1. Baptism of Lord Jesus in the Jordan


Mother of God:  The first luminous mystery represents the truth about the first sacrament, the sacrament from which everything begins and without which the remaining sacraments do not exist, and this is the holy baptism. The power of the holy baptism results from the work that took upon Himself My Son, the Savior of the world. Jesus, by entering into the waters of Jordan, showed to mankind what was to happen in the realm of the spirit. By the power of His Sacrifice, He cleansed the souls entering into the spring in which He submerged Himself. And thus, those who give Jesus their sins are deprived of them precisely in Jesus Christ, who came into the world to take away from people their sins and to annihilate them by the power of His innocently shed Blood. The holy baptism is therefore the fruit of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Although in the mysteries it takes place earlier, for man it is already the after-effect of the Passion of the Son of God. In this mystery, Christ consciously burdens Himself with the responsibility for the entire mankind and begins His proper penance, which will last non-stop until the very death of the Savior.

In this mystery also appears the truth about the Holy Trinity, which is oneness. God the Father opens Heaven in response to the Sacrifice of His Divine Son, and the Holy Spirit is sent down to the world to strengthen, lead and fill those who proceed in the truth. In the same way, the Holy Trinity unites with man, whose nature Jesus assumed as God, and thus exalted it, healed it, and enabled it to commune with the Most Holy Trinity. God accepts the Sacrifice of His Son and accepts man, who in Jesus becomes a new creature, a child of God in imitation of the new Adam. In this way man is presented to God. It still remains to bring him through the locked doors to Heaven, and this has to be accomplished through the great Sacrifice that Christ will consciously make on the Golgotha.

The holy baptism is therefore the first sacrament of the new Church, in which man immersed in Christ is reborn by the power of His merit and Sacrifice. Every baptism is an opening of Heaven for man and a descent of the Holy Spirit for the path that he has to follow to the place of his destination. At the time of baptism, man receives all the necessary graces to arrive to the heavenly Homeland, and if he would not sin, he would be immediately saved. However, because of sin, God in His mercy has established the subsequent sacraments, so that every sinner could attain the union with God in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.


2. Transfiguration of Lord Jesus on Mount Tabor


Mother of God:  I want to tell you about the mystery of God’s revelation on Mount Tabor. Why precisely these three apostles have been called on the mountain and why the power of God revealed itself to them in their Master? Peter, Jacob and John were the closest to the mysteries of God. All three have been chosen from the twelve and all three had to be strengthened for the graces, which God prepared for them. Peter was to stand at the head of the Church, John was to be My guardian, and Jacob was to shed first the blood of martyrdom. They all remained staring into the mystery of Jesus and sincerely desired to be faithful to Him. However, for the Passion that My Son had to suffer, all the miracles and signs seemed to be too small. The apostles were later crushed by pain and disgrace. This was something that exceeded their minds, and thus the sing that they needed also had to exceed what the human mind is able to grasp; they had to see God. God, in His mercy, has granted them this grace and they saw the One whom the angels worship. This experience will leave them in deep thoughtfulness. From now on, they will look at Jesus not as a Master, but as God, aware that He truly is God. Despite these lofty experiences, the Golgotha will defeat their humanity, but the grace that has been given to them will not disappear. And when the despair and fear have ceased to reign in their hearts, they remembered their shining Master and comprehended deeper the Mystery of Salvation. They had to comprehend it deeper, because they have been placed at the forefront of the apostles and all the later disciples of Jesus as their model in the future life of the Church, whose features were hierarchy, obedience in the profession of faith, love for Me, the Mother of Jesus, and martyrdom.

To everyone from whom more is required, more is also given. All the graces of the Holy Spirit are revealed in the Church for the good of all. Therefore, there are no “private” revelations. Each revelation offered by the Holy Spirit to a member of the Church is offered for the good of the entire Church. This does not mean that every revelation and every grace has to be disclosed to everyone, but the Holy Spirit always acts seeing the need of the entire Mystical Body. Thus, a grace given to a single soul in one place can heal a diseased place located in its vicinity or around it. The sanctification of one soul radiates upon the entire Holy Church. Thus, rejecting these supernatural events and leaving the faithful to themselves with the grace of God is a mistake of the Church. Souls abandoned by priests, not reinforced by the ministry of the elect of God, will not be able to take advantage of the graces given to them and like the apostles, in spite of the miracles that they have seen, will fall because of the difficulties that they will encounter. Each grace of the Holy Spirit is the common matter of the entire Church. Thus, no soul and no grace should remain outside of the Church. Priests are of the opinion that God Himself will defend the souls that He has chosen. But yes, in many cases it will be so. He will defend them through the ministry of priests. However, if the Holy Spirit will not manage to persuade them, these graces will disappear with a loss for the entire Mystical Body.

