6) Heart of Jesus, Tabernacle of the Most High




Lord Jesus:  Today I want to tell you about My Heart, which is the tabernacle of the Most High. I told you yesterday much about what it means, but I want you to remember one thing. My Heart is the house of God, a perfect temple filled to the brim with the glory of the Most High. The Spirit of God fills My Heart as a tabernacle not built by human hand, but erected by God Himself for the purpose of giving Him glory. In this tabernacle, God is glorified in a perfect and infinite way. Remember about this, when you suffer because of the imperfections of human tabernacles, in which I do not receive proper glory. Let your tears not fall in vain. Open your heart and behold Mine in it. Move your praise and sorrow because of the imperfections of the temples erected by human hand to the inner temple of your heart. There, unite our hearts, so that your tabernacle may shine with My light. In this temple, kneel down together with Me and apologize for all the mistakes and the shortcomings of human tabernacles. Comfort God by becoming a perfect tabernacle in the image of My Heart.

In My Heart, everything suits God and rises to His glory. Unite your heart with Mine during the duration of the Holy Mass, in order to make amends with your love to God the Father for all the human flaws, neglects of the liturgy, distortions and belittling of worship. Invoke angels, so they may beautify your heart with their presence and help you build the tabernacle of the Most High, in which I will always have delight, which will be perfect in the manner of My Heart. Remember that what you can not change in the world, you can make amends for in the inner temple of your soul. Place on the altar of your heart all the sorrow and pain, which your mind is filling with. I will accept this sacrifice. Together with you I will weep over the devastated tabernacle and I will strengthen its walls, accepting your sacrifice and presenting it to the Father. Cry always together with Me. Let each of your tears join with My tears, which I have shed over Jerusalem.

Make amends to Me for every imperfection by building an internal tabernacle of the Most High in you. It is for Me the most pleasing prize and the most beautiful sacrifice that I want to offer to the Father. In this way, you will pay Me for the flaws of human tabernacles. Understand, daughter, neglect and belittling of the glory of God in his temples is only the image of its decrease in human hearts. So, deploring this outer dimension, you will make amends to Me the most effectively by rebuilding the inner temples, human hearts, beginning with your own heart. We need to rebuild these inner tabernacles, cleanse their worship and expand their love, and only then can happen the external transformation of the Church. Without the transformation of human hearts, the improvement of the liturgy, the purity of worship, the rules of law, the appearance of the tabernacles and their customs is not possible. Rebuild the tabernacle inside, and I will rebuild it on the outside. But do not be concerned with the result itself. Go back to the cause. It is sin that kills Love. Where there is sin, love has to go away. The tabernacle of the Most High must be free of sin so that love may bloom in it.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 21-23