1. The faith of Moses, God counts on trust


God the Father:  My Daughter, do not be afraid. I do not proceed with you as I did  with Moses. This can not be compared so directly. My Daughter, to this people, who did not know God, I had to give such great signs. However, they did not possess Me in a way in which you can possess Me. They could watch the signs of My presence, but they could not watch Me. You see Me present under the form of bread, you can possess Me in yourselves, in your souls and bodies. Moses did not possess Me so closely; he could not possess Me in himself.

Therefore, in you children I Myself am faith and power. I do not count on your strength or on your possibilities, no. I count on your trust and on yielding a place for Me in your hearts, on self-renunciation and devotion to Me. Then, I can freely act in your souls. Then, you are able of the greatest heroic deeds requiring faith that you do not have, courage of which you are not capable of, and Love that I am.


2. The essence of God


God the Father:  Understand, I am the Plenitude of Happiness and I possess happiness. However, I loved you with such great love, that I do not allow you to detach yourself from Me even for a moment. I do it out of love. My need to love you and to protect you in this way arises out of love. It is love that does not allow Me to leave you alone. Of course, I do not need you in order to exist and to possess the plenitude of happiness, because I am it. I am perfectly happy, but My beloved, I act through love, I fulfill Myself in love and I am My fulfillment. I am a continuous flow of love. You know, child, that love needs reciprocity. It needs to move so it does not become dead. So I, as living Love, act without interruption. I have no need to act through love, but I am this Love, which acts. Do you understand My words?

Write down, this is the essence of My being, which is Love. I am it and it is Me. I am Love, and Love is Me. Do not be afraid, I know that this is not obvious and many things seem confusing to you now, so I rarely explain these things to you because you are unable to understand them well. You can comprehend them in a human way, and as a result you comprehend in a very incomplete and imperfect way. So the key to understanding God is trust. If you trust Him, daughter, I will be showing you things incomprehensible to a man who does not possess this exceptional grace of understanding.


3. Be like children


God the Father:  (…) Child, you are so small, you are as small as the smallest child. You do not need words of prophecy; you do not have curiosity about the world. The only thing you care about is Me, that I would be close and love you. Your soul desires nothing more. You are as attached to Me as an infant to its mother. I have no greater joy than taking care of such little children. You know that I have everything for you. You know that I will not refuse you anything that you need… how much joy it gives Me to comfort you.

You desire only one thing and it is precisely what I desire to give you. You desire love, you desire Me. O soul, how blessed are the moments in which you discovered the source of your soul’s suffering. (…) Will the father leave the smallest child and go to feast with the elders? Will I leave you unattended, even for a moment? Or will I rather always have you with Me; or will I make every effort so you would be satiated and not suffer cold. Your helplessness enslaved My Heart so much.

(…) I have no more important matters than taking care of the most helpless and those relying solely on Me. How I wish that you would all humble yourselves and be like children. But first one needs to desire Me. Whoever is happy and thinks that he owns everything is blinded by satan. With fate in your hands, of which many of you are convinced, you cannot come to the Kingdom of Heaven, for only those who rely on My protection can enter it. If you are kings to yourselves, how will you serve Me? The king must also fall on his knees when he will stand before the King of kings, and you are nothing and yet you do not want to humble yourselves before Me.

I love you and your great ignorance and blindness hurt Me, because even if you were to lose all your senses and only keep the awareness that you are the children of the Father who loves you, you would be richer than now when you possess all the wisdom of the world, and you do not know the most important thing: that all this knowledge is for nothing, because in My kingdom the wisest are the last, and the unaware and those who rely only on Me, buy the first places for themselves with their trust. You will not impress anyone anymore with knowledge and understanding, but only fools blinded by satan just like you.

The child, in his ignorance, is placed far higher in God’s wisdom than you, who have lost the basic truths. I am asking and begging you, children, reject worldly truths so I may reveal to you eternal truths. I feel sorry for your destitution. The higher one stands in the world, the lower he stands in My eyes. Whoever is dotted on by the world, this one distances himself form Me. I desire hearts that are rejected, despised and mocked just like Mine, which is not finding understanding among you since so many centuries.


5. God is not bound by any standards


God the Father:  Remember that I am God and I am not bound by any standards. I am Almighty, and this also means that I can do everything because I allow Myself to do everything. My only limitation is My own love, through which I always act with love and out of love, keeping in mind the good of the soul. I love you child and if I give you graces, which you do not understand, accept them with an even greater gratitude and do not worry that you do not understand God. Small children also do not understand their father, but do what he commends. And so you, beloved child, do not fear what you receive from My hand, but be afraid of what the world offers you. Nothing that you receive from Me can harm your soul, and everything that you will accept from the world will be distracting you and pulling you away from Me.

Translated from : Kontemplacja Boga Ojca. Tato, jestem. Grzechynia 2015, p. 215-223