God works miracles, works so many miracles every day, and from man He only requires their acceptance and belief, nothing more. Faith gives strength for the survival of difficult experience and the perseverance in trials. The Church should always be in communion with Christ and listen to the desires of the Holy Spirit, who works with a flourish only where He finds humble souls. The graces given to one person spread over the whole Church, but the sins committed by one member of the Church also spread over the whole Church. By suppressing the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Church destroys the natural counterweight of good, which the Holy Spirit pours down like a balm over the wounds of the Mystical Body caused by sins. Don’t you know that the human body strives to heal itself when it is wounded? In the same way, the Mystical Body of the Holy Church is healed by a mysterious force and if only that force was allowed to act, it would heal its members. Receive the Holy Spirit, who gives His graces so generously in these times.


3. Descent of the Holy Spirit


Mother of God:  This mystery is also only happiness. The Holy Spirit is pure Love that God in His Third Person bestows upon us. The joy of possessing the Holy Spirit is so great because it is not obscured by any earthly dependency. The Holy Spirit is free and gives His freedom to His worshipers. The mystery of the descent of the Holy Spirit fifty days after the departure of My Son is a mystery of the great love of God, God who once again descended Himself on earth to strengthen what is too weak, to revive the dead spirit of the apostles, and to heal My wounds with love. The world was filled again with the presence of God. The young Church did not yet posses the charisms through which it would open human hearts to receive the Good News. The Holy Spirit had to regain the emptied hearts, prepared through suffering and humiliated by contrition. Fright, shame and pain are not obstacles for Him, but pride and unnecessary turmoil in the soul always are. To attract the action of the Holy Spirit, man should find calm and truly desire the coming of the Holy Spirit with all that He brings and as such as He is. If man reserves for himself spaces not available to the Spirit, he can not be carried away by Him. But if he opens up completely, the Holy Spirit will reveal to him what it means – to be born of the Spirit.

The birth of the Holy Spirit is the beginning of apostolic activity. It is a new Spirit that, entering into the body of man, regenerates him spiritually, renews, strengthens and enables to become an instrument of Salvation. Everything that precedes this event is a preparation for this moment, for the reception of the Holy Spirit who, by descending, completely renews man so that he is no longer who he was and everything becomes for him simple and obvious. The descent of the Holy Spirit can be called a true – repeat conversion, because the Spirit accomplishes what man can not do. He tears away from the soul of man all unnecessary attachments and weaknesses and fills them with His love and power. Man receives the grace of being an apostle.

As the Mother of all the apostles, I received the gifts of the Holy Spirit in fullness. I have received pure love, the confession of the Divine Spirit in which He sweetened all My sufferings and compensated Me for the pain that has filled My soul. This power of love and gifts for all the apostles last in the Church through the intercession of My constant prayers. The Holy Spirit comes and gives Himself to all believers in the sacrament of Confirmation, but this is not the only source of graces given by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is love that is living, that circulates through the Mystical Body of the Church in order to strengthen it and to revitalize it. Do not neglect prayers to the Holy Spirit; do not neglect religious services in which He is called, so that He could give you the indispensable strength and wisdom for apostolic action. Look at the apostles, at their humility in which they did nothing except for calling for the help of the Holy Spirit and did not try to accomplish anything by their own power. They did not perform even the smallest mission without the Holy Spirit. They waited for Him to head out where He would send them, they waited for a long time, they waited without wasting time by praying and fasting.

No apostolic activity can be performed on one’s own account, but in everything must be fulfilled the Will of God, which man is unable to accomplish without the help of the Holy Spirit. Remember about this: do not blame yourselves for failures, for incapacity, cowardice and a lack of enthusiasm, but call upon the help of the Holy Spirit. Give yourselves up to Him before the beginning of the day and finish the day with paying tribute to Him for everything that He accomplished through you. Deprive yourselves of the right to posses your days. Let your days belong to the Holy Spirit. Let them be from the beginning to the end full of His grace and His Will. Let them be His work in you, the apostles of those times of darkness. Let the light of the Holy Spirit shine upon you, so that you may recognize the Will of God where you have been sent. Amen.


4. Waking up in God


Mother of God:  Today I want to tell you about the morning, which was the experience of My life, and about the mornings which you have lived through and which you will still live through. When you open your eyes and light shines upon your face, answer with a smile. This light is not only given to your eyes, but also to your soul. Each new day is a new call to love God, because it is a great gift form the Creator. Within one day you can accomplish so much. By saying: “accomplish so much” I mean “to offer so many proofs of gratitude to God, and to do so much to help save the souls of your brothers and sisters”.

