9. Keeping order is much more important than you think


Lord Jesus:  My daughter, I want to tell you first how good it is when your room is clean. Remark that you do not have so much trouble then in getting up. And this is because you have a much greater order in your thoughts and in your life. Keeping order in everything is very important. I would like it to be constant and exact in all things. I know that this is very difficult for you, but I will help you My child, I will always help you. You will maintain order in everything. Satan always introduces chaos, and by introducing it to your stuff, he also introduces it into your mind, which then can not keep your thoughts on one thing and is disturbed by a thousand matters.

This is a clever way to separate Me from the creature, because in such a mind there is no peace, which I am. I am chased away by a thousand petty thoughts, none of which can reach the heights of true faith. Keeping order is much more important than it appears to you. This also applies to the size of objects. You posses so many items, most of which are completely unnecessary for you. Ornamental objects, aside from usually being related to pagan cults, are also stimuli that make your interior shallow and direct it to excess, luxury, material values and physical beauty. All this interferes with your thinking and diverts your thoughts from Me. Of course, I am not speaking at all about sacred objects, which enhance faith and multiply graces.


12. Why God’s chosen ones are not always unanimous


Lord Jesus:  My daughter, what the Holy Spirit decides to reveal to a chosen soul depends on many factors, but mainly on the soul itself and the mission for which it was appointed by God. God does not need to reveal to the soul something that will not help it in its activities. Thus, it happens that holy souls do not understand other holy souls, despite the fact that they are guided by the same Spirit. This is possible, because the Holy Spirit does not give the fullness of wisdom to each chosen soul, but always reveals a tiny piece of wisdom, thanks to which the soul can carry out with faith and courage the task entrusted to it (…).

My child, I have to allow difficulties and lack of understanding as a sacrifice that you have to incur for this work. I can not reveal it to everyone, because you would have no part in it. I desire to use you, so that you may be called co-redeemers.


Translated from : Kompendium II z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 9-16), Warszawa 2012, p 79-106