1. Christmas is not symbolic


Lord Jesus:  This feast of Christmas is not symbolic. I am truly born, and during Easter I truly die. This is not symbolic or a souvenir. Only to understand this, you would have to go beyond the limitation of your mind, which are the awareness of time and of space. Beloved, know that I am not limited by anything. I am the One, that I am, so My existence is not passing by.

Everything that happens truly happens. Nothing is mere reminiscence, because I alive am born today, as I was born two thousand years ago. However, I am not being born again, but only once. You, since you can not grasp the nature of God and His timelessness, you can not comprehend how it is possible, that I am born then and now. However, of this consists your faith. Believe and do not ask questions. This is the power of faith.


4. The essence of God


God the Father:  Understand, I am the Plenitude of Happiness and I possess happiness. However, I loved you with such great love, that I do not allow you to detach yourself from Me even for a moment. I do it out of love. My need to love you and to protect you in this way arises out of love. It is love that does not allow Me to leave you alone. Of course, I do not need you in order to exist and to possess the plenitude of happiness, because I am it. I am perfectly happy, but My beloved, I act through love, I fulfill Myself in love and I am My fulfillment. I am a continuous flow of love. You know, child, that love needs reciprocity. It needs to move so it does not become dead. So I, as living Love, act without interruption. I have no need to act through love, but I am this Love, which acts. Do you understand My words?

Write down, this is the essence of My being, which is Love. I am it and it is Me. I am Love, and Love is Me. Do not be afraid, I know that this is not obvious and many things seem confusing to you now, so I rarely explain these things to you because you are unable to understand them well. You can comprehend them in a human way, and as a result you comprehend in a very incomplete and imperfect way. So the key to understanding God is trust. If you trust Him, daughter, I will be showing you things incomprehensible to a man who does not possess this exceptional grace of understanding.


5. God is not bound by any standards


God the Father:  Remember that I am God and I am not bound by any standards. I am Almighty, and this also means that I can do everything because I allow Myself to do everything. My only limitation is My own love, through which I always act with love and out of love, keeping in mind the good of the soul. I love you child and if I give you graces, which you do not understand, accept them with an even greater gratitude and do not worry that you do not understand God. Small children also do not understand their father, but do what he commends. And so you, beloved child, do not fear what you receive from My hand, but be afraid of what the world offers you. Nothing that you receive from Me can harm your soul, and everything that you will accept from the world will be distracting you and pulling you away from Me.


9. The Blood of God is salvation

– a soul upon which this blood is visible can not be damned

Lord Jesus:  In Heaven, Blood exists as a heavenly and eternal relic, as a grace, as an infinite merit, as a ransom for souls, as love, as a proof of love for souls and as their rescue. In Heaven, every drop of My Blood is constantly adored by souls that were saved thanks to this Blood. My angels worship it by singing. This Blood that I have shed directly on the earth dirty from sin, I still pour upon souls dirty from sin. My Blood is eternal; it never ceases to save you, never dries up in grace and never ceases to spill for you.

Adore My Blood on earth, because on earth its powerful merit, on earth its great holiness has been nefariously defiled. Make amends to Me for this through the devotion to My Most Holy Blood, because in this blood is your salvation and rescue for the world and all mankind. There is no greater treasure on earth than My Blood. Call upon this Blood, invoke this Blood in front of your Father, reminisce about this Blood in your sorrow, desire this Blood for your souls. One drop of this Most Holy Blood is worth more for a soul than all the self-denial, mortifications, fasting and prayers.

My Blood is Salvation. Take and eat, take and drink, and you will reach eternal happiness. A soul upon which this blood is visible can not be damned. This soul belongs to Me because she possesses a part of Me, she already possesses infinity. In such a soul I delight. My Blood has the power to prevail over every power. Have recourse to this Blood in prayers, reminisce about it every day. Let My Blood sprinkle over you, so that you may be saved.


11. The majesty of God


God the Father:  You see, in the old times, people felt an immense fear of Me, because the one who approached Me unworthily was punished with death on the spot. This seems cruel to you, but I had to act this way towards this people, which was savage and worshiped only what was visible. I had to be a God visible to them through My signs, otherwise I would not have raised Israel to worship Me and to believe in My Name.

Today, My child, it is much worse, because I show visible signs of My anger to the world, but no one notices them. There is too much relativism, too many surreptitious factors that can cause and explain everything at the same time. Back in the day, people did not possess knowledge of the world, they did not possess books, they did not possess scientists, so their sight was clear, at least in that they saw the signs that were taking place and they were aware that they are insignificant in view of the power that rules over them.

My child, remember that faith is needed to understand these mysteries. Only faith activates the reason of man and brings him to higher states of comprehension. A pure heart and mind and the remoteness of sin enable higher knowledge. Whoever is immersed in his sin and thinks about it, desires it, will never be able to rise to these mysteries, because all things created are barely the end of My hair. No one who desires them can set his sights higher to see My Face.


14. Christmas – Man worships matter


Lord Jesus:  … my greatest humiliation and suffering is during the days when the whole earth should celebrate with Heaven, and the earth is not interested in its Savior.  Man no longer worships God during these holidays; man worships matter, … man worships ‘‘Santa Claus,’’ who is a personage created in the image of ancient gods of plenty.  This god brings what one will ask him for. [Man] worships food, entertainment, family, free time, tradition.  But My daughter, if you saw how small a percentage of mankind worships and greets Me as the humble God, as a Child, who gives Himself to man to be watched, to be heard, to be touched …

I am God but I gave Myself to you in the guise of a child, so that everyone who wishes to, was not afraid to come to Me and could show Me his love in this child, could take Me in his hands, could hug Me. Through this child, I show you how simple I am, how humble I am, and how much I desire love. Yes, I God want to be loved by you, I want to be worshiped and adored by you in this child, who comes into the world to pour His innocent blood for your salvation. I came so that man could see Me, could see God with his own eyes and believe in His love. From the moment of birth until the moment of death, I did not stop suffering for you and offering all My suffering for you. I am full of love for My creation. I will always love you and desire you forever. I will never get tired of summoning souls.


19. The Holy Scriptures are God who Speaks


Guardian Angel:  The Bible is not a collection of old stories, which occurred once or not, and should be something of a history textbook. No, the Bible is God who speaks, God who teaches, and God who shows the way. In God is contained all the history of mankind: past, future and present. And so the Bible, which is the Word of God, contains all the events in the history of mankind: past, future and present. It contains the history of all nations and of each human being, each one individually. Thus it is written. So praise God for this living presence among you, for His continuous teaching, for this Book of Love and Wisdom, in which He reveals to you His Will.


Translated from : Kompendium II z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2012, p 37-62