16) Heart of Jesus, in whom dwells the fullness of Divinity





Lord Jesus:  I want to tell you about the Divinity, which inhabits My human Heart, making it simultaneously the Heart of God. My human Heart contained My entire Divinity, not taking anything away from it because of its human nature. Human feelings did not deprive it from Divine freedom. I want to show you the Divinity of My Heart.  When I suffered in a human way, I suffered at the same time in a Divine way, feeling deeply the wounds inflicted to Me by the entire mankind, removed from the dimensions of time and space. All the actions of souls were present at the time of My Passion and deeply wounded My Humanity and My Divinity, insulting Me. My human Heart suffered from the hatred and the verbal abuse, with which My Mother and I were insulted at the time of My Passion. My Divine Heart suffered unspeakably from all the sufferings and insults that hit Me and My Mother over all times, during the entire history of mankind. Past sins and future sins of mankind poured out in their magnitude on My innocence. My Heart, perfectly united with the Heart of the Father, felt how much He is offended. My human Heart desired to make amends for all these offenses.

The human heart does not comprehend the Divine Heart, but My Heart was simultaneously the Divine Heart; this is why Redemption was accomplished in it. In it, human weakness and sinfulness met with the unfathomable mercy of God. In it, the deepest regret and sorrow for committed sins opened the source of merciful grace. In it, the atonement of the sinner was accepted and opened the arms of the merciful Father. In My Heart reconciled man and God. My Heart encompassed the suffering of God and the remorse of man. My heart took possession of the pain of God and the pain of man. In My Heart, the Father embraced the Son and the Son entered into the arms of the Father. In My Heart was accomplished everything that was conceived in the mind of the Father. In My Heart dwells the fullness of humanity and in My Heart dwells the fullness of Divinity.

The fullness of humanity, because as a Man I acknowledged My weakness and atoned for all sin, accepting the recompensing suffering out of love for the Father and the entire human race. The fullness of Divinity, because as God I knew the enormity of human iniquity and the magnitude of the insult that suffered the Divine Majesty, but I have shown mercy that surpassed the enormity of all the committed faults in the past, future and present.

The Divine characteristic is to forgive. Forgiveness is the most Divine expression of the human heart. Who forgives does it with the power of God. Without the grace of God, no one can forgive. The human heart is able to forgive when it derives its strength from God. My Heart is the Heart of Man and the Heart of God. It sympathizes with you as the human Heart and forgives you as the Divine Heart. Take refuge in My Heart, bringing to it your anger, your wounds from the past, your lack of forgiveness. The lack of forgiveness is like an arrow, which is poisoned and still sticks in the human heart, and because of this the whole body is ailing. This is happening with the soul of man who did not forgive.

Do not be surprised by this. Forgiveness is the highest attribute of God, because it is contained in the mercy of God. Therefore it is not surprising that you can not forgive. Only I am able to forgive, and you are able to the extent to which I live in you. Therefore, you are unsuccessfully trying to forgive through psychics and healers, through science and secret arts. No psychological techniques will purify your hearts. Only I forgive and only in Me is the source of forgiveness. You can convince your mind through human efforts, but the heart of man does not belong to reason. It is free. Subjected to God or to His Enemy. The enemy does not desire forgiveness and will not allow the enslaved soul to forgive. He will delude with false peace, but the poisoned arrow will still stick in the heart of man. I am the Doctor of hearts. I can remove this arrow and heal the wound that it inflicted. I can find every drop of poison that poured into the heart of man. I can remove it, replacing it with the drops of My precious Blood, Blood of eternal and infinite forgiveness.

Come to Me, precisely now in this month, and always in every month when My Heart is worshiped, to ask Me for the grace of forgiveness for you. Open your hearts before Me in the sacrament of confession. Through this sacrament, I enter into the hearts. In this sacrament, I find the poisoned arrow and pull it out. You will feel pain for a moment, but later you will learn to breathe anew. I will tend to the heart sore from the wound until its complete healing. Remember not to walk away with open wounds. You have to come back to Me, so that I can enter again into your hearts through this sacrament and dress these fresh wounds. It will no longer hurt so much. It is like a dressing change. When you come to Me constantly, regularly giving Me your hearts in the sacrament of reconciliation, I reconcile you with each other and with the world, with people to whom you desire to forgive, and also with yourselves.

However, if you want to be completely healed and to completely forgive, you have come to Me constantly. Only then you give Me a chance so I may heal you completely. What doctor can heal the body of a man suffering for many years through one five-minute visit? Give Me a chance and I will prove to you that I can heal absolutely all wounds. Completely. Trust Me, because I care about you. In this sacrament, I pour out the treasures of My Divine Heart into the open heart of man; I pour out My Divinity, forgiveness and mercy in the form of My Blood. This Alliance, from which you are allowed to draw during all the days of your life. Under the power of this Alliance, I forgive and give forgiveness. It is an endless source of forgiveness. Take it, in order to draw life from it into your hearts. I bless you. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 57-61