Death of Lord Jesus


Today we go under the cross. Kneel beside Me and look at Jesus, at God. Jesus is still alive. He breaths with difficulty, He sees with difficulty, but He knows, He knows that I am right next to Him, that I am as close as I can be. The crowd seems only now to fall into real rage, when it can no longer reach Him in order to hit Him. He allowed Himself to be hit by anyone who stretched out a hand against Him. He did not step aside once before the blow, not once. And now He is too high, they can no longer beat Him, they can no longer spit at Him, so they start to scram. Suddenly all the obstinacy of evil hearts pours out in a torrent of blasphemies, an atrocity of lewdness and hatred. Mockery, derision, and further unending torments, with which they try to add Him pain. At times, someone snaps and throws a stone at the Crucified Jesus. The image of His infinite misery does not touch the crowd, but arouses it to even more monstrous tortures.

I close Myself to the world, leave this place, rise to the depth of the Heart of Jesus to be with Him to the end. Finding His gaze, I breathe in His last words – what is He saying? What does He desire? What can I do? I stare at His dying lips, the tortured Body, a living Sacrifice, a living payment for all human sins, the living image of God, the image of Love. I no longer desire relief, not a second of relief, not a single thought of consolation.  I desire only the cross; I unite My Heart with the dying Heart of My Child. Our Hearts unite in the pain of dying for the world. I would have torn out My Heart to revive His Heart, but both must suffer, both must die, give up their life and martyr’s blood in order to nourish with life the entire mankind. The cutting edge of the sword, which from the first moment lodged in My Heart, lets itself know precisely. My every breath potentiates My pain, with every breath My wound increases, with every second My pain intensifies. Jesus speaks again, whispers. I want to understand, those are the last words – John is My son, I the Mother, He is going away, leaves Me behind here, will leave Me, I will remain without Him. This separation is unbearable. “As long as you live, My Son, I am , I am beside You. As long as you live, I will be dying together with You. I will not drift My thoughts, I will not look away, I will not leave You. Do not comfort Me because My suffering is nothing besides Yours”. I can not die, I have to stay and take care of everything instead of Him, when He will go away. – “All right My Son, let it be that way, everything that you wish for”.

In the silence, there is a deafening thunder. Nature gives obeisance to the Savior. The beloved lips close, the brightest eyes cover themselves in darkness, the most tender Heart dies, calls Me. I answer tenderly: – “I am, My Son, I am beside You, I will always be”. And after I wait, I look, I no longer breathe, I can not, I could drown out His word, the last word. No, He does not speak, My Child does not speak anymore, complete silence, I still have hope, I search for the last look, just one more, no, no, it is over. My Son is dead, dead, He is gone.

“Oh, sweet sword, complete your work, I want to run where My Beloved has run, do not spare Me misfortunate, because I will not manage to catch up with Him. I will accept every pain, but I will not abandon You, Son”. My life belongs to My Son; together with His life, I have given Him My own. I do not have it anymore and life has fled together with His Soul, departed from Me together with Him. I do not know if I am alive, and if I am alive, with what kid of life? My life is only in Him, in My Son. “O Lord, accept My soul and accept My flesh, His Flesh from My flesh, accept My Heart from His Heart and My life in His life. Your Will has been fulfilled.

Where are you beloved? Where will I find Your sweet Soul? Where should I look for Your smiles, Your cheeks filled with laughter? Where will I find Your most tender voice? Where your feet will lead Me? Why have you hidden yourself before Me, You, who defeated death and are alive”?

My daughter, My life stopped. I felt great relief at the thought that My Son has been taken away from before those who hate and He will no longer suffer, but the loss, death inflicted Me indescribable pain. Do you know what the death of God means? Jesus, My Child, died as God, although He was a Man. What the Earth did to itself, by putting to death its Savior… How painful, painful is the sight of the One, who is only love, as a shred of bloody flesh nailed to a tree. “O My God, look at what we have done to our Son. Righteousness is the justice meted out to mankind and the punishment inflicted to My Heart, because the offense of this world is so great”.

My Son is now as small as a shred of His own Body, as a shred of man, although as a Victor. I accept His Body and I cradle it to My Heart. Finally I can embrace Him, mourn His every wound and for each say a psalm of thanksgiving. “You have crucified Your Body, My Son, and in Your every wound I see Myself”. Every wound of My Child was reflected in My Heart, I will remember it – “Every one of Your wounds, My Son, I will not allow at least one to disappear before I will not honor it and weep for it”. I am only pain, a hymn of adoration of suffering; I weep over this Body, which I have begotten, in order to put it on the Altar. Holiness above holiness, Sacrum upholding the Earth, Miracle of humility and mercy glorified through the Passion.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 83-87