3. Loss of the sense of the blessing


St. Padre Pio:  I will tell you now about what follows, about the blessing of the priest. People in the church sometimes leave before the blessing; sometimes they do not wait for it at all because they do not desire it. They do not understand what it gives them and why it is provided. You see, Christ, when departing from the earth, blessed it, blessed the apostles, and gave them His peace. This peace, which He left, is the beginning of Heaven. It leaves in the soul a longing for the immaculate, eternal peace.

The peace in God that we achieve on earth is imperfect, because it largely depends on ourselves; but even if we pray for peace during struggle, we will receive it. This concerns the peace of the soul in which one dwells in union with Christ. This peace is stronger than the attacks of the evil spirit, and it can be kept deep within the soul, even when everything around is full of unrest. The earth is not at peace. The more peace there is within us, the more Satan seems to kill this peace. However, the Holy Spirit multiplies this grace within us when we really need it. Christians should not be afraid of any events, because they are embraced by the grace of Christ. This grace, which protects them, strengthens them and makes them independent from the world, flows out from the blessing. Through the sign of the cross that the priest makes over the faithful, the Holy Spirit provides graces at the measure of the opening of the soul to that grace; and depending on the Will of God, it flows in a different way on different souls.  

When departing, Jesus blessed the apostles, so they may carry His peace to their homes. This peace is abiding in Him. Only such a peace is durable. The blessing provides us with the grace of the presence of Christ, who acts in this blessing through the power of the Holy Spirit. Without this blessing, we would not be able to do anything. Each blessing that we take away after the Holy Mass, comes out form Heaven into the world and acts, acts by transforming and shaping the world in the image of God.

The road of every blessing is far-reaching in its consequences. It sometimes reaches very far and brings goodness in places where it can not to be expected at all. Thus, always take the blessing and ask for it. The blessing is a direct pull of graces from Heaven for our needs, our miseries and our anxieties. It is the peace of God, which by descending, transforms the world.   

I want you to further pass down the blessings that you receive from priests. Not only they can bless. In the Name of God, the Spirit gives Himself to those who believe, and He only seeks souls thirsty for His graces. The blessing surrounds those who ask for it and receive it with love. I bless you daughter. Amen.


6. Thy Kingdom come


God the Father:  The prayer “Our Father” is the plenitude of adoration and union of the soul with Me. In its individual requests, man unites his will with Mine and in this way gives Me glory. In its first request, it addresses Me with the name “Father”, which gives Me joy because it is a recognition of My nature and the nature of My love for man.  It is also a profession of faith and a recognition of its truths in oneself. Thanks to these truths, man realizes what God has done for him, filiating man in his Son – Jesus.

Today, we will pay attention to the second request, in which you ask Me with the words: “Thy Kingdom come”. Do you understand what you desire, by asking Me for this? What do you expect after the fulfillment of this request? Wishing for My Kingdom, you wish for Me as a King. My Kingdom is not a land deprived of suffering, as some imagine themselves My governance. My Kingdom is something much greater. My Kingdom is a reality in which I reign over everything. My Kingdom is contained in the human soul, but it also encompasses the infinite universe. It is not a land, but a spiritual reality. The size of My Kingdom does not depend on its area, but its spiritual depth. My Kingdom in certain souls reaches its plenitude and is greater than the one which encompasses entire tracts of Heaven. I do not reign equally in souls, but differently in every one. There are souls in whom I reign in such a perfect way, that the size of My Kingdom in them seems to encompass the entire country. In your soul, I create My reality, I establish My Kingdom, and I wait to see if you will let Me extend it to the boundaries of My Kingdom in Heaven. I wish to rule in the soul as I rule in Heaven, in a perfect and complete way.

“My Kingdom is not of this world” – My Son said when He suffered rejection and condemnation from people. And today I repeat to you the same thing. Even though in My Kingdom you are great, as the sons of God, in the world you will be looked down upon as madmen. For My Kingdom is won through suffering. So by asking Me – “Thy Kingdom come” – you ask Me to expand My authority in you, in souls, in nations, in everything. My Kingdom is the world of the spirit that defeated the world of the flesh. My Kingdom is invincible, and although its strength is invisible in the world, it reigns over nations. In the souls who desire to implement it on Earth, I reign with great momentum. The Kingdom of God is not for the dead. It is not won by dying, but by living and fighting every day. After death, the fight is over, and thus My Kingdom is attained or not. But the souls who love Me, live in My Kingdom already here on Earth.  

Thus, by asking Me for My Kingdom to come on Earth, you ask Me for the victory of My Will in every soul. When I will be victorious in every soul, I will establish My Kingdom everywhere. There is a Kingdom on Earth in which I reign through My spirit and in it I exercise My dominion, receiving glory. In the present state, however, it is much weakened. The heart of My authority beats slower and slower, and that is because it lacks those who have been taking care of its health. The holy Church is the image of My Kingdom on Earth, but I reign in it to the extent to which I reign in its members. The Church is not a lifeless creation, and so My Kingdom is not constant. It falls and rises in each of its members. Through the rising of every one of them, I desired to reign over the whole world, to pour My Spirit in the nations. Now, however, the nations have seen through My plan and fight with My Kingdom on Earth. They will not defeat it, but they will force it to flee. My Kingdom will rise however through sacrifice and I will reign over the whole world.

When I will be chosen as King, I will establish My Kingdom everywhere. Then My Will shall be fulfilled. The spirit will win over the world. I will reign from one end to the other in all things and in everyone, and My Kingdom will reach its plenitude. Pray for the world to recognize, that by fighting against Me, it passes judgement upon itself. And by desiring that I expand My reign over your land, you will save it. I am the King who comes in peace. My power transcends the power of all the kingdoms of the Earth. If you surrender to Me and step down from your thrones for My glory, open the gates of your cities and recognize Me as King, you will save your lives. If you will fight Me, you will perish. So pray that you may be able to discern My Kingdom which is coming, and when it will come, it will bring deliverance to the spirit by inflicting death to the body. Come out to meet Me, and I will receive you and you will enter through the gates of the cities in My entourage. Come out of the cities which fiercely defend their sin, because otherwise you will perish together with them. I bless those who bring on My Kingdom. I bless those who ask Me for it with faith. Ask with faith, look forward with longing, and what you seek in your hearts shall come to pass for you.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Ducha Swiętego. Grzechynia 2017, p. 189-223