18) Heart of Jesus, of whose fullness we have all received





Lord Jesus:  I am the Fullness of everything. I have already told you about it, but today I want to encourage you to draw. Often people are afraid to ask for great things. They only ask for small things. And I want to perform miracles. Miracles testify about My real presence. They stimulate faith, strengthen it and give birth to it in hearts devoid of it. While performing miracles, I perform them with joy. This is not a debt, which is growing and that you have to repay. You would never be able to repay the debt that you have towards Me. It is forever repaid precisely by Me and precisely for this reason, that no man would ever be able to repay it. The miracles and graces, which I give you, I bought them for you on the cross for the price of My Blood. Everything that I acquired for you, I acquired for the price of My Blood. Now I want to give away these treasures, which I bought for you and only for you. I do need them for Me. I am the Plenitude. I desire them for you.

You can not repay My graces, but you can show Me gratitude. You can thank Me and be grateful to Me, by sharing your graces with the poor souls who lack them. Never boast about My gifts. Never brag about them in front of others, so I do not take them away from you and give to those, in front of whom you were bragging about My grace. These gifts, which I give you, serve you in specific purposes. I do not expect the repayment of these graces, as if I had lent them to you. No, I give you, but I want gratitude and you will show Me gratitude through fidelity. Remember from Whom you have these gifts and who bought them for you for the highest possible price.

I give and I give without end. What can you give Me? I am the one who gives and does not expect reciprocity. I know that I am God, and you a handful of dust in My hand. However, I created you from nothingness so that you may be similar to Me. This similarity I give and desire to multiply, making you more and more similar to Me. Understand that since I am the Plenitude of all things and I desire to give without end, it depends only on your faith how much you will receive. I do not have borders. My favors have no measure. I can do anything. I want to perform extraordinary signs. I am like an artist dedicated to his art, who will re-enact his best show for one person in the audience, not caring about his own pride and money. Such I am. I will be the fullness for all, but if all disdain My art, I will give this fullness to the handful who will come to Me, ignoring the opinion of the world.

Understand that by giving, I do not lose. Understand that everything that you are and what you possess is My gift, for which I do not demand repayment. I want to raise you, so you may be My companion; understand what I say; feel what I feel; desire what I desire. I want to raise the soul to the heights of My understanding, the existence through love and for love. I want to give. Do not be afraid to take. My goal is to win you over for wisdom for centuries. My goal is to sit down with you not as with a servant, but as with a friend, and to share with you My endless joy. I know that you are able to receive it, you are able to be enthralled by it. I know that you will understand. I am waiting to share what I possess, in order to open My Heart before a heart similar to Mine, which understands Me. I want to attract you to My Divinity and make you its participant in eternity. In order to accomplish this, I need to prepare your heart, giving to it, giving and giving without end. And you take, take and take without end. Do not pick and choose among graces, as in foods that you like and do not like. In the humility of your heart, believe that everything that I give you is necessary for you. Trust me. Trust me without end and only ask for more. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 66-69