Father Piotr Maria Natanek, PhD Hab.


Born in 1960 in Makow Podhalański. He comes from the village of Grzechynia near Maków Podhalański. Ordained in 1985. Since 1986, he has been associated with the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Kraków. He graduated from the theological and historical department at this university. He completed his doctorate in 1995 and habilitation in 2004. Currently, ex-adjunct lecturer in the Department of Church History at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Kraków, on disciplinary dismissal based on charges of failure to present to work. Author of over 20 books and albums and over 100 articles.

In the pastoral work, known for running his own retreat center, the Niepokalanów Hermitage, for young people in Grzechynia near Maków Podhalański since 1998. Since the year 2010, this hermitage has also taken, out of necessity, an agro-touristic character. Here, during the 25 years of his priesthood, he spent almost 6 years in retreats with young people. Having lived for 22 years near the parish of Saint Anthony in Bronowice Małe in Kraków, he led 8 parish groups that he has founded. In his free time, during the years of his priesthood, he gave over 200 retreats and parish missions. Officially excluded from this service at the beginning of 2010. An ardent advocate for the Enthronement of Jesus Christ the King in Poland, as well as in Israel and all the countries in the world. Creator of the internet television Christusvicnit-tv (www.christusvincit-tv.pl, in the months from February to November over 400 thousand entries) and the website (www.regnumchristi.com.pl, over the course of 2 years over 600 thousand visits). On websites and in newspapers, the hit of the past months. Organizer of the famous and loud actions: Brussels (May 13th 2009 under the code name “New European Union flag“), Grunwald (July 15th 2010 under the code name ”National Enthronement of the Sheep”) and Medugorje (August 28th – September 4th 2010, under the code name ”Let’s win over the Italians”) as well as the evangelization cycle ”We retake Europe” (2011-2015 – 20 actions).

Publisher of the Messages for the End Times that have just arrived. He is currently running agricultural meetings at the hermitage. Since July 2011, unpacked form the Church. Since January 2012, under deliberation. Since December 2012, the path of reconciliation has begun. A dialogue of love with the Cardinal continues. Last contact on December 27th, 2014. Since September 2015, attempt to remove from the priesthood.


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Translated from : Bóg mówi do Kapłana. Grzechynia 2015, p. 3-5