything, because before the coming of Justice, there is the Time of My Mercy. Children, take advantage of this time, because later there will only be Justice.



Lord Jesus:  Soon, I will open their eyes and they will see the Son of Man in Glory, but whoever did not love Me when I was scorned, humiliated, spotted with your sins, this one will not see Me in Glory. He will not see My Power, because he will perish in the eternal fire.



[ If people knew how Good You are… ]

Lord Jesus:  (…) I’ve been telling them about it for years, but nobody wants to believe. They think that I am a vengeful and unjust, but I will not show My love to those who slander Me. The same way as I kept silent before the high priest, so I will be silent towards those unbelievers and they will not see how Good is the Son of Man, (…).

They blaspheme against Me with cold hearts and cold blood. How much longer should I bear My humiliation!? How much longer will I still be a humble Lamb?! But I tell you, who will not love Me in the defenseless Infant, who will not fall on his knees before Me hanging silent on the cross, who will not humble himself before My beloved Mother, he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For when you will see My Power and you will see your own misery and vulnerability… Children, … you will fall sobbing to your knees, but I tell you, it will be too late.

What do I need your fear for ? This is not the fear of God. (…) And you ingrates you not even want to know Me and you will not get to know anymore, because I will not reveal Myself to you in My Mercy, but in My Justice and you will not get to know My Merciful Heart, you who spat on My works of Love! I have no gifts for you anymore. I will distribute them among My beloved sheep. I will gather My holy herd and let mankind, who denied Me, be lost!

(…) how long should I look at this pagan society?! Is this My world? This is not My world anymore! I have created you and every blade of grass that you walk upon, and you are joking around of My Passion! Oh ungrateful people! What have I done to you that you have disgraced and demeaned Me so?! Daughter, how great are My Wounds today! Relieve the suffering of Your God. Comfort Me.



Lord Jesus:  (…) terrible are the punishments for the despising of My Mercy. (…) whoever will not listen will be in a great distress, so pray a lot for them child, for these souls will be going straight to eternal damnation. This is My last calling. A great act of My Merciful Heart for you, unfaithful children. Do not squander My chance given to you. My Arms are open for you. I am still marking My sheep. If you want to be in My flock children, call out to Me now already, because later I will not listen.


2. God has no mercy over pride


I want to show (…) how much I love humble souls, who do not exalt themselves though their intellect, who are able to see the enormity of their misery in front of My Majesty. Children, I do not say this in order to humiliate you, but to make you see the truth. You are nothing with your machines and your wise books. With one act of My Will, everything will turn to dust.

Do not think that anything beyond prayer and penance can save you. Only the infinite Mercy still protects you from annihilation; because despite your infinite misery, My Beloved Son was handed over and put to death. Because the love with which I have loved you knows no boundaries, and the sacrifice that I have made for you is infinite. I love each human being. What counts for Me is not his misery, but the love and the trust that he shows towards Me, the only God.

If man recognizes Me as his King, then I will reveal Myself to him as the King of Mercy. However, if someone fears My reign, then he will see the Righteous King; and only then his soul will tremble, because nobody can hide from My Just punishment. There is no soul that will escape that day from the Righteous Judgement, since My angles are already counting souls which belong to Me. My herd is not complete yet. You still have to suffer, so I can fulfill My Will.

I am the Lord, the Righteous God. Whoever desires the Justice of God – will not perish, but will see this Justice and will be amazed by My Power. However, human justice has a different nature. You want to explain everything and pay back everyone according to their deeds. I want to forgive everyone according to their deeds. I am only waiting for atonement to appease My righteous wrath against sinners. I will judge you according to your love. How much did you love Me, My Mother, and your brothers, and how much did you love the pleasures of the world. (…) I have mercy over the weakness of man, but I have no mercy over the pride of this generation.


Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 67-72