1. The cross as proof of love


Holy Spirit:  Listen to Me, I will be giving you lessons in obedience, and you will be fulfilling everything that I will tell you. Trust Me. I am such a good God. Do you think that if I did not love you so, I could let you bear sufferings? Your fate would have been indifferent to Me, and I am choosing crosses for you. Child, such crosses that will add Me glory and exalt you on your way to Me. They are not too heavy, they are not too small. I will not allow that you do not use all the graces, which I have for you. This is why I am testing you so. I know that I threw you into deep water.


2. The love of the Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit:   I am. I am with you always (…). Pray to Me and remember that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit who loves you with such power, that He has to keep it away from you because it would crush you to dust, child. Do you understand what I am saying to you? You can not embrace with thought the love with which I have embraced you. Also, you do not understand why I love you so much, but know that this love is unchangeable, omnipresent, and forever yours. I give you Myself, I take you for Myself. We are united, soul.

You are My temple, and as My temple you should live and work. I have loved you, loved; do you feel the fire of My love? Do you feel as I, God, am looking for words to express it to you? There are no terms in the vocabulary of man for this inconceivable love with which I embrace you child, because no man is able to comprehend it. However, I desire so much for you to believe that I am not with you to reprimand you and to instruct you, but to love you and to make you happy.

I need you in order to love you (…). I am the Fire; I’m the infinite Fire which engulfs you. (…) I feel you in Myself, little spark of God, while I am the infinite Fire. You are so infinitesimal, and yet I desire you so. Do you know Me better now that I have revealed Myself to you with the strength of My Love for you? Do you love Me and long for Me more?


3. The Bride of the Holy Spirit


Holy Spirit:  Mary, My immaculate Daughter, had a one and only path towards Me and She alone was elevated to My Glory as a human being. Her connection with Me had a different nature, because She was my Bride and the Mother of the Son of God. The grace given to the Mother of God is different, and the nature of the union between man and God in this unique holy being was one of a kind and unequaled. No man has attained such a perfect union and no one will ever attain it.

Mary, My beloved Bride, became the Co-Redemptrix of the entire human race. Through her Immaculate Conception, she was My only immaculate child who was ever born since the time of Adam and Eve. My only, beloved Daughter was united with Me in body and soul, so I could reveal in Her the eternal Will of God, which was the birth of the Son of God from a virgin, the Only-begotten Son of God, whose purpose was the redemption of mankind. Through His bloody and sorrowful Passion, you obtained the forgiveness all your sins and the re-entry into the house of your Father.

All this happened through this immaculate Bride of Mine, whose glory in Heaven is above all the earthly creatures and all the angels. This is your Queen and as a Queen worship Her on earth and especially on your land, because as a Queen She particularly favored this land.


6. Heart of Jesus, formed by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mother


Lord Jesus:  My child, I entrusted to you the care of My Heart. Leave the care for the world to Me, and you, take care of that what I called you for. Contemplate the treasures of My Sacred Heart. This Heart descended from Heaven to Earth, to spill its love upon mankind. My infinite and eternal love in the Divine dimension was shown to you through My Heart, so that you may get to know what is unimaginable. The Holy Spirit created My human Heart and enclosed in it My entire Divine love. My infant Heart possessed the fullness of love. Although as an infant I was learning how to talk and how to walk like an ordinary man, My Heart possessed the fullness of Divinity and did not need to learn how to love.

The home in which I lived, the purest womb of the Virgin, was a home filled with love. The immaculately conceived Mary became the Mother of God, the Mother of Love, the Mother of My Sacred Heart. Carrying Me in Her immaculate womb, Mary was learning love and humility from My infant Heart. She listened to its love and imitated it. By giving Her My Heart, I was shaping Her perfection. By giving Her My Spirit, I was drawing strength from Her immaculate body. Mary gave Me a physical likeness, and I gave Her a spiritual likeness. We were joined by the love of our Hearts, which, beating in one rhythm, bonded forever, in order to unite for the glory of My Father.

