1. The Merciful King


Lord Jesus I want to have all My children huddled around Me. Come to Me! I, God, love you disproportionately to your sins. Why are you leaving Me? Why are you ridiculing Me, when I am only doing good to you. I have created you for My Happiness and for My Glory, so you may see how good I am, and you put Me down, leave (…). I am a Gracious God and I will not renounce My children if they come to Me with remorse, but how can I crush their hearts of stone?



God the Father:  I have so much for you and you ask so little. You do not even ask for the minimum of what I can give you. Do you know this child? (…) I love man so much, that giving him from My immeasurable Mercy is for Me an immense joy. (…) Tell all children that now is the Time of My Mercy. If you want to ask Me, then ask and I will fulfil your requests, because I have such a softened Heart My child that you can obtain everything. Tell them how Loving I am and that I am waiting for these requests.

(…) Tell them about Me. Whatever they will ask Me for through the Passion of My Son, they will receive. Because the time is coming to an end, and I have not yet given away half of the graces.  What are you thinking?  What for did My Son suffer so? So that I would lose you all now? Do you think that I will not fulfil the request, for which My Son was so horribly tortured? I want to have you all in My home without exception. You all have to sing praises here.

If someone loves Me, but doubts his salvation, doubts that for him I will save his entire family from hell, then he does not know anything about Me! He does not know how Merciful is My Heart! For one soul, I would even save a thousand from hell. Do you think children that I do not have mercy for you? That I do not see how you have been led astray? Vain is your struggle now, when you are in his claws. Only One is powerful, before whom the devils fall on their faces.  Seek His help. Implore Him. I will not let you go to perdition. Ask Me for help, and I will uproot you all one by one and I will hide you in My Merciful Heart from the Wrath of God. Do you know Who I am Daughter? Do you see My Power?



God the Father: (…) I am a God so Merciful that man is unable to understand this Mercy. He can only believe in it and trust it, but not understand it. Therefore, you will not explain it child, but preach it. I am very pleased with your simple faith in Me. You believe that I am always waiting only to cuddle you and hide you in My Mercy. It is so. You can not imagine it, but I have let you know how Good I am, how I love My chosen child, and how I love each child who will trust in Me in such a way. I bestow special graces upon you, so that everyone may see that I love you and that you are chosen by Me to proclaim the truth about My Mercy for sinners.

(…) You are My dearest child, and your sins, little one, have burned down in the fire of My Love. Nothing remains that would tarnish your soul, and now I only decorate you for Myself. And I say this to you, poor sinners (…) For Me, this child was born and lives in Me, and My joy and love for her are so great, that her little human heart is unable to contain all My graces. I would give anything to this child, but I have to do it slowly, because no man is able to receive My graces if I do not prepare him in advance. The bigger the graces, the longer the time of purification and of preparation.

My children, I am telling you all this so you may see that your life is not lost. Although you sin much and insult Me cruelly, although you wasted your entire life, this time is nothing compared to the eternity that is awaiting you. I am telling you this today.

I gave you this child as an example. If you repent touched by My grace as she did, you can become My dearest children. I will love you and take you under My protection. The Father does not favour one child over another, but gives him according to the love that the child shows to Him. If you will believe in how Good I am, if you will see in Me the Merciful Father that I am and surrender to My Will, I will love you and exalt you.


2. Time of the Divine Mercy


Lord Jesus:  (God’s nature is kindly) as wrote the Little Therese. I am a Benevolent God, a Gracious God, who is slow in punishment and indulgent in judgement, but beware of angering God. I do not want to be the Righteous Judge for you, because then My Father will stand before you and it will be too late to call upon My Mercy. Now is the time of conversion, the Time of My Mercy. Children, do not be afraid of Me. I will forgive everything. There is no sin so terrible that it would not be contained in the enormity of My Mercy, but beware of being indulgent towards yourselves because of My goodness. I, God, love you endlessly, but I also expect love from you. You can not hurt me to no end, and then count on a quick forgiveness. Do penance till there is still time. Pray to Me and to My Mother, and you will not perish when comes the One who will separate the wheat from the chaff.

