1. Only God will make man happy


Lord Jesus:  What does man need more, than just to feel Me? These are illusions, My children, that you need everything that Satan offers to you. Do not let yourselves be deceived. Man will only be happy with what I, God, give him. Such I have created you, because this is My Will. To make you all happy.


5. Suffering


Lord Jesus:  Children, I give you suffering as My graces. Where is your faith?! Trust in Me! Do I, God Almighty, the Creator of all of life, not know what I’m doing?! Which path is the best ? Mine, or maybe another one? What I will decide will happen. And you, do not pronounce yourselves against suffering, because I give you all eternity in bliss for this handful of sufferings on earth. (…) I am with you every day and I descend from Heaven to suffer with you and for you at every Holy Mass!


6 . The mystery of suffering


Holy Spirit:  Listen to Me, I will be giving you lessons in obedience, and you will be fulfilling everything that I will tell you. Trust Me. I am such a good God. Do you think that if I did not love you so, I could let you bear sufferings? Your fate would have been indifferent to Me, and I am choosing crosses for you. Child, such crosses that will add Me glory and exalt you on your way to Me. They are not too heavy, they are not too small. I will not allow that you do not use all the graces, which I have for you. This is why I am testing you so. I know that I threw you into deep water.



Holy Spirit:  When you suffer, I suffer together with you. You are not alone. Just look at the Son of God, how He suffers, and know that when your heart is in such great anguish, you support Him in His Passion. Think about this, look at His Wounds, look at His tortured body and tormented Spirit and be besides Him, because when you suffer so much, it is as though He experienced a moment of respite, as if you took over a bit of this suffering upon you and then He could take a breath. (…) Suffer and rejoice, because you suffer for God. How unhappy are those who do not know the value of suffering. How dispirited are those who do not want to suffer for the Lord.


11. Free will


Lord Jesus:  I have given you free will. You can love Me, but you do not have to. What good would it do to Me, if I had forced you to love? Does a mother’s heart rejoice when she sees that her child visits her just out of obligation? It is an unspeakable pain when the child, for which I suffered and gave My life, has little regard for Me and mocks Me. Sympathize with Me, little one, because I’m so lonely.


12. Pride of the servants of Jesus


Lord Jesus:  My servants remain in hiding. If someone wants to collect merits towards people, he no longer serves Me. (…) people, even My chosen ones who create My works, if only for a moment forget that these are My works and not theirs, fall into the ambush of Satan, which is pride. And they can so easily become his tool instead of My chosen tool.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 139-154