You will wear My image and this will give Me joy. No one wears My image as the image of their Father. Through this image, I will be blessing you. I will be your Father, My child, in such a way that you will really feel My constant presence beside you. In addition, I will soften my anger towards the world, seeing your childlike love and affection. When you will wear Me on your heart, I will be wearing you constantly on Mine. I will surround you with particular care and grace. I will give you My Son forever and will never withdraw My blessing from you and your home.

Excerpt from the message of God the Father





I worship You, Father
for the work of creation.
Be glorified through each delight,
with which I admire Your perfect works.
I thank You for Your magnanimity,
thanks to which you did not cross me out
due to my first sin,
but you intended an even greater good in my life.
Gift me with a heart that desires sincere repentance,
in order to fulfill this time Your even more perfect plan. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for the creation of Mary,
who conceived God in Her immaculate womb,
and conceived the reborn mankind in Her immaculate Heart.
I thank You for Her pure love and virginal faith,
which bring forth Your smile
and are a balm to Your first wound from Paradise.
Please make me a true child of Her immaculate Heart.
Give me part in Her love, Her fight and Her victory.
Give me part in Your smile which You bestow upon Her. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for you have sacrificed Your only Son for me,
in order to look at His bloody martyrdom
and shield me with Him from a just punishment.
I thank You for the new life
that You have given me in Jesus.
Through His Blood, You have united me again with Yourself with family bonds.
I humbly ask You to let me look at the crucified Jesus through my entire life ,
and offer Him to You for my sins and the sins of the whole world,
so that His passion would not be in vain for us. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for the Blessed Sacrament,
with which You feed and heal my soul.
Be glorified for the fact that by the hand of the priest
You Yourself place in my lips
Your holy Fruit of life directly from the tree of the cross.
I thank You for the Blood of Your Son circulating in my veins,
thanks to which You no longer call me a creation, but a child.
Make it so I always receive this Most Holy Sacrament
with dignity and mindfulness, and with the utmost gratefulness. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for sending us Your Holy Spirit,
in whom we have already received an undeserved token
of eternal life in glory.
I thank You for the fact that through the holy sacraments
I can possess the Holy Spirit in my heart
and hold Heaven by hand.
Please keep my soul free from mortal sin,
so that I never lose this blessed relationship with You
through Your Spirit. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for the Holy Church,
to which You have called me
still in my childhood.
I thank You for the Sacraments,
in which You give me Yourself
in Your Son and in the Holy Spirit.
Please make it so I contribute
to strengthen the Church in the world,
to expand its teachings and blessings
upon all human souls. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for the Holy Scriptures, the Book of love,
which You write for man since the beginning of creation.
Thank You that You love so much that no betrayals, letdowns and rejections
can change Your faithfulness.
Please make the world desire to get to know Your Heart,
and having gotten to know it, love it sincerely.
Please make the history of our love have a happy ending,
which will last forever. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for the angels with whom You have gifted mankind.
I worship You for the Archangels, who support the feeble man
with their great might.
I thank You for the creation of Guardian Angels,
the twin friends of ours souls.
I ask You for the grace of developing a true friendship
with my Guardian Angel, so that Your generosity of gifting me
with this beautiful creature will be glorified in my life. Amen.



I worship You, Father
for the chosen souls, which you have called upon
in order to assuage your anger.
I thank You that through them you experience relief,
telling them what is aching Your heart.
I thank you for the words, which you direct to Earth,
which you have spoken and will yet speak.
May I be worthy in Your eyes to listen to them,
may I be worthy to convey them,
may I never be deprived of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.


Translated from : Medalion Boga Ojca, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2018