1. I am the One who creates and who destroys


God the Father:  My child, I do not require from you perfection, but love. I have told you this already. Repeat this to My children. I do not demand that you stop being humans; I desire your will, the will that will want to love Me. This is what I desire. Everything else depends upon Me and I create everything else, but from you, children, I need this one thing: the dedication to My Will, through which you can express the best your love and devotion.  Precisely by entrusting to Me your will. (…)

This human pride insults Me, when instead of trusting Me, their Father, they are trying to settle their affairs without My interference, while I am standing beside and am not allowed to act, even though I am almighty and omniscient.

People have forgotten who I am. I am the One who creates and who destroys. I am the One who calls to life and who turns to dust. Happy is the one who entrusts himself into My care and has recourse to Me in all adversity and difficult experiences of life. Such a child is the closest to Me I care about him in particular.


2. Enthronement of God the Father


God the Father:  I have accepted your act of dedication into My hands. I am your King and I will have in My care this place and the creatures who have glorified Me there.  Let them know that My heart has rejoiced, because I am thirsty of your plea. So worship Me more, adore Me more often, because I am worthy of all love from My subjects.  I am pleased with your faith and I am pleased with the homage given to My Person.

Children, I look upon you from above and know that whoever will proclaim Me as his Father, will desire to have the Father of all creation as King and Ruler of his entire life, he will not perish miserably, because whoever has recourse to Me will find consolation in Me. I protect My subjects now and in the hour of anguish. Know that what has to happen will happen, but you, creatures, have already chosen your King and your King looks at His subjects and surrounds them with His arm. So do not be afraid, because you have chosen the best parcel from what I have revealed to you. Total entrustment and dedication to your Creator. I have created you and you belong to Me, but whoever has seen this and recognizes this, is My beloved child whom I will not punish. And whoever rebels against this truth will stand in the face of Truth and his heart will tremble.


3. Love manifests itself in the work of creation


God the Father:  Man has lost all humility towards his Creator. I gave you the earth so it may be subjected to you, not the rain, not the sun, not the moon and the stars. I did not say: “Let everything that exists be under the dominion of man”. But man no longer asks Me for advice. He rules himself over everything that he can get to know. Man wants to deprive Me of My power and of My influence, but this is a pathetic desire, My Daughter. It is hurtful to Me and fills Me with anger, but I also feel sorrow for those beings, for only by serving Me you can become heirs to My Kingdom; only by being endlessly devoted to Me you can enter into My glory and receive your reward; only by giving your life to Me you can reign with Me over everything that I have created. (…) The soul which reaches this Kingdom is already so pure that it can unite with Me. So no one reigns besides Me, but everyone does in Me and through Me, being already a part of Me, through our eternal union.

I know the desire of every man. You do not even know how generous I am and how sensitive I am to all the vibrations of your heart. I feel your every holy desire and every impure desire. I know about everything; I remember about everything. I remember about each of your delights and I do not forget about it when it comes to Me to reward you.

Have I not created each of you different? Don’t you differ among yourselves literally in everything? Can you not see My love and piety with which I create every soul? So think, how could I give to each of you the same reward ? Not every soul receives the same, because it receives the plenitude of bliss, but for every soul it may mean something else. Only I know that, no one knows that, not even you yourselves do know that about you, but I, your Father and Creator, know what will make you happy (…).

Write down, as much as you can see My care and love with which I have created every soul, just as much later during her life I care about her and I watch out for her every twitch. In the same way, after death, I take care of the soul and I see so that, as soon as possible, through the most cleansing sufferings, she perfects her love and unites with Me. (…) For Me, everyone is one and only. I have told you that I did not create two similar persons. Every man differs through a thousand things.


4. The dimension of God exceeds human dimensions.


God the Father:  My daughter, everything that lives and everything that was created and made by human hand should serve Me. I am not an old, indifferent and backward God. My child, man is very mistaken in thinking that all inventions belong to satan, while your God and Creator is lost in the modern world. No children, it is you who are losing yourselves. The inventions are not evil; their purpose is evil, which is the removal of My creation from Me by drowning out My voice and inspirations, and setting up an illusive veil in front of your eyes. I am God. I know everything. I understand everything. I am capable of everything.

The intelligence of satan is a small sliver of My wisdom. My children, I have gifted him generously. I have created him the richest of all angels. I have given him so many gifts, that in his unawareness, he desired to be God. I said unawareness, because his pride hid him the truth that God is infinite and unknowable through his infinity, which means that the creation will never manage to equal the Creator in any of His attributes, because My perfection has no end, it can not be measured due to its lack of dimensions. You are not able to contain Me from any side, because I am Everything.

By touching the Absolute, one can succumb to the illusion that it is achievable and measurable; but this is an illusion. I, God, although I am the Beginning and the End, have no beginning and no end Myself, because I am the Beginning and the End of things, not of Myself. I Myself never end and never begin, I do not exist in time, I am not limited by space, I have no dimensions nor color, I have no smell nor taste.  Creatures, everything that I am is unknowable to you, because the creation is a form of extracted and shaped nothingness. I gave you the senses so you could get to know Me, I gave you the mind so you could admire Me. However, creatures, the smell and taste can not return My perfection; they can not reflect My beauty.

The dimension of God exceeds human dimensions. Being on Earth, you are not able to get to know Me otherwise than with the tools that I have left to you. However love does not manifest itself in the body, because it is the body. Love takes forms to approach you. Love gives itself over to you through the senses, so you would be able to love it. No words exist with which I could describe to you the substance in which the light penetrates the darkness and creates brightness (…), there are no words that can to the truth unknowable to you.

My child, I allow you to get to know Me on Earth in the dimension that is achievable for you. However, it will not be given to you to see Me here, but in a place that is destined for you. There, I will reveal Myself to you and you will get to know Me.


Translated from : Kontemplacja Boga Ojca. Tato, jestem. Grzechynia 2015, p. 15-57