(…) Behold, now is the Time of My Mercy for sinners. Let the most miserable soul not be afraid to come to Me, because now I will listen to everyone and you can obtain everything that is helpful for your souls and the souls of your loved ones. But do not forget about your enemies. Pray for them, because they too will obtain My Mercy and I will melt their hearts. Pray for the enemies of the Church, because they will cause you the most harm. I will protect My children.

(…) The best is to say the rosary, because My beloved Mother has her hands filled with graces from Me, and they are overflowing as She has no one to give them to. So pray to Her:

O Mother of God and our Mother, who have the abundance of God’s graces, look at me, a sinner, with an indulgent eye, hear my plea. Give me from Your Mercy and the Mercy of Jesus Christ streams of graces for which I piously ask you today for… Let his heart melt when immersed in the Most Precious Blood of the Lamb, so the Heavenly Father may recognise in him His Child when he will stand before His throne.




Lord Jesus:  Truly I tell you child, your faith in My Mercy opens you My Heart. Now is the Time of My Mercy, and although you are the labourer who came to My vineyard at the end of the day, you’ll get your reward because you believed in My Love for you and you gave Me all you’ve got.

Get to know My Heart burning for you. Will I not take you to Me? Did I die in order to delight in you from afar? No. Truly, I tell you, you will receive your reward for which you are asking Me (…) Ask and believe blindly that I have felt madly in love with you and there is nothing that I would not give you when you ask Me with such humility. I have such a soft Heart as she says.

I will give you everything, just ask, because now is the time of My Mercy for you. I will forgive you everything and I will take you under my protection.  Just ask, and I will heal you, purify you and prepare you for Me. My Heaven is the dwelling place for many, but few are eager to receive these great gifts. So come to Me all, because now is the time of My Mercy and you can obtain everything.



Lord Jesus:  (…) I will always find you. I know exactly where is My every single lost child, but this child has to cry out to Me. Then I arrive. I come to the biggest sinner with My grace of Love and I look at him in the same way in which I looked at you. Without reproach. It is you children who resent each other and do not know how to forgive.

I, God, am Forgiveness. Whoever believes in Me, forgives. I have no memory of your sins, only the memory of your tears, with which you atone for your falls. Repent, repent for every wound that you have inflicted upon Me. Repent for every stroke of the whip, repent for every thorn that wounded My holy Head. I have given myself for you. How can the Father be angry with the repentant child who comes back to Him? Don’t you remember the parable of the prodigal son? Did the father look at this son with resentment, did he reproach him ? No, he arranged a welcome feast for him out of joy. That’s the way I am. I have no memory of your evil deeds, when you humble yourselves in front of Me in My Sacrament of Penance.

Come to Me, because I’m waiting. In each priest to whom you profess your sin, I am. Do not be afraid. I know your sins anyway. I know what you have wounded Me with, because I have suffered individually for each of these sins. Children, My words and the mystery of your Redemption are inconceivable for you, but what I am showing you is enough. The rest must be completed by faith. I will give additional graces to the one who believes, and he will feel My mysteries more.

Who does not want to believe, the little that he has will be taken away from him. I’m waiting for you. Do not persist in mortal sin, because it is a straight road to hell. I have given you this grace, that even if you fall down, you can come back to Me at any time. I am not a vengeful God who rejects those who do not fulfill His Will. I’m still waiting and you can still come back to Me, but the time is coming to an end.

Come in droves. I will forgive you everything. Repent for all evil that you have committed against your brothers and sisters, against your father and mother, because I punish these sins severely. I am still reachable for you children. Do not waste this chance, because after there will be no grace and no way back. Choose Me now, because later, your soul blinded by fear will fall to even lower depths.


Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 55-66