1. The meaning of the holy rosary


Mother of God:  The rosary is my joy, the rosary is My feast. Today I would like to express the most clearly possible what the rosary is for Me and what it is for the world. The rosary is a prayer in which one can attain the very heights of holiness; it is a path of mystical union all the way to Heaven itself. The mystery of this path is contained in humility and contemplation. Belief in the power of the rosary – is humility. Humility also encompasses obedience and patience, the smallness of the soul that carries out what it was commanded with no consolation and extra-ordinariness. Contemplation, which is the path to getting to know God, is contained in the desire to getting to know My life, perfectly united with the life of the Son of God. In contemplating the mysteries of the rosary, the soul of Man immerses herself in the greatest mysteries of God.

The rosary contains in itself all the mysteries and all the graces that the souls need to unite with God. It is a quite simple way to Heaven, which everyone can follow. There is no need here neither for special skills nor places, because the rosary is a prayer for the little ones, who do not possess anything. The contemplation of the mysteries of the rosary should be an attempt to unite with the life that glorified God and that pleased Him, with My life.

Each man receives a multitude of graces to the measure of his abilities according to the intention of God. I received the most, because I was the most able to accept these graces, but each man receives the same amount of grace, meaning as much as he is able to accept. This is the starting point in each mystery. To what extent man is able to reproduce in his life what he sees in the rosary. My life was nothing else than only a loving accompaniment of God in His intents. I by Myself did not desire anything and did not strive towards anything. I was just striving to always keep pace with the One, whom I loved.

The rosary is a transfer of merits and graces from each mystery into the soul and the life of man, who says it, so that he could take his place in the work of the Salvation of the world. The mystery of Salvation and Redemption is not a closed mystery, but a work that continually calls upon people to continue it. As a result of humble prayer, the life of man can be perfected in the rosary and through the rosary it can be united with the life of My Son and Mine: united in the hardships and sufferings, in the joy and happiness, but also in the graces and merits. The humble man recognizes that the Salvation of his soul is accomplished through the merits of My Son – the Savior of the world, and not through the efforts and the prayers of man. What the Christian does, by saying the rosary, is to connect himself to the work of Salvation, which has been accomplished by the Son of God. In this work God was glorified, and only by taking part in this work, the soul attains Salvation. There is no other source of Salvation and there will never be. Thus, man should search for Salvation and happiness solely and exclusively in the merits of the Son of God. This is what I have done, accompanying My Son everywhere from the moment of His birth until the moment of His death.

Praying the rosary is thus becoming engaged in the work that perfectly glorified God. Each soul, which will engage in this work on Earth, is like a new flower in the wreath of glory with which was glorified God the Father. Man should not desire to gift God with his own wreath, but, in humility, desire to be a part of the wreath that brought to Him from Earth His beloved Son.

Each rosary offered to Me with love brings Me great joy, because it glorifies God in the work, which He intended to save mankind. My every merit and every merit of My Son are as if re-actualized anew and offered to God the Father. And in this way, the stream of praise sent from Earth to Heaven never ends, even though My Son and I have already left the Earth, to receive the deserved glory. This endless work of praise lasts on Earth precisely thanks to your rosaries. This is why I continually ask for them, because the answer of God to this praise is always grace and mercy, which are like a returning stream that flows down upon the Earth.

In this month, your conversations will be dedicated to the mystery of the rosary. We will direct a call to the world, which once again will summon it to pray the rosary. Now I bless you, My child, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


2. The meaning of the mysteries of the rosary


Mother of God:  My words will concern the rosary, for which I ask you. This prayer has a mighty power. The deeper it is united with the life of My Son and Mine, the more powerful it is. And the deeper man tries to penetrate the mysteries of the rosary, the more it is united. The Spirit of God leads the soul in this prayer, so it may cling to My Heart and the Heart of My Son, and experience with Us all Our suffering and joy.

