2. Everything that is Polish is Marian


St. Stanislaus Kostka:  I would like to tell you about an important matter, about which you do not know, and which could help you. I am in Heaven among those saints who have this honor of obtaining graces from the Blessed Virgin Mary. Whoever honored the Mother of God during life, this one also becomes very attached to Her after death and has the right to present to Her his wishes. I would like to ask for help for you, for the entire Polish Nation. I am concerned about the fate of my Homeland. Her fate turned out very sadly and she is to blame for her misery. But God always favors those who wholeheartedly ask Him through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

There is no nation that would love Mary more than Poland. If Poland will renounce the Mother of God, she will lose everything and will cease being Poland. Everything that is Polish is Marian, everything that is Marian is God’s. You have to make every effort for the Mother of God to be venerated with great zeal throughout the nation. If the Poles knew what would have happened with Poland, if not for Her, already many times. Poland must keep the cult of the Mother of God at all costs. This is for the Poles a matter of life and death. If you succeed in this, Poland will be saved. All will play out in this fight. Do not allow to take away from you Her holidays, devotions and likenesses. There is never enough of Her images and figures. Do not be afraid to multiply Her reverence, because everywhere where She will put her foot, Satan will be crushed. Everything that will be accomplished, will be accomplished through Her. Everything depends on Her.

You possess favors with the Mother of God, which is like possessing favors with God Himself, and even more so, because God could for some reason deny Himself something, but He is unable to deny Her. Therefore, it is so very important for Poland not to lose her Marian intercession. You have to constantly call upon the mediation of Mary on Earth, because we in Heaven unceasingly plead with Her for you. Remember, for nothing in the world, even though you would be offered no matter what, you can not take away anything from your veneration of the Mother of God, because if she will take away even a little from Her intercession towards Poland, the effects of this will be very painful. Remember to continually increase Her glory on this earth, which She chose Herself. Such honors can not be deserved, but thanks to the perseverance and fidelity towards Mary of many generations of Poles, we are surrounded by Her particular care and preference.

Do not be afraid to emphasize this special devotion and to proclaim far and wide that Mary is the Queen of Poland. It is an honor and power, which lies within the nation, thanks to which you can obtain very much. This is the most important, about what I wanted to tell you. I pray a lot in this particular intention, so that the Poles would remember what great honors they obtained, that the Mother of God Herself called here for Her reverence. Everything is now in Her hands. Pray to Mary, She will help you.

Tridentine mass chasuble detail - Father Natanek

Translated from : Kompendium V z Orędzi na Czasy Ostateczne, które własnie nadeszły (z tomów 17-22), Warszawa 2014, p 107-125