33) Heart of Jesus, hope of those who die in Thee





Lord Jesus:  My words today will take you to the deathbed. The loss of hope is the greatest enemy of the dying. For them remains fear, because they know how fragile is life and how infinite is eternity, which awaits them and which they can no longer change, being on the verge of death. The time of merits has passed. The world lives them helpless in the face of the inexorable reality of the end of the earthly life. No human hand can stop death. Man passes into the hand of God and for the first time in his life realizes this fully. The present world seems to be a departing illusion. The heart is squeezed with the pain of separation and fear of the unknown. The experience of death is always hard, but depending on the purity of the soul and the degree of her connection with Me, the soul passes it with great fear or with great confidence.

Time on Earth is a time of collecting merits, collecting treasures, sometimes trials, in which the soul defines herself as My friend or My enemy. However, there is a huge amount of souls, which never wanted to get to know Me, in order to be defined. Now, in the face of death, they see this truth, that My tender presence and love accompanied them throughout their entire lives, neglected and rejected. My tender face will however take the expression of severe justice, because it is always the Truth and reflects the Truth to the soul. The Truth is inexorable. It is not subject to influences. There is no escape from it, because it is omnipresent and all-encompassing. The Truth is and the Truth penetrates everything through. The soul on the verge of death sees her misery and the situation from which there is no escape. She must go where she does not want to go, and leave what she does not want to leave. Therefore, all earthly ties hamper the departure from this world and turn away the sight of the soul from God, and direct it towards the worthlessness of the world, infusing the soul with sorrow and despair.

The moment preceding death is a time of grace in which the soul can still obtain the mercy of God for herself at the time of judgement. If she manages to turn to God with confidence, she will not be damned. However, she must do so before she dies. Later, time ends and the attitude of the soul becomes fixed and magnifies her feeling of despair or confidence. The thoughts or words with which man dies freeze on his lips.  With such he shows up before My throne. If he begs: “Mercy!”, My mercy must appear at the judgement. If, however, his thoughts and words are directed towards the worthlessness of the world, possessions, temporal concerns or openly rebel until the last moment against the decrees of the Providence, rejecting Me, the soul can not obtain the Mercy of God because she has shown disdain towards it, not calling it, not believing in it, or not seeking it because of the pride that blinds it. Man, in the face of death, is afraid of Me. Thus, I want to tell you about how you should direct your thoughts in the face of impending death, so that you do not succumb to fear. Show these words of Mine to the dying, so they know My Will and My desire to save them from their sins. The hope for the dying is My Heart. All sinners have access to it. I have shown it to the world on the cross pierced with a spear, so that every sinner could see it and believe that it is precisely for him that I allowed Myself to be nailed to the cross and to open My Heart with a spear. I did it so that every sinful soul, regardless of the amount of sins that cover her, could enter into it and escape from the angry face of justice of My Father. Let no soul be afraid to enter into My Heart. I will not close it. It will always remain open on the cross. I will abide on the cross until I will shelter in My Heart the last soul, which will want to accept My Sacrifice for her and take refuge in it. I do not count the sins of the one who approaches Me, but I extend hands to attract the soul, which wants to hide in My Merciful Heart. My Blood exceeds with its merit all your faults. My Blood justifies all crimes. My Blood is the future life of your souls. He who possesses it and worships it in his interior can not die forever.

Beg My Heart to defend you against just punishment. Call upon My Heart, so its Mercy may show itself upon you. Ask My Heart to hide you in its most innocent interior and wash your faults by its martyr’s sacrifice. Believe that My Heart suffered precisely for you, out of love for you, to save you. My Will did not change. I still desire your salvation and if you wholeheartedly turn to Me, asking for forgiveness, My Heart will not be able to refuse you.  Ask Me. Enter into the depth of My Heart, which is entirely overfilled with love for you, and ask. My Heart is only love. It will listen to you, because it wants to save you. Above all, I desire to forgive. Above all, I desire to save. My justice is for those who will reject My mercy. For My Heart there is only mercy. As long as you are in it, you do not have to fear. Invoke wholeheartedly My grace. I want to forgive and I will forgive, but let your begging be true, let it shake up My Heart and encompass it with the joy of the return of the prodigal son, although in this last hour. And in this last hour I desire your souls and then I fight for them until the end.

In this last hour, when everything already seemed finished to Me, when My body already issued the final breath, I still delivered to sinners My Heart, so it may also be killed and tormented to the last drop of Blood. This is for you. For those who will be late under My cross, who will come running too late; it is precisely for those who did not get on time to obtain mercy and forgiveness form My lips. Now, when I hang dead on the cross, and My lips will not issue words of forgiveness, and My eyes will not show mercy, and My face will no longer take in a crying sinner, I open My Heart to you. It does not know death and despite the death of My body, it still desires to save every soul. For you I open it with a spear, so it may tell you the words: “I forgive. I forgive and love.” I also take in to the gates of paradise those who will come too late. For you, there is still My Heart, which does not want to die but wants to save souls till the end. Here is My Heart, wide open. I give to you, sinners, the last drop to save the last of the last. For you it remains always open. Do not waste My Sacrifice by rejecting My forgiveness. My heart speaks to you in this hour: “Yes, I forgive you. I desire you. I love you. Enter into the gate of My Mercy and accept the Blood, which I spilled for you, and hide in it from the penetrating gaze of justice. Cover your every sin with My Blood and be saved by the power of this Blood, whose help you are calling in this last hour”. My Heart has power over the justice of the Father. My Heart has the power to save those, who will have recourse to it. Pray. Do not lose hope. My heart is for you. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 122-128