I want to draw your attention to these mysteries. The power of the rosary is contained in the mysteries. The mysteries should be approached with great humility so they may be revealed. Humility is in the recitation of the decades of the rosary, in the repetition of the words of the prayer of the Angelic Salutation. These decades prepare the soul to enter the depth of the rosary, where is located a treasury of graces. It is essential that you enter it, in order to take everything that has been prepared for you by your Mother. I want to teach you how to draw graces from the rosary.

Praying the Rosary should be for you a detachment from the issues, the problems of your earthly life, and a relocation into My life and the life of My Son. The history of the Salvation of the world has been accomplished in silence and in secrecy; only its last dimension has been revealed to both the faithful and the unfaithful. However, the history of Salvation began much earlier, and this history, from beginning to end, is being told by the rosary. Only when it is accepted from its beginning, it is possible the properly accept its culminating point, the right sacrifice – the Passion of My Son. In order to enable Me to accompany God in His work, He has revealed to Me His secrets and prepared Me during long years to receive them. Therefore, the mysteries of the rosary also prepare the soul to penetrate deep into the mystery of Redemption and to accept it in your life.

The rosary contains a collection of mysteries, ranging from the human vocation until the fulfillment of this vocation. It contains all the mysteries needed to fully understand the mystery of Redemption. I will introduce you into these mysteries each day starting today. You have to understand that a true union of man with God must go through the path of renewal in oneself of the honorable merits of the Messiah. My example gives you hope, that man through the grace of God is able to imitate God. I am your Mother, although I was not tainted by the stigma of sin. I share your misery in My Immaculate Heart, I co-suffer with each one of my children. As a Mother, I care about your destiny and this is My fight.

I call upon you to listen again to My voice. I wish to explain to you once more the mysteries of the rosary and invite you to pray it from your whole heart, with hands and lips saying the succeeding prayers, with hearts and eyes fixed on the heavenly mysteries.


3. Mystery of the rosary


4. Faith in the effective praying of the rosary


Mother of God:  I desire that My love for Poland be recognized. I do not expect homages above the station, I just would like obedience in the fulfillment of My will. (…). I am departing now, leaving you My life in the mysteries of Salvation, to highlight once again the importance of the holy rosary.

The praying of the rosary is also a grace, which can be obtained for the entire nation. Fatima transformed Portugal in order to save through it the whole world. Today, My eyes are directed to Poland. The grace that has been entrusted to you, the mysteries that Heaven shared with you, are binding. You have to pray with faith for all of Poland to catch hold of the rosary. Let the rosaries that you offer Me in the intention of Enthronement be recited in the best way possible, and then My help will become more visible. Faith performs miracles. Also, pray for all of Poland to turn in the direction of the rosary. You know, My children, that I can accomplish this; the will and sincere sacrifice will be sufficient for Me. Let the rosary Jericho, which I always await with joy, be for you a holy time. The world changed through the mysteries contained in the rosary. If you want to change it now, the only thing that remains for you is the rosary. No longer talks, not expectations. I ask you to pray with your whole heart. I do not ask you for more, I ask you for more “fervently”. If the rosaries, which you say, were said with greater focus, they would have a much greater power. These reflections serve you for this. By the power of these mysteries and the power of the sacrifices contained in them, the Sacrifice of God – My Son, with the sacrifice of man – Mine, good is reborn in the world and evil is reduced, weakened. Believe Me that one well said rosary has the power to change history. Therefore, when saying your rosaries, do not do it mechanically, but put your whole heart and faith into the fact that it is not indifferent to the world, and especially to Me, if you will say it or not.

Your rosary can be decisive on the fate of the world and of your Homeland. It can cause that many other people will receive the grace of finding Me through the rosary. Your rosaries are worth their weight in gold, they are this grain separated from the chaff, which brings abundant fruit, they are the fruit of trees planted by Me. Remember, it is so important, and remember not to waste more opportunities to transform the world by your sacrifice; remember about the faith that moves mountains and have it. The rosary teaches faith and trust in the fact that the Word of God always brings the promised fruit and the promises, which God makes in His magnanimity, are always fulfilled. I come to encourage you to make further sacrifices and to devote yourselves to pray the rosary with your whole heart. This is the gold for which I will buy you freedom. Amen.

Translated from : Kompendium VI z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 151-207