From the beginning I was God. Mary from the beginning was human. Our connection did not change My Divinity and did not add Divinity to My Mother. I remained God, and Mary remained human. However, by assuming the human nature of My Mother, I exalted Her and gave Her a true filial dignity, so that the fallen man may return to paradise greater and more beautiful than when he was leaving it. The new man received a perfect Mother, a model of human love, so that he may draw life and strength from Her to retain fidelity. Although I am God, My human nature leaned upon Mary, and My Divine Heart drew consolation from Her Heart.

The Immaculate Heart of My Mother, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, joined with My Sacred Heart in the body of Mary. The beating of the Heart of Mary gave life to My Heart in Her womb, and the beating of My Heart gave life to Her soul, which lived off love. Our Hearts remained henceforth inseparable. They suffered jointly and jointly They received consolation. On the Golgotha, They were pierced by the same blade, giving vent to the love of these Hearts, which spilled over upon the new offspring of the new Adam and the new Eve. Love always gives life. And the love of these two Hearts was so great that it gave life to a new, holy people, who will give glory to God. Therefore, My Sacred Heart is always united with the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, who will always remain a Virgin and will always remain the Mother of God. Amen.


7. Heart of Jesus, in whom are all treasures of wisdom and knowledge


Lord Jesus:  Today’s message will open your eyes to the truth, which is the power of My Heart. I told you already about the virtues, of which it is full and which it wants to share; but now I want to tell you about wisdom and knowledge, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which inhabit My Heart.

Each man is nothing in the face of the omnipotence of God. It is I that fill the soul with talents and give abilities to the body. Man alone can develop My gifts, but he is not their creator and giver. Wisdom lives in My Heart and the ability to use this wisdom as well.

The wisdom, of which I speak, is the wisdom of God. Not knowledge, but wisdom. Wisdom is My attribute. No one can possess it, if he does not receive it from Me. The heart, which is guided by wisdom, is invincible. The heart tells man about the Truth, this is why it is the seat of wisdom and one should listen to it. One must not listen to the heart, which is not the seat of wisdom, but stupidity. Such a heart leads to the destruction of the soul. Such a heart listens to emotions, not wisdom. The wisdom of God is a gift of the Holy Spirit and one needs to pray for it. The wisdom of God dwells in the heart of man and not in his mind. This is why it is not the mind that one should train to become the seat of wisdom, but the heart. The training of the mind can assist the process of the purification of the heart, but the mind alone will not be the dwelling of the Holy Spirit. This is why the heart must be emptied of unnecessary thoughts, feelings and flaws that limit the action of the Holy Spirit.

With wisdom goes in pair the gift of knowledge, because what use is wisdom to man if he is unable to use it for the glory of God. He possesses it like a lamp, which he does not light in darkness and does not illuminate the path of passers-by, but he rejoices only from its ownership. Useless is such wisdom, which does not serve for the salvation of the soul and the greater glory of God. The gift of wisdom does not guarantee yet victory to the soul. In the humility of the spirit, she should ask for the gift of knowledge to make good use of the gift, with which she was gifted. Remember the sins of Solomon, whom I have gifted with great generosity. I gave him a tool to conquer the world, but he did not use it for My glory. His heart began to fill with pride in order to direct his thoughts towards his own glory. The one who received more must guard his heart more and ask for the gift of humility and knowledge. Many of My gifts have been wasted irrevocably.

The wisdom of man is seeking God. Knowledge is the ability to serve God through all the talents and gifts that man received from the Creator. My Heart is the dwelling of both of these gifts, because I never departed from wisdom and I never exalted myself in My humanity, but I remained perfectly obedient to the Eternal Wisdom, which inhabited in Me. I am God, since always, but I am also a man who possesses emotions and a heart subjected to feelings. Always put the wisdom of God above all feelings; the service of God above all emotions, and the Spirit of God will win in you. Pray for your hearts to be the temples of God’s wisdom and knowledge. Pray for both of these gifts, because you need them both. I am with you to fill you with My grace. Ask and you shall receive. Amen.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Ducha Swiętego. Grzechynia 2017, p. 157-187