2. About the grace of communing with God


Mother of God:  The grace of talking with God does not transform the nature of man, which is sinful, but develops the will of becoming holy, becoming a tool for the exclusive disposal of God. Man, who attains communion with the Creator, loses interest in the outside world and remains focused only on God and His desires. My child, no one becomes perfect overnight.


7. Fast


Mother of God:  Daughter, one should not fast so, as not to be able to complete the fast. Then, when you impose upon yourself too quickly too big a penance, you get easily discouraged, because you can not fulfil your own promises. I require a two-day fast: on Wednesday and on Friday. If you offer Me these two days, I will be very happy. However, I would like it then to be a true fast. Two days, but of a true fast, with bread and water. You make decisions in a very reckless way under the influence of emotions, and the promises given to God should be thought-out. You must not throw words to the wind towards God, who is so faithful that He fulfils every word given to us, and us…, we rarely give what we promise.


8. Do not bite off more than you can chew


Mother of God:  All your sacrifices must be thought out. Not keeping your promises towards God hurts Him. You know yourselves how much it hurts you when people do not keep their promises towards you, especially your loved ones. In the same way, God is deeply hurt when you neglect the promises given to Him. Just think how many of you would enter the promised paradise if God repaid you in the same way for your broken promises (…). Your attitude to promise-making is too careless. You will be kept accountable by God for each given promise. Therefore, My child, I prefer that you offer to Me the smallest undertaking, but one which you will be able to fulfill, rather than a great undertaking, that you will not be able to carry out. I am happy, however, that you come to me with a generous heart.


9. The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Treasury of all graces and virtues.


Mother of God:  … The Majesty of God descended on earth, and makes you witnesses of this glorious event during every Holy Mass. God comes down to earth, yet He does not fully show His Majesty. He remains deeply concealed and hidden. In His humility, He does not show to the world His true power, but He humbles himself, diminishes, and enriches man.  Oh My children, if you only believed in this great event, what a great power would have for you ever Holy Sacrifice. To meet with God face to face, to accompany him during His birth and death; o people of all times, God is calling you during the time of the Holy Mass to participate in His Holy Sacrifice, in the most important moments of His glorious life! He is calling you not only so you may accompany Him, but He makes you partakers in His holy Sacrifice. Man does not understand the great mysteries of God, but through faith he can grasp them much more than he could make it through reason, because reason and faith remain at odds when God reveals his secrets.

… man was called to worship God. Now, in the past and in the present, there is no man that would be exempt from this mission. Meanwhile, people behave as if they had a free choice towards their Creator, praising Him or not, with total impunity. The freedom of choice is of course the right of every human being; however, man does not make this choice. A real choice is made with the knowledge of the consequences of the choice, while contemporary man has been so deceived, that hardly anyone consciously makes the choice to serve God, which is what the saints do, or not to serve Him, which is what the damned do. Most of mankind lets itself be mindlessly carried away by a strong current, not doing anything to deepen the knowledge to understand where this strong, riveting current leads.  This current is the spirit of the world and it leads directly to Hell.


Translated from : Kompendium II z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2012, p 135-148