1. The Queen comes in the name of the King


Mother of God:  I will be blessing you in everything. The mother loves you children. (…) My gratitude is a blessing of blessings, because then I am not giving out of pity for the child, but out of the most sincere joy. And know that God has gifted Me generously for these times. I wield in my hand a royal scepter, and whom I will establish as king, he will rule; and whom I will recall, he must resign. This royal power was given to Me by God, because I, as the Mother of Mercy, am coming in the name the King. (…)

There are divine decrees that are eternal, and these I can not change and I do not want to. However, there are also decrees that Lord Jesus left to Me, as His Mother and the Mother of Divine Mercy. I know the Will of My Son. I live through every beat of His Sacred Heart and I say to you as a Mother, I have custody over His grace in these days of darkness.


2. Mother of God – Queen of Poland


Mother of God:  I am not a different Mother of God in Fatima than in Wykrot. Your dedication to My apparitions in Fatima makes Me happy (…), but this is not the only place where I have appeared. I want to be worshiped here as the Mother of God of  Wykrot. I came to you here, I came to this village, among your houses, and I say the same things that I announced in Fatima. If you do not honor Me and My apparitions on this land, I will not save this land. (…)

I do not want to be worshiped here as the Mother of God of Fatima, but as your Polish Mother of God, the Mother of God of Kurpie.  Do not reject Me children, because I appeared in Wykrot so that the blessing of God may descend on these lands. I chose myself this land, and the simple folk believe in Me and in My messages for you. Who does not want to believe does not have to, but worship Me as your Polish Mother of God. (…) I am one Mother of God, but I want to be worshiped as your Mother on this land.


3. God as king


Lord Jesus:  Go children into the world and prepare the path for Me, because before you know it, I will come in My glory, covered in the most holy glory to judge the nations, and no one will stand who would have renounced Me, who would not have put a crown on My holy head. Worship Me, children, because I am coming and you have little time left to serve Me on Earth, and I will count every earthly merit a hundred times to you, children. Remember about these words of Mine in the time of the terrible oppression that will come upon you, but I God will protect you, children, because I have loved you forever. Amen.


6. Enthronement of God the Father, Grzechynia – 1 VIII 2010


God the Father:  I have accepted your act of dedication into My hands. I am your King and I will have in My care this place and the creatures who have glorified Me there.  Let them know that My heart has rejoiced, because I am thirsty of your plea. So worship Me more, adore Me more often, because I am worthy of all love from My subjects.  I am pleased with your faith and I am pleased with the homage given to My Person.

Children, I look upon you from above and know that whoever will proclaim Me as his Father, will desire to have the Father of all creation as King and Ruler of his entire life, he will not perish miserably, because whoever has recourse to Me will find consolation in Me. I protect My subjects now and in the hour of anguish. Know that what has to happen will happen, but you, creatures, have already chosen your King and your King looks at His subjects and surrounds them with His arm. So do not be afraid, because you have chosen the best parcel from what I have revealed to you. Total entrustment and dedication to your Creator. I have created you and you belong to Me, but whoever has seen this and recognizes this, is My beloved child whom I will not punish. And whoever rebels against this truth will stand in the face of Truth and his heart will tremble.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2012, p 97-110