1. I will not allow for the destruction of this nation


Mother of God:  I, Mary, Queen of the Polish Nation, whom John Casimir appointed as Your Queen, whom Cardinal Wyszynski appointed as Your Mother, I got you children under My motherly protection and I will not allow for the destruction of this nation and I will intercede in front of God for you, so help Me God. (…)

I desire to save your nation from destruction and I will do so, if you children help Me in this.  So pray to your Mother Help of Christians, to your Mother of Divine Mercy, and to your Queen for the Salvation and help for your nation and for the imminent enthronement of My Son in your Homeland. (…) Time is running out and I also can not wait any longer, and I do not have gifts to give satisfaction to My Son who is aching from your sins. (…) Do not lose hope and faith in this mission, and you will see how great sings I will make for the Salvation of Poles.


2. Our Lady in Wykrot


Mother of God:  I do not have time to be angry. I have children to save. I want a pilgrimage to be organized to My holy Wykrot, where I have appeared and left streams of graces for you, which no one uses.

But you, My children, pray and beg Me for this in this nightly pilgrimage, which I hereby establish and bless this work. Children, come to Me and I will give streams of graces of your Savior, whom, I, His mother, He mandated to advocate for you.

The Lord has for you, for you Poland, graces and Salvation. (…) Let not anyone dare to stand in the way of My resolutions and graces.



Mother of God:  (…) I spread My Maternal Love and care over all My children who worship Me. (…) I am already waiting for you with My angels, in order to give you My graces. The first ones who have heard My voice will be especially blessed and loved by Me. I will not deny them before the throne of My Son, but I will hug them to My Heart as My children. (…)  I cry tears for My Sons the priests, who have forsaken Me so, that none of them misses Me. (…)

I’m talking about this land on which I have appeared, and on which I am not worshiped. I bring for you such great graces from the Lord, and you sit beside in front of televisions and do not see anything, that these graces are being wasted if no one picks them up, will be lost, and the entire Kurpie land will do penance because you have not received Me. (…)

This is the last resort for you, because I chose this land as the place of My Glory and the Glory of My Son. (…) tell them, let them know why I came here. I came to win, and who wants to help Me with this victory, let him follow you in this pilgrimage, because through prayer you will obtain great graces for the world.



Lord Jesus:  (…) pray much because you are not many, but if I find My righteous ones, I will spare you all for those few faithful. (…) Since I have a few of you, you must make satisfaction to Me for your people. You must be more sacrificial and suffer for Poland.


3) Poland, Europe needs your faith


Lord Jesus:  (…) pray, but I am telling you that there are places on earth so deeply wounded that they do not want to hear to My plea. If in Poland your resistance is so strong, what can I say about Germany, where money and luxuries rule since a long time. You children have My Mother for defense; they have nothing.

(…) I have given them many prophets, I have cultivated as I could this tribe, but what have they done with this grace? How many criminals have they raised upon My sacrifice?

(…) I spilled My Blood on this land through the wounds of My devoted servants in order to sanctify it. They did not convert. I gave them so many signs… they did not convert.

(…) do you see daughter how much effort I put into this, to convert these children? Do you see how much grace I give them? Who will better speak to them, if not their own Peter, arisen from their own flesh and blood? They do not listen to him, they do not respect him. He is loved much more in Poland than in his homeland.

Listen and write. I did not tell you that there is no hope for this nation, because I would not be giving My grace for perdition, but know that the fate of this nation is in the hands of the little ones. So pray children for Poland, but also for the whole world.

Translated from : Kompendium z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 1-8), Warszawa 2010, p 155-158