23) Heart of Jesus, propitiation for our sins





Lord Jesus:  I want mankind to look again into My Heart and see that there is still hope for it, and this hope is My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. These two Hearts paid for the transgressions of mankind and these two Hearts are and will forever remain the propitiation and hope of mankind.

Today I want to comfort you with a look into the depth of My Heart. My Heart is a Sacrifice for God, in which I immerse all your sacrifices. My Heart is the propitiative Sacrifice, through which I perform the sacrifice of propitiation and reconciliation of your souls with God. All sins are mud, thrown in the face of My Father; the enormity of ingratitude, with which the Earth sullies its name. I collect this mud from the face of My Father and I annihilate it with My burnt Sacrifice. I free the world from its crimes and make all things new in My Heart and through it.

The Altar, upon which I place My Heart, is Mary. In her Immaculate Heart is performed this most holy rite. It is she that is the Altar of propitiation, and I its eternal Sacrifice. The priest making the Sacrifice to My Father calls upon Me, so I may come down and atone for the sins of mankind, but I always come through My Mother and offer Myself through My Mother – a Sacrifice for a Sacrifice. I am the Lamb placed on Her Immaculate Heart, so that the altar may be worthy of its Sacrifice. Mary is the unblemished Altar, pure since always and pure forever. I always come in Her and through Her, because the earth is not worthy of Me to stand upon it. Thus, it has Me through the sacrifice of My Mother, who covers before Me the defiled face of the Earth.

– O Altar, pure, ready, built for the offering of the Sacrifice upon it and never destroyed, raised by the hand of God, not man – summon Me. An Altar so worthy must be crowned and honored by the Sacrifice offered upon it. Your Name summons Me. Streams of My forgiveness poured upon you in My Blood. I gave to You the Blood of propitiation, which I have received from You. I give it back to You, Mother, so it may again be Yours. I give You all the Blood of innocence, so by possessing its every drop, with it you may sanctify the Earth.

That is what the Heart of My Mother is. That is what My Heart is. Altar and Sacrifice, always inextricably united through Blood. The Sacrifice offers itself on the Altar. The Sacrifice not offered on the Altar is unworthy. The Altar, upon which is offered the Sacrifice, was chosen, cleansed and built by God Himself. I do not want other altars and I will not suffer upon them. Only this one alone is pleasant to Me and only upon it My Sacrifice will never cease. What for a temple without an Altar? How will you propitiate Me? Your sin will build up and fill the entire tabernacle, because it will lack the Sacrifice of Propitiation. I and My Altar are a gift to mankind. Where the Sacrifice will be offered, there will be the blessing of the highest God.

Your sacrifices, your hearts, you should offer to Me on this same Altar, which I have chosen. Then, they will join with My Sacrifice and your blood will join with Mine.  I can not reject such a sacrifice, even if it was the smallest, because the Altar upon which you offer it is worthy. Everything that will be offered on this Altar will be accepted, and will become a pure sacrifice and pleasant to God. Although it is the sacrifice that purifies the altar, this Altar was not made by human hand and the Sacrifice that was offered upon it as first and unspoiled, is not a human Sacrifice, but a Sacrifice of God and Man, which made this Altar the holiest tabernacle of Love.

Translated from: Kontemplacja Najświętszego Serca Jezusa, na podstawie Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne które własnie nadeszły, Grzechynia 2016, p. 85-88