When you open your eyes, first become aware of who you are, and who is the One who caused the sun to rise and your eyes to open up again. Let your first thought cling to Him and express to Him your gratitude. Kneel. Worship God who created you, who redeemed you, and who wishes to save you. Thank Him for another day and ask the Holy Spirit to be willing to guide your soul during this day in such a way, so it may bring the greatest glory to God. It will bring it to the extent to which it will fulfill the Will of God. Let your prayer be short but mindful. I am not taking now about the morning prayers, but only about the act of paying homage to God just after waking up, and submitting your subsequent day and entire life as a sacrifice to the Holy Spirit, so He could make use of the soul in carrying out His plan of the Salvation of the world.

Only now can appear thoughts about other matters. Remember, however, for God to be absolutely first, before everything and before everyone. When you open your eyes, God already leans over you as a tender mother. Your prayer is giving a kiss to God, who makes you wake up each morning. Try to live consciously. Do not forget why you live, who gave you life, and that this is not an eternal gift. Each one of you will wake up only a certain amount of times and not once thereafter. Do not waste any single morning, because not a single morning will be given back to you. On your mornings depend your days. This first sight towards God and giving Him power over your own life evokes the action of the Holy Spirit in the life of man, and results in the assistance of God in your daily affairs, so that everything that is ordinary becomes an extraordinary sacrifice of love. I want to teach you to live for the glory of God. I bless you now, My children, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


5. Work in God


Mother of God:  Daughter, I will talk about My life, but in such a way so that you will be able to imitate Me in everything. My heart was imbued with love, and My mind was staring at the mysteries of God. In the midst of daily activities, it is possible to remain in union with God in thought and in heart. From this first moment in which you open your eyes till that last one in which you close them, strive to abide in thought and heart beside God, not only directing to Him your prayers, but also directing to Him each of your intentions. From that first moment after you wake up, try to always look upwards and to remember why you are alive. Who gave you life, and how great are the gratitude and the love that you owe to God. Remember about all the Tabernacles of the world and make amendments for the great loneliness of your God. By unceasingly turning your heart towards Jesus, you bring great consolation to His lonely Heart. I ask you to strive to do everything with Him and for Him.

Today I want to teach you to work. Work, regardless of whether it is physical labor or intellectual, absorbs a lot of the time and when left to these activities in themselves may even be a waste of time. Work is holy if it is offered to God and accomplished with love for Him. Regardless of the specifics of the work, whether it is service to other people directly or indirectly, it acquires a different dimension when it is offered. So the first and the most important rule concerning work, is to proceed with it after having previously offered it, and only then. During this short prayer, also ask the Holy Spirit so that you may accomplish it according to His Will. Ask for help in that, what causes you difficulties. Such an offered work is already a prayer.

It happens, however, that the work which it comes to us to perform is not planned or longer for. Then, accomplishing it brings great difficulty, and the desire to offer it can escape from memory. All the more so, feeling resentment and anger because of this unplanned work, you have to offer it earlier and this time ask earnestly the Holy Spirit to change the bad feelings that it causes. Realize that this work, since completely unplanned by you, is the Will of God and not yours, so it has a greater value in the eyes of God and by performing it with love, you show even more love and loyalty to your Creator. Try then to offer it for something that you really care about. Remember Jesus who carried the heavy cross only and solely out of love. He did not have the slightest pleasure in this act. He performed it only and solely because such was the Will of His Father in Heaven. So if what you have to perform is not more difficult than what My Son accomplished for you, be thankful that for so little you can give back to God for so much.

While performing the work, during breaks, try to contemplate on the value of simple activities. To serve others is to serve God Himself. Any ordinary action is already sanctified by the fact that it was performed by Christ as a Man and Christ as God. So if God Himself worked and labored on Earth, you should also perform your work and be happy that you can repeat His actions. If you will unite your actions with the actions of Jesus on Earth, they will be only prayer, because Jesus did not perform any action mindlessly, but everything that He did was prayer and sacrifice to His Father for you.

After completing the work, give thanks for it; that you could exhaust yourselves for the glory of God. Give all credit to God, contenting yourselves with fulfilling His Will. This is all that belongs to you, and all that you will take away with you from this world. There where you are going, humbly working and suffering, everything is awaiting for you already prepared by the hand of God, by His work and His suffering. Will you come to the ready, and your work will support you on this journey only as much as it will be prayer, and thus as much as it will be offered and accomplished for the glory of God. I bless you all in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Ducha Swiętego. Grzechynia 2017, p. 137-155