Transfiguration of Lord Jesus on Mount Tabor


Fancy letter I want to tell you about the mystery of God’s revelation on Mount Tabor. Why precisely these three apostles have been called on the mountain and why the power of God revealed itself to them in their Master? Peter, Jacob and John were the closest to the mysteries of God. All three have been chosen from the twelve and all three had to be strengthened for the graces, which God prepared for them. Peter was to stand at the head of the Church, John was to be My guardian, and Jacob was to shed first the blood of martyrdom. They all remained staring into the mystery of Jesus and sincerely desired to be faithful to Him. However, for the Passion that My Son had to suffer, all the miracles and signs seemed to be too small. The apostles were later crushed by pain and disgrace. This was something that exceeded their minds, and thus the sing that they needed also had to exceed what the human mind is able to grasp; they had to see God. God, in His mercy, has granted them this grace and they saw the One whom the angels worship. This experience will leave them in deep thoughtfulness. From now on, they will look at Jesus not as a Master, but as God, aware that He truly is God. Despite these lofty experiences, the Golgotha will defeat their humanity, but the grace that has been given to them will not disappear. And when the despair and fear have ceased to reign in their hearts, they remembered their shining Master and comprehended deeper the Mystery of Salvation. They had to comprehend it deeper, because they have been placed at the forefront of the apostles and all the later disciples of Jesus as their model in the future life of the Church, whose features were hierarchy, obedience in the profession of faith, love for Me, the Mother of Jesus, and martyrdom.

To everyone from whom more is required, more is also given. All the graces of the Holy Spirit are revealed in the Church for the good of all. Therefore, there are no “private” revelations. Each revelation offered by the Holy Spirit to a member of the Church is offered for the good of the entire Church. This does not mean that every revelation and every grace has to be disclosed to everyone, but the Holy Spirit always acts seeing the need of the entire Mystical Body. Thus, a grace given to a single soul in one place can heal a diseased place located in its vicinity or around it. The sanctification of one soul radiates upon the entire Holy Church. Thus, rejecting these supernatural events and leaving the faithful to themselves with the grace of God is a mistake of the Church. Souls abandoned by priests, not reinforced by the ministry of the elect of God, will not be able to take advantage of the graces given to them and like the apostles, in spite of the miracles that they have seen, will fall because of the difficulties that they will encounter. Each grace of the Holy Spirit is the common matter of the entire Church. Thus, no soul and no grace should remain outside of the Church. Priests are of the opinion that God Himself will defend the souls that He has chosen. But yes, in many cases it will be so. He will defend them through the ministry of priests. However, if the Holy Spirit will not manage to persuade them, these graces will disappear with a loss for the entire Mystical Body.

God works miracles, works so many miracles every day, and from man He only requires their acceptance and belief, nothing more. Faith gives strength for the survival of difficult experience and the perseverance in trials. The Church should always be in communion with Christ and listen to the desires of the Holy Spirit, who works with a flourish only where He finds humble souls. The graces given to one person spread over the whole Church, but the sins committed by one member of the Church also spread over the whole Church. By suppressing the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Church destroys the natural counterweight of good, which the Holy Spirit pours down like a balm over the wounds of the Mystical Body caused by sins. Don’t you know that the human body strives to heal itself when it is wounded? In the same way, the Mystical Body of the Holy Church is healed by a mysterious force and if only that force was allowed to act, it would heal its members. Receive the Holy Spirit, who gives His graces so generously in these times.

Translated from: Tajemnica różańca świętego z rozważaniami różańcowymi dyktowanymi przez Matke Bożą, na podstawie na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2013, p. 49-51