31) Heart of Jesus, victim for our sins





Lord Jesus:  Today I want to show you that My Heart is the payment for all the sins of the world. Only innocence can make amends for a fault, and My Heart is the image of innocence. Pure and without blemish, I had to take upon Myself all the sin of the world, be judged and sentenced in view of people. My Heart suffered not only because of this unjust accusation, but also because of the human ingratitude, which did not want to recognize God as God.

My Heart curled up in Me, having accepted all the possible pain. I was not looking for justice on Earth, but for injustice, in order to enclose it all in My Heart that was making amends. My Heart was supposed to be reparation for the injustice of men towards God. The injustice is its base, so for those who wish to apologize to Me in the name of mankind, injustice should become their daily bread, which they will eat without disgust. I came into the world to make amends to My Father for the sins of mankind. So I was looking for souls that were immersed in sin, to take away their sin and accept upon Me its effects. I dwelt among sinners to offer them My innocence for their fault. I was looking for sin, for what has fallen. They were seeking help and could not find it. It is the help that had to find them. I have accomplished in My Heart the only exchange: good for evil, justice for injustice, peace for fear, and innocence for fault. I had to accept all that, of what I was the negation, in order to gift mankind with truth and forgiveness.

Daughter, the victim has to dwell on Earth, among sinners, as reparation for sins. My Divine Heart had to experience so many humiliations to pay off the debt of pride. I would like for human hearts to recover their vocation in becoming a payment for the sins of mankind, like My Heart. I am not looking for perfect hearts, but sinful ones, to teach them life in justice. When they will fall in love with justice, I test them with injustice, so that they may fall in love with justice even more. And when they will love justice above all, I test them again, and this time I expect payment for this teaching. The injustice experienced by the soul should be accepted for Me, and offered with a blessing together with the accompanying heart ache as reparation for sins offending Me.

Injustice towards those who love justice is always a gift from Heaven, a grace, calling upon the righteous soul. While experiencing humiliation and injustice, the soul should listen to My quiet voice accompanying each trial. I am telling her: “Follow Me.” I call her to a higher vocation, to the imitation of the Son of God in His humanity. This is the highest vocation of man, to become a faithful copy of the perfect Man, the Man – God.

So when your hearts experience humiliation and suffering sneaks into their interior, open their gates, because it is I that am knocking together with My cross and plead: “Follow Me. Take My yoke upon you and come together with Me to make amends to My Father for the sins of mankind”. Your sacrifice together with My Sacrifice will delight My Father. He will accept it and pour upon the world His forgiving grace. Do not refuse Me and do not reject the poor sinners, who alone can not find help. It is the help that must find them. You and I must find them and take upon ourselves their sins, so they can live and arise from the dead. Amen.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 115-118