t-42oday I will also direct My teaching towards the world. I will teach you about what is worth doing and what is not. For you take care of many things, and this is not necessary. Man should remember about the fact that his heart ought to belong to God and your prayer should direct your thoughts toward spiritual things. The heart must be very closely guarded, because it easily indulges in other matters, matters of the world, and later it is very difficult to break away from them. The world will not give you happiness, or ownership, or possessions, because one gust of Divine justice will take away from you all the glory of this earth. The heart of man is created by God and for God; this is why only He can make it happy.

It is easier to forget about God while living in the world than while living in a monastery, and yet today is needed a testimony of faith on the outside, in active life. I want to teach you this life. I have also been staying among people and made one of the many ordinary families. However, each day, I engaged all My strength and all My Heart to live through it in accordance with the Will of God. I want to draw your attention to your activities, work, and responsibilities. They often absorb you completely, and yet they are not the essence of life but a backdrop for love. One should not give them his heart, but only use them for the glory of God. Testimony given in front of people and faithfulness brought to God; this is what your daily duties should serve for. The paramount goal should always guide each task and work. The garden should be nurtured as a votive offering for God, orderliness should be maintained out of consideration for Divine harmony in which reigns perfect order. Household activities carried out in the spirit of service to others, and external activities in the spirit of testimony.

Going outside, you always bring testimony to people. Either good or bad. If your will of testifying about the Truth is true and honest, you will receive the opportunity to prove it. While testifying, always remember about love. No one who has no love can testify about it. Love is precisely the best testimony and speaks the most about the Truth, convinces towards the Truth. Love says much more than words. Such should be your testimony on the outside, filled from start to finish with love.

This love can manifest itself through mercy, humility, patience, forbearance towards the imperfections of others, exactitude and conscientiousness at work, as well as honesty. Also pay attention to your words. By complaining, you do not bear witness to love; by judging your neighbours, you are not good witnesses. By discussing with curiosity about the affairs of others, you are wasting your own time and someone else’s, not bringing anything to God. Aim to speak only when it has some higher purpose. Do not open your mouths without thinking, telling everything that you have heard. Let your words be valuable. Do not behave like unbelievers, who are absorbed without end by the matters and disputes of the world.

Keep inner peace and strive to spread it everywhere, where you will be sent. You have to differ from others in order to be witnesses. Do not join conversations which are not directed towards good. Do not take part in frauds, even the smallest ones. Be careful not to imitate without thinking others and their choices. Act wisely, because upon you falls the responsibility of testifying about the Truth, and your evil deeds will be seen as an acquiescence for evil. You do not have to talk a lot, or convince much. You have to testify, being always faithful to God and always happy because of this faithfulness, thanks to which you experience the presence and the graces of God. When your testimony will be true, then you will be asked on your own for advice, for help, and for comfort. You just have to preserve love and faithfulness, and everything will go on according to the Will of God.

Translated from : Reguła Mariańska Rycerzy Chrystusa Króla, Żertw Ofiarnych I wszystkich dzieci Maryi. Grzechynia 2014, p. 58-62

Image credit: ”My Mother, let me share in the glory of your divine affections for my Jesus” by Holy Card Heaven, attribution © Creative